The Midas Legacy Review

the midas legacy review

Welcome to my Midas Legacy review!

In this review I am going to show you what Midas Legacy is, how it works and my experience with it.

What Is Midas Legacy?

When I first took a look at the Midas Legacy sales page, I thought it was a scam as the sales page had some red flags that I’ve seen in other scams. However, when I took a closer look at it I concluded that it is not a scam. However, I would not recommend this program.

Most people have come across this program from the email that was sent to them. The email states that you can add $800 to your bank account in the next 8 minutes, which sounds too good to be true and it probably is. How you are going to make this kind of money is very suspicious too, to the point of being ridiculous. They claim that they have discovered some secret codes of the banks which is going to help you earn the money.

How Does It Work

Jim Samson is the creator of this program and the sales page promotes a secret package which has helped Jim makes more than $3,000 online. The price of this package is $37.

He claims that you can make money by just pushing five buttons and that the system does not involve Multi level marketing or mass marketing. He goes on by saying that the rich know this system and the poor don’t try it, or something like this which sounds ridiculous and makes it seem like some magic secret. But is there really such a method?

the midas legacy reviews

I’ve investigated the program and I found out that Jim has no secret, he is just an impressive storyteller and a good marketer of a program which in reality has no real value. In my opinion, all is just hype. He tells people in the sales page that he worked at a bank and there he uncovered “the secret”.

The most ridiculous part is that he claims ha has found a way to “cheat” banks. In fact, I know that some people do believe him, but please don’t fall for this.

Is The Midas Legacy Legitimate?

While the Midas Legacy might not be a total scam, it is not fully legitimate either. The BBB gives them a low B rating.

The Midas Legacy is also known as TML Group. The company does not tell customers the whole story behind their products, but they want you to keep ordering in order to find out.

They have publications divided in 10 parts and they will not send you the whole publication at once.

The good things is that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee after the first lessons, so that the customer can decide if they want to go on with the course or not. Also, the customer can contact the support to assist them with the materials. Their contact email address is

There are many reviews written about this program but many of them are from people trying to promote the program, so good reviews online don’t make this program legit.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros

1. The cost is not too high, at least $37. I have seen scams with higher prices.

2. The owner of the website is public, his name is Jim Samsons. Generally scams don’t state their owner, but they hide behind a fake persona.

The Cons

1. The sales page is suspicious. The whole story in their sales page is ridiculous. I don’t trust them at all, especially after doing some research in the Better Business Bureau. People are asking for their money back and unfortunately the company ignored them.

2. After you buy the program it has nothing to do with the story on their sales page, the product that you get when you buy it is a basic affiliate marketing training. The bottom line is that Midas Legacy is a scam.

3. The negative reviews about Midas Legacy online. There are also some positive reviews, but I think they are from people who are determined to sell it to you because they are affiliated with the company.

4. The idea of secrecy which defines this program and its whole sales page. They make it seem like Jim made money with a secret code or something. All the hype is designed to keep visitors interested. As I said, what the program contains in the inside has nothing to do with how it is presented.

the midas legacy review

5. He describes the process like something where you have to just press some buttons and the money with start accumulating in your account. He also describes the process like something which involves tacking from the rich and giving to the poor.

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online, you can check my story on how I make money online. Wealthy Affiliate is the best training out there to learn affiliate marketing. I never regret buying their premium membership. This is my only and #1 recommendation for making money online. If you think that Midas Legacy has something legitimate you can try it, but I don’t think it has anything to do with reality.


Midas Legacy is not the best opportunity to make money online. I think it can be classified as a scam as the sales page is filled with hype which has nothing to do with what you get when you join the program.

What you really get is a simple basic affiliate marketing training. You can get a lot of information and guides on affiliate marketing for free online, so it’s not worth it.

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