How to Make Money with Porn Site Ads

There is a lot of buzz in the digital marketing field regarding the potential of promoting advertisements on porn network. Gone are the days when people used to go to the backrooms of shabby video stores to watch porn. These days, it is hard to find anyone who has not visited a porn site out of curiosity.

If you have ever visited any porn site, you probably have seen some of the usual Dating ads including Meet Girls in your Area ad, which is perhaps one of the oldest and most popular ad on pornographic sites and people are making a lot of money from these ads.

In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide from where you can get a clear concept on how you can start making money with these ads.

About Porn Site Ads

Wondering how to make money with Porn Site Ads?

The process of porn advertising is quite easy. You first create an ad and then launch it. Then simply sit back and watch your passive income increasing day by day.

Porn Site Ads are really easy to create. Promoting these ads is quite cheap. Moreover, you can get pretty good conversion rate from these ads and make a fair amount of money.

Are Porn Site Ads scam?

The Porn Site Ads consist of Dating advertisements that show you single girls in your area and recommend to chat with them. If you click on these ads, you get redirected to some Dating website where you can sign up and find some girls for dating. So these ads are not scams.

How Porn Site Ads work?

The answer is simple. You buy ad space on some porn website, put an advertisement with a link to your own domain, and redirect your domain to some dating website. So if a guy clicks on one of those ads, he will end up landing on a dating website, and if the person signs up or buys something, bang, you made some money.

Sounds exciting, right? Just follow the steps below and you will have your own money making system through porn site ads up and running in a matter of few hours.

Get your own Hosting and Domain

At first, you will need to get your own web hosting and domain so that you can create your own promotional link. You can choose cheap hosting plans from TMDHosting, which also comes with a free domain. TMDHosting is the only hosting company which supports adult content.

Pro tip: Try to get a brandable domain with dating word in it.

Join an affiliate network

The next step is to join a network which pays you per sign up or per lead. One such recommended network is It is popular for PPS (Pay per signup) and PPL (Pay per lead) websites that assist you in making money. Just visit and sign up using your newly built website address.

Redirect your domain

Now you will need to redirect your domain to the offer links. To do this, visit your dashboard, select any dating campaign and get the offer link. Now visit your hosting cPanel and redirect your domain to the offer link by creating a domain redirection. Ask your TMDHosting customer care executive to assist if you face any problems here.

Create and launch your ad

You can create an ad using any free online banner creator. Alternatively, you can download a hot chick’s image and write something on it using any basic photo editor to create an ad.

Once the ad is created, subscribe to a porn advertising network. I would recommend Trafficjunky for this, as it has partnerships with all the popular porn sites. Now put your ad on various porn websites. Choose the ad location strategically so that the click-through rate (CTR) is high.

That’s it. Now sit back and watch horny guys subscribing through your affiliate link and making money for you.

How much money can you make using porn site ads?

Normally, advertising on porn websites cost $2 to $3 per thousand impressions. You can expect 40-50 people to click on your ad. On an average, the conversion ratio is around 140/1, which means if 140 guys clicked on your ad, one of them will end up subscribing, which will earn you a commission. The commision varies from $40-$70 depending on your target audience. So if things go well, you can end up earning $40-$70 for every $6-$8 of investment.

If you are a US resident, will send cheques of your earning to your address. If you live somewhere else, you will need to register on Payoneer for receiving the payments.

The only thing where you will need to apply some talent is to optimize your ads in a way that your ads receive more clicks and conversion, so that your return on investment keeps on increasing.

If you face any problem while implementing these steps, feel free to ask me via the comment box below.


The porn niche works like charm and it is the niche which has made me the most money online, that’s why recently I have decided to dedicate my work entirely to this niche. I am constantly trying new profitable methods to make money prom the adult niche and recently I started a blow focusing entirely on making money in the adult niche, where I show every method which works for me.

Here is a link to my new blog:

What Is the Best Program to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Big and flourishing businesses prefer taking the online route and shoot towards success with clear perseverance and efficient marketing techniques. And with this shift, the entire limelight gets to “Marketing and advertising”, which is the backbone of the online money making ecosystem.

Affiliate marketing, undoubtedly, is one of the most effective online marketing techniques. It helps businesses to sell and website owners to earn money simply by recommending their products and services.

And while I am busy typing down this piece of article and you are busy going through it with utmost concentration, an unbelievably large number of people are earning a fortune from affiliate marketing.

So, how do you make money from affiliate marketing?

While earning through affiliate marketing sounds easy, learning how to do it takes a certain amount of dedication and a perfect guide to take you through the basics in a seamless way. And that is when the affiliate marketing learning programs come into the picture.

There are various online programs that offer a to z of affiliate marketing and assist you through your journey to success. In this article, I will discuss the best programs to learn affiliate marketing according to my experience in the field.

Let’s get the things right in place, so that you can learn affiliate marketing step-by-step.

Best Programs to Learn Affiliate Marketing

5. Chris Farrell Membership

In simple words, the Chris Farrell Membership teaches you the skills that you will need to make money online.

But does Chris Farrell Membership work?

Yes, it does. In fact, the Chris Farrell Membership (CFM) has been voted number one online income training program from 2011 to 2015 in a row. It is known for providing an award-winning support to the registered customers and training them to develop the skills that will further help them to grow their business online.

The Chris Farrell affiliate marketing program also offers made-for-you websites, which means, you don’t need any coding skills. All you need to do is to choose from a range of provided templates and the website will be live in just a few minutes. It’s that simple. So your quest to learn affiliate marketing step-by-step is sorted.

4. Affilorama

Affilorama is one of the most talked about online affiliate marketing training programs. It is the perfect answer to your question, “Can I really make money affiliate marketing?”

Affilorama covers almost all the basics and advanced levels of the program. The best thing is that you can sign up for a free membership. No need to pay big joining fees like other similar programs.

Once you become a member, you will get the affiliate marketing quick-start guide, downloadable road-map to success and over a hundred video lessons that will surely help you make money with affiliate marketing.

Read:  Is Affilorama legit?

3. Udemy Affiliate Marketing

Udemy offers some of the top affiliate marketing courses and beginners’ guides, but that isn’t all. Udemy, apart from offering the quick-start affiliate marketing courses, also provides guides and insights of the various online affiliate programs from different companies. So, the courses won’t just offer you a step-by-step guide to succeed with affiliate marketing, you will also get customized course material for different affiliate programs.

Along with a wide range of courses on offer, Udemy also offers short video lessons which are easy to follow, besides offering them at cheap prices.

2. Lynda technology and creative skills courses

Lynda is one of the best online learning websites that has made an impact on the millions of lives till date. A very deep-rooted and reputed enterprise, offers numerous affiliate marketing guides, from which you can choose the one most suitable to your requirements. Besides good affiliate marketing courses, Lynda also offers a total of over 6,000 courses on various genres like software development, design, business and web development.

Lynda also offers a 30-day trial where you will get unlimited access to their extensive subscription and expert teachers at your help. And you don’t even need to be right at your workplace to learn the in-depth affiliate marketing courses, as you can switch between desktop, tablets or smartphones easily.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

Even though you will find a potentially large number of online affiliate marketing programs, very few can match up to the benchmarks that Wealthy Affiliate has set in this segment. It’s pretty easy and straightforward to learn how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

The Wealthy Affiliate community has over a million internet entrepreneurs who have succeeded in turning their passion into a thriving online business.

Wealthy Affiliate program offers a step-by-step guide to a successful online affiliate marketing venture, even if you are a newbie in the field. The program believes that everyone can be successful while choosing the online way regardless of the topic chosen.

How to sign up on Wealthy Affiliate

You can create an account on this link for free:

Sign up on Wealthy Affiliate


Which is the best Program to learn affiliate marketing?

Wealthy Affiliate program stands out among all. Even the reviews suggest how far Wealthy Affiliate program can help you to get your goal of becoming an online marketing rockstar. The success stories of the achievers provide a testimony of why this is considered to be an all-time favorite for almost all of them. And not only for beginners, Wealthy Affiliate is well and truly the best affiliate marketing training program even for the advanced marketers looking to hone up their skills further.

Can I get in touch with you for a customized tutorial on affiliate marketing?

If you want to be an affiliate marketer, but you lack the right guide, I am ready to help you.I can give you one-on-one lecture or tutorials.

I would be ready to help you, you can contact me through my WA profile



Keyword research is probably the most important step when it comes down to SEO.

Whether you are an e-commerce or blog owner, you need to realize that doing it well can be the difference between success and failure in your online strategies.

These days, there exist A LOT of tools that make this task pretty easy. And with a little bit of knowledge about this, you can be a search traffic magician bringing targeted visitors and more sales to your website.

As a website owner/marketer, you need to realize the power behind keyword research and how can it make your page visible on search engines.

There are a lot of techniques, tricks and ways that you can perform this task. But first, let’s start with the basics.



This step takes place when our customer/reader types what they look for in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The reader simply writes their search query such as “how to cook Bolognese pasta” and when they hit the “enter” button, all the search results related to this keyword, appear in the search engine results page (SERPS) allowing users to find what they need.

You, as a website owner take this as the process of looking those words that your potential markets search to include them in your articles and content strategy, taking into account your competition for these keywords (we’ll talk about this ahead).

How do SERPS benefit your website?

You want to be in the first results page search engines, and being there (and better yet, the first result for your keyword) can help you redirect all those people that look for “how to cook Bolognese pasta” to your website, and if you have great content that helps users and also is keyword optimized, you will dramatically increase your organic traffic. Do you see why this is so important?

For this task there exists A LOT of tools that you can use to find keywords that have a good search volume, are related to your industry and also with low competition rate.

You may be asking which keyword tools can help your online strategies, and that’s the next step.



keyword tools for search engine optimization

Today, there are literally hundreds -if not thousands- of tools that let website owners or marketers find keywords with good search volume that also are profitable.

Each one of them has its own features, and can help you with specific types of keywords that you can use to include in your content.

There are types of keyword tools (financially speaking) that can have some limited features if you don’t pay a complete version, and they are: Free/Paid. Let’s explain how each one works.


What is a free keyword tool?

A free keyword tool is simply that one you can use without paying anything and accessing to all its features.

Some good examples for this type are:

  1. UbberSuggest (
  2. Google adwords’ keyword tool planner.
  3. Google’s search results suggestions (this isn’t a tool, these are just recommendations that google makes for related terms that people are using).


What is a paid/freemium keyword tool?

As its name says, is the tool that you need to pay to get access to all its features.

We include both in the same type of keyword tool because they have the same characteristic: Paying to get all access.

Some good examples for this type are:

  1. Jaaxy (
  2. Semrush (
  3. Keyword tool io (


Both types of keyword tools can help you to find long-tail keywords, competition and user’s search intent, allowing you to create content that answers your readers query and also optimizes them for search engines (mostly of the times Google).

Now you are probably asking what is the best keyword research tool in 2017, and as this question doesn’t have a right or wrong answer (each website owner/marketer has his favorites), I have analyzed tools mentioned above, and others that are right now popular in the market and I concluded that a very useful tool for beginners and pro’s is Jaaxy.


What is Jaaxy and how to do keyword research step by step with it?


Jaxxy is a paid keyword research tool that includes a lot of features in just one software.

I have chosen it because it gives you the possibility of:

  • Finding a lot of interesting and profitable keywords for any industry.
  • “Spy” your competition to see why they are ranking better than you.
  • Track your own search engines rankings (Google, Yahoo or Bing).
  • You can also see: Google trends, Alexa topics, Amazon best sellers and twitter trends to look for trendy topics in your industry.
  • Has an amazing free trial: This tool lets you search 30 keywords to see if you like it. If you don’t feel good with it, you don’t pay anything.


Jaaxy allows you to search your niche keywords to include them in your strategies and make your ecommerce/blog very profitable, which is the reason that you are here.

To do a keyword research step-by-step with this tool you should consider applying these aspects. You don’t have to mandatory follow them, but they are a good guide for you to do it.


1. Know your niche.

Whether you have a food blog, books, ecommerce or any industry that you are in, you must know all the information related to this so you can have a better overview to develop better strategies.


2. Think about 5-10 keywords that can be related to your industry.

Following the example of the blog that teaches “how to cook Bolognese pasta” we are going to think that they have an Italian food website and they picked 8 possible terms for their niche. These words are:

  • Italian food
  • Bolognese pasta
  • Best Italian dishes
  • Gastronomy of Italy
  • Italian recipes
  • The best restaurants in Italy
  • How to make Italian food tourism
  • Italian food culture
  • Best pasta types


3. Find similar keywords with Jaaxy.

Now that you have some seed keywords, you can start using Jaaxy’s keyword researcher to get some great ideas. In this case I’ll use “Bolognese pasta” as an example.

You need to go here:

Then you type your keyword and the tool is going to bring you results:

You can see that the tool gives you the average monthly traffic that the keyword has and the traffic that you potentially have if you appear in Google’s first results page.

Also, you can see some related keywords at the sidebar to take in consideration and a brainstorm part too.


4. Analyze your competitors for those keywords.

You go to search analysis:

Then you type your keyword and it will give you those sites that rank for it.

And the feature that is going to be very useful is the “view details” one.

Here you see that the tool gives you some information such as: Meta description, Meta keywords, word count, links and more.

As this a low searched keyword we don’t get too much information from there, but if you look for some that are in your industry and maybe have more competition probably you will get deeper information!


5. Look for some long-tail keywords:

Now that you have your main analysis (average search traffic and competitor “spy”) you can type your keyword in two tools that will help you find more keywords to add to your content or strategy. For this, you can use:

  • Keyword tool io: This one will help you to find some long tail keywords that will perfectly fit your strategies.

This is a freemium tool, but even in its a free plan you can get great ideas.

You can see in above image good keyword ideas that you can include in your content.

  • UbberSuggest: This tool gives you valuable keyword ideas that you can add to Jaxxy to see their average search traffic and competitor analysis.

First, put your keyword in their search box.

Then, it will give you some trendy and valuable keywords that you can add.


5. Complete your long-tail with Google’s help.

Some people don’t know how good it can be Google when it’s about looking for some extra keywords that we can use.

You just add your keyword in their search box and it will give you very good ideas that people are looking for.

See? You should try it 🙂


6. Look out for your keyword difficulty.

You need to realize that not all the keywords you choose will be easy to rank for. Is a must to see who are those that are ranking at the top to see if you can actually outrank them.

By the way, you can use the long-tail strategies above to help you with that task, and with the broad analysis you make with Jaxxy you’ll be able to make a great research.



Definitively, keyword research is a very important part to take in consideration in any SEO strategy.

If you want you have a good website performance you need to master this research to choose those right keywords for both Google and users.

By the way, using Jaaxy is going to be an amazing help for you due al its possibilities, being that the reason that I really recommend you use that tool to help improving your SEO efforts.

How to Change a Theme in WordPress: All the Things You Need to Consider Before Changing Your WordPress Theme

When you are working with a theme for too long you get used with it. If you are happy with your theme there is not necessity to change it.



However, if you are considering to change it, I will assist you in these decision. Prepare yourself to dedicate two hours to this whole task.


how to change a WordPress theme


A theme is something which controls the design of your website. I personally prefer to go for a simple theme.

I like to keep order and focus in my website and I like to reflect this in the design too. In fact, I would like to create an authority site and, talking about branding, the color related to authority is black, that’s why I like to go with black in terms of branding colors, for my logo and theme.


how to change a WordPress theme


The WordPress theme is what controls the layout of your site, the sidebar and the colors of your site. It also controls the forts included in your posts. For example, if you change the theme of your site, the fonts of your headings in your posts will be different.

In fact, changing the theme, will change a lot of visual aspects in your site.


Changing Themes

Is this for you or for your audience?

Firstly, if you are thinking about changing your theme you have to think about the reason why you want to do it. Just make sure that the new theme is going to improve the user experience. Remember that you are writing for your visitors.

Also remember to keep everything simple. Try to have the least distractions as possible for your visitors so they will be more focused on your content.


Drag ans Drop WP Page Builders

A content builder, is a plugin you can install on WordPress and it will basically replace the bar which contain Headings and other WordPress buttons which you use when you write a blog on WordPress.



I’m not saying that page builders are bad, I’m just trying to give you a word of warning.

I really don’t recommend using content builders for your website. You website will work just fine without a content builder. It might allow you to make changes by drag and drop technology. Functionally they work great.

But the negative part of content builders is that they create short codes within WordPress. The issue arises when you change themes.

Unfortunately, you are left with the short codes, which loses all your blog formatting. There are also some content builders which try to remedy this, but most of the time you will realize that it was not worth using content builders.


The developers of these programs are starting to consider this problem, but you definitely need to consider this issues. But on the other hand, you have to ask yourself if you really need to use a content builder.


I will give you a real simple checklist to consider when you are changing your website’s theme.

Widget position and the layout and styling are the two things which change when you change a theme on WordPress.

  1. Back-up your site
  2. Create a screen shot of all of your Widgets positions
  3. Make note of all of the widgets which are inside of the widget positions
  4. Make note of all of your customizations (this also includes your Google analytics code). Basically, go to all sections of the settings and make screen shots (take a picture of the screen so that you can have that as an image) of them. If your Google Analytics code is not inside your theme, you don’t need to worry about this.

Basically, everything that you have added to your theme, will go away if you delete that theme.

To make these screen shots you need to go to Appearance and Widgets. Then open all the widgets to see and screen shot everything which is within the widgets.



You need to consider changing you website’s theme more or less every year. Even the most famous brands have updated their brand design over time.

I have learned everything I know about internet marketing from a wonderful program called Wealthy Affiliate. Backing up your site before changing your theme might not be such an interesting thing to do, but on this program you can learn a lot of cool stuff which you can use to build your online business, or just learn internet marketing skills.

Choosing a theme is one of the most important decisions which you will make over your site.

What is the best tool for keyword research: A comparison of the top one in the market

Proper keyword research is the most critical part of SEO especially in modern days when Google has already upgraded its algorithm. So to remain in competition with your competitors, you must be familiar with the need for your site to be appropriately “optimized” for search engines and how SEO works. Among billions of results for each keyword your website’s pages must have to properly optimized for the relevant “keywords.” And if you optimized your site for wrong keywords then you may get traffic, but it will be a futile exercise. So having top and unique keywords is the most critical aspect of your website.

There are lots of different keyword research tools Over the years like SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner,, Ahref, Moz pro, Buzzsumo, Longtail Pro, Market Samurai, Jaxay, etc. Among them, I have experienced Jaxay has a leading edge over others. Though it is a relatively new tool, it is ideal for you if you do keyword research periodically, or on a daily basis. Jaaxy is excellent if you need to find unique keywords quickly and accurately.

You can try 30 free keyword searched on Jaxxxy by creating a free accouunt:

Create a free Jaxxy account here


Jaxy is not only a keyword research tool, but you can also perform other essential SEO operations like the ranking of your site, competitors of your website, SERPS of different website related to your keywords, search affiliate networks, etc. It will be ideal for you if you buy Jaxy Enterprise version, by doing this you will get all prime features like Unlimited Keyword Searches, Keyword Competition,  Domain Search,  SEO Analysis, Keyword Lists, Brainstorm Idea Feed, Jaaxy Affiliate Program,  Instant Competition Analysis, Instant Domain Search, Platform Works 5x Faster Which Drastically Decreases Research Time, Data Arrangement, Tabs for Searches.

Now let us compare Jaxy with some other Keyword research tools.


1.     Jaaxy Enterprise vs.  Semrush:-

After a detailed analysis of Jaxy and Semrush, I have concluded few main features of both tools. Mostly Semrush target your competitors, SEO firms that want data from the web and advanced affiliate marketers who want to increase their business. Also in Semrush, there is no proper guidance or instructions for you to use the tool. When it comes to price Semrush is more than expensive with monthly package of $399.95.

Jaxy on the other hand targets beginners in content creation, it gives you real-time data of your rankings suggest you premium domains, and if you are doing affiliate marketing, it helps you find affiliate programs. Jaxy has inbuilt training system which step by step teaches you every feature of the Jaxy, so its user interface is so easy to use. Also when it comes to price Jaxy is much cheaper than Semrus, Jaxy’s most expensive version is Jaxy Enterprise version which costs you about $60 per month.


2.     Jaaxy Enterprise vs. Moz Pro:-

Like QSR feature in Jaaxy Moz also rates keyword difficulty based on competition. Also, it shows you all the analytics for competitors websites. Sometimes Moz illustrates the difficulty of 50% or higher for high volume Keywords that Jaaxy highlight as low competition. Maybe this massive difference between Jaaxy numbers and Moz numbers are because Moz is more about advertising keywords and Jaaxy focus more on content keywords. Also when it comes to pricing Moz premium is very much expensive with the monthly cost of $599.


3.     Jaaxy Enterprise vs. Long tail pro:-

The information provided by Long Tail Pro is mostly dependent on MOZ and Keyword planner (google’s adward tool). It gives you about 700-800 keywords in one search which is the quickest way to generate keywords for your entire blog. Also, the price for LTP agency plan is about $147 per month.

On the other hand, Jaaxy gathered data from different sources and generates a result by compiling and analyzing all data so results of Jaaxy can be considered as more accurate as compare to LTP and the apparent difference in price. Jaaxy also tracks your rank quite efficiently on your choice for daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.


Different price points

Which a free trial account you can do up to 30 keyword searched. This will give you a good taste of the different Jaaxy options. It’s not just a keyword tool. Another level is the Pro membership, it costs 19$ per month, and the most upgraded one is Enterprise, which costs 45$ per month and for a year 499$. Pro is still excellent.

You can choose one of this according to your budget.

Why Jaaxy Is an Excellent Product to Promote

If you decide to promote Jaaxy, you can find your affiliate link under Affiliate programs – Affiliate Resources. For free accounts there is no affiliate commission, and for a pro membership the commission is 8$, for Enterprise the commission is 20$. Jaaxy commissions are great and people absolutely love it.

How to Add a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress is the most popular website platform for the reason it is open souce and the public can use it. It’s so easy to use and you can learn how to use it in one day.


What is a WordPress Plugin?

Plugins are enhancements that you can install on your website and enhance WordPress features. Different plugins exist for different aspects that you can add to a website. For example, the social media icons that you can see in a website which you can use to share a website post on social media, are due to a plugin.

So different plugins have a different purpose. If you ever think of a certain feature which you would like to add to your website, you can search for a plugin which serves that specific purpose.

In the next section I will show you how to add a WordPress plugin to your website. As a premium member on Wealthy Affiliate you can have access to more then 49.000 plugins which you can use to add features to you website. Wealthy Affiliate is the platform from which I have learned everything that I know about internet marketing.

Which plugins to add to your website?

Firstly, I want to say that adding a lot of plugins will slow down your website. The optimal number of plugins for a website to have is 5. But which are the best plugins?

The plugins that I have on this website are:

  • All in One SEO Pack – helps your website get indexed on Google
  • Google XML Sitemaps – helps your website get indexed on Google using sitemaps
  • Social Media Feather – adds the social media icons to each post and allows visitors to share posts to social media directly from the website
  • WP Product Review Lite – adds tables, a rating system and comparison features to reviews. If you use your website for affiliate marketing you revies a lot of products.
  • Exclude Pages from Navigation – excludes pages like for example “The Privacy Policy” page from navigation. A website should not contain material which is copied from somewhere else, it only needs to have original content, otherwise Google will never rank it. But the privacy policy page is copied and you need this plugin to avoid Google thinking that it is copied content.


How to Add a WordPress Plugin?

Go to Plugins and click Installed Plugins.

How to Activate a Plugin?

Just after you install a plugin, it a appears a button Activate and that’s how you activate the plugin. However, if for some reason you didn’t activate a plugin when you first installed it I explan it below how to activate a plugin. It’s pretty easy.

In the Dashboard of your website go to Plugins, and click Installed Plugins. This will open a menu with all the installed plugins.

Under a plugin’s name, it’s Activate. Click that and the plugin will be activated.

If you added the All in One SEO Plugin that I suggested above, it needs to be set up.


Now, I want to start a discussion in which you can participate by commenting below: What are some features that you would like to add to your website? You can write the features below and I will suggest which plugin is adaptable for that feature. From this discussion you can also get ideas from other people's comments about the features that a website might have.


Building a Website for Free

A lot of people nowadays are using affiliate marketing as their business model.

This trend has advanced even more due to some platforms which make creating a website a very easy and intuitive process which can be done even in less than a minute and for free.

Then you will be ready to create content for it, write reviews and turn it into a successful business.


Where can I Build a Website for Free?

You can build a website for free on Wealthy Affiliate. You will just have to create a free account.

You don’t need any knowledge, any code and with a platform like this you can create a website in 30 seconds.


Building a Website for free how to build a website for free


How to Build a Website for Free?

The process of building a website on Wealthy Affiliate is very easy and intuitive. You just have to find a name for it and choose a theme.

After this you can build a website in 30 seconds. This video will show you how to do this:

If you know that you want to create a website to use it for affiliate marketing but are not sure what it will be about, I have written another post about this topic which you can find here.

As you saw in the above video, you can either create a website using SiteRubix or buy a domain. You can even start one with SiteRubix and after some time transfer it to a domain.


How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website

Your domain is going to be your website’s URL and your brand name.

When you first search your domain name while creating a website as shown in the above video, it will show you if it available or not, if it’s not available type another version of it.

Your domain name has to be without space between words. For example mine is I tried but it was not available. I wanted it to be with .com so I decided for this.

how to choose a domain name for your website

Then you have to type your website name which is the domain name with spaces. For example mine is: Internet Marketing Skills.


Choose a Website Theme

Now you have to choose a theme for your website, which is its design. You can change this later if you want.

If you are curios about my theme or you want to use it too, its called Themelia. To change your website’s theme go to the Dashboard of your website, click Appearance, Themes, and Add New (in the upper corner of the screen.

Then you can search the name of the theme that you want in the search box. You can also search different words and themes related to them will appear.

It is advisable that when you start your website for the first time to choose a theme as simple as possible, possibly one with a white background, because this makes people focus more on the content. Sometimes themes with prominent backgrounds attract the attention of your visitors from the content.

Remember that the content is the most important part of your website. It should be helpful, easy to read and understand.


The Benefits of Siterubix Websites

Siterubix uses the most advanced technology to keep your website fast and secure.

I don’t understand much about technology but I know that it is the best platform out there. I created my website with Siterubix more than a year ago and never had a problem with it.


Did you create your website for free using this website builder? If yes you can share its link in the comments and motivate other people and show them that is really works 🙂


How to Delete a Post in WordPress

When you first create a website, there is a dummy post, page and comment which have to be deleted, you have to delete them. This is the first time that you will have to delete a post.

To delete a post, in the Dashboard of WordPress go to Posts, and click All posts.

Put your mouse under the title of the post and it will appear a Trash link.

how to delete a post in wordpressYou can do the same thing with pages. Go to the page’s tab and click all pages. Then click Trash.



Using WordPress is one of the essential skills for an internet marketer. I have been learning these skills and a lot more others in an online program which is called Wealthy Affiliate. You can achieve expert level with this program and also build a successful online business and make a lot of money with it, you can see proof of this in my Wealthy Affiliate review. I hope this helps.

How to Add a Banner to the Sidebar of Your Website

One of the ways to make money with a website is through posting banner ads on it.

In this post I am going to talk about making use of the widgets on your website to add banners and increase the chance of getting referrals for the products that you promote.


Choosing the right banner

When using banners to promote on your website the key is to not go “crazy” with them but use then just at the right amount.

When choosing for the right banner to use in your website, try to find one which has the size of your widget but not completely occupy it.

To incorporate a banner to your website you need to copy its html code. You can find it in the affiliate program of the product that you want to promote.


How to add the banner

To add a banner to you website, in the Dashboard of your website go to Appearance and choose Widgets.

Then, drag and drop a text widget into your sidebar and then paste the html code of the add there. Click Save.

As you can see adding a banner to your website is a pretty easy task. I will you good luck in getting referrals.

Is Click Intensity a Scam? My Very Honest Opinion

Click Intensity at a Glance

  • Name: Click Intensity
  • Website:
  • My overall ranking: 20/100


Is Click Intensity a Scam?

Click Intensity is not a scam. It is a revshare platform that works for its own revenue. Click Intensity makes its revenue from charges that clients who want their products advertised pay for adpacks placed on the site. Online marketing and advertisement does not use magic to create money, but proven strategies that create real money.

For example, client companies may have a new product that they want to introduce to the market. They will approach an advertisement company and ask the company to refer customers to buy the new product. The referral will earn a certain percentage for every customer referred.

Referral programs seem easy when talking about them, but they need hard work to make real money. Those who do not make real money and who do not work hard to make up the referral commission that means real money are likely to claim that Click Intensity is scam.


What is Click Intensity About?

what is Click Intensity about?

Click Intensity is an advertising platform that allows its members to complete simple tasks while earning significant daily income. The program has a formula that shares its revenue with advertisers. The idea behind CI is to share the ad revenue to members who own ad packs within the system.

CI is an already proven system that works.

After its creation and launch, it became popular almost immediately because of its simplicity and high returns on investment if correctly done. Within this program is a massive network of advertising resources available to registered members and marketing clients who want to reach out to a massive audience already identified within Click Intensity database.


How Does Click Intensity Work?

How does Click Intensity work?

Making money with CI is simple. The first option is completing simple ad tasks that include viewing advertisement, watching ad videos, trying out new games, as well trying out new mobile apps from clients. Members doing these simple tasks will earn money directly without having to deposit any money to the platform.

The second and most common way of making money through CI is through profit and revenue sharing.

Anybody can make money through the platform with or without experience in the online advertisement platform. The third way of earning money through CI is becoming a referral promoter of this program. The company will reward 10% referral commission for every deposit that the new referral deposit or make with the program.


Pros and Cons


  • Click Intensity has all the characteristics of revenue sharing sites that specialize on advertisement and online marketing. The operating mechanism is common with other platforms.
  • Click Intensity promises return on investment and offers passive long term income.
  • Members enjoy significant free resources to learn about revshare business.
  • Sign up and membership is free and easy.
  • The program has unlimited opportunities.



  • It might take long before slow marketers earn revenue hence the program requires some sort of extra ordinary energy to get any return on investment.
  • Earned revenue payment may delay.


Click Intensity Final Word

Joining Click Intensity program is worth. However, it is important to differentiate the program’s mouthwatering advertisement and the practical activities that you will encounter when working with the company. Prior experience on working with revshare companies will give you an advantage.

Have you used Click Intensity? What are your views and your experience with it?


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