What Is Ptr VIP Club About

Is PTR VIP Club a scam? The company claims that you can make $100 just by reading an email. But is this possible?

What Is PTR VIP Club?

PTR stands for paid-to-read and the company claims that you can earn up to $100 just by reading an advertisers email.

Statements like this just raise red flags to me. Not for the fact that you can’t get paid for reading advertisers emails (there are companies which pay you for this), but for the high amount of money that they claim to pay you just for reading an email.

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Is PTR VIP Club a Scam

There is consensus online that PTR VIP Club is a scam.

The claim that you can make $100 just by reading an email should be enough to raise our alarm bell for this scam. There is no proof that anyone ever got paid by PTR VIP Club. Even giving them your personal details is risky, let alone your credit card details. Stay away from PTR VIP Club.

As I mentioned earlier, there are companies which pay people to read emails, but the pay is so little that I don’t recommend them at all.

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The sites which make exaggerated income claims are generally scams.

How Does PTR VIP Club Work

PTR sites work like this. You sign up to their site and then they send you emails when there is an email for you to read.

But with PTC sites you aren’t going to make a lot of money because the pay is very low per email read. And sometimes there are not enough emails to read. I tried a PTC site more than a year ago (my review of it) and I wasn’t receiving enough small jobs like reading emails, so I was able to make only a minimum amount of money. I left this job soon.

The amount you can make by this kind of sites is far away from $100. These sites probably get the funds to pay you that minimum amount by the advertisers. Their job is to connect advertisers and people who want to get paid for reading emails.

Before getting started on a new site, you need to see the jobs description of what you are going to do to get paid and then compare it to other companies in the same industry. If a website seems to unrealistic, it probably is. There are a lot of scams online so don’t believe everything you are told.

They even have an affiliate program and claim to pay you $100 for each new member you bring them. When you sign up they want all your information and who know to whom they are going to sell it. Selling people’s information is a real business.

How Does PTR VIP Club Really Work

Companies like this which are clearly scams, can gain from you even by just collecting your information to sell it to other companies so that they can send you more offers in your email. They know that you are someone who is interested in the concept of earning money online. And this is enough information for companies because this makes you a more targeted customer of other programs which are about this topic.

The Price

PTR VIP Club is free to join. But they introduce you to some incentives to upgrade. I am not sure what is costs to upgrade and this wasn’t visible on their site before you give them your details.

I didn’t want to give them my personal details to sign up, so I don’t know how much the premium membership costs. I know it isn’t worth it anyways.

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The Red Flags

1. Unrealistic income claims

“You can make up to $100 just by reading an email” is an unrealistic income claim.

This website commits to pay not only $100, but $200 per email read for those who upgrade to premium.

There companies which pay people to read their advertisements but the pay is very low because the people who read company’s advertisements probably aren’t interested in its products and end up not buying. So the company doesn’t gain anything in most of the cases.

2. Very high minimum threshold to withdraw your earnings.

$20,000 is their minimum threshold amount. What? Yes, you read it right. Most people don’t have that much money in their savings in their back account. Who would earn so much money on a site like this? And doing what? Just reading ads? Why would they make their minimum so high?

Maybe you can achieve that amount if you earn $100 or $200 for each email read. But the money in your account is not real. You are never going to get paid. The company doesn’t have those kind of earning itself because they are not earning anything big just by you reading advertiser’s ads.

Everything which seems too good to be true probably is. It is possible to earn money online, but it requires a lot of hard work and patience. I have managed to make money online with affiliate marketing.

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There are PTR sites which are legit, but they pay very little, to the point that the time spent on those sites is not worth it.

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