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On September 22, 2021
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Moms Making Six Figures is a MLM program. It is not a scam but the income claims on their site are quite exaggerated. It is not my top recommended program, however.

Moms Making Six Figures is a multi level marketing program which helps people to promote Malaleuca’s products. Not all multi level marketing programs are scams as there are some successful and lasting ones, but a majority of them are.

All multi level marketing companies have a similar formula: you bring your recruits and you get a commission when they also bring their recruits. So the people at the top of the line are the ones earning more with this kind of schemes. A lot of MLM schemes attract a lot of negative comments and complaints because of their hard push on sales.

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What Is MomsMakingSixFigures About

momsmakingsixfigures review

Moms Making Six Figures is a Melaleuca distributor.

So the owner of this program is an affiliate of the Melaleuca company. Moms Making Six Figures is a program which will teach you how to make money by promoting Malaleuca.

Moms Making Six Figures is also a membership site which consists of a mixture of affiliate marketing and multi level marketing. The owner, Heidi Bartolotta is one successful promoter of Malaleuca and she founded Moms Making Six Figures in 2008. She created her site to recruit new affiliates to Malaleuca.

You can make money promoting Malaleuca, but you have to be very good at direct sales for this which is not easy. Malaleuca is a company which has products in the health and wellness niche and you have to promote its products to earn affiliate commissions.

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The website of MomsMakingSixFigures is a good-looking one and there are some good products that you can promote there. No experience is required to get started and there is the possibility that you could make some money with this program. However, I wouldn’t recommend getting involved with it as there are better opportunities to make money online.

Among the negative aspects of MMSF I can mention that their products are overpriced which will make it difficult for you to sell them to people and also there is some hype on its site on how easily and how much money you can make with the help of this program.

In fact, it will require a lot of time and effort to make a decent income promoting the products. It’s not that easy as they make it seem.

Moms Making Six Figures has no products of its own. Instead, is a distributor of the products of Malaleuca. The products are in the health and wellness niche, they include cleaning and self-care products.

Malaleuca has an excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau, and A+. This is an indication of a very trustworthy company. Better Business Bureau ranks companies from F to A+.

The Compensation Plan

Moms Making Six Figures compensation plan is the same as that of Malaleuca. Malaleuca has a decent compensation plan. You get paid every time someone buys any of their products.

The compensation plan is based on points that you accumulate. 10 points are $5.

When the customer buys something in their first month after signing up, you get a 50% commission. And you also can earn 7% commission for the 2nd tier referrals (referrals of your referrals).

You also get some bonus points when you move up their statuses, they have some different levels or statuses as they call them.

You also get mentoring points when your recruits move from one status to the next. There is also a leadership bonus. And also a car bonus.

What You Get When You Join

When you sign up you will get some training on how to promote the Malaleuca products.

Malaleuca and MomsMakingSixFigures are some legit direct marketing programs.

How Does MomsMakingSixFigures work

Once you sing up they set you a time for a presentation which is just a video which explains how you can make money with their program.

On their site there are a lot of reviews from mums which describe the program as one who changed their life.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros

1. A good-looking website

The Cons

1. There is not much information on their site about how exactly you can make money with their program

2. You are supposed to sell their products to people

3. You are required to buy the products before you can start earning by promoting them

4. The name of the program and their sales page are exaggerated income claims

5. They don’t have a free trial

6. The chances of you losing money with this program are higher than your chances of earning

7. You are restricted to promoting only the Malaleuca products

8. You have to look for buyers and travel to bring the products to them

For those mums that are keen on making money from home, I suggest you try affiliate marketing. It’s a way better business model compared to multi level marketing.

More About Heidi Bartolotta

momsmakingsicfigures review

She graduated in Business from the University of Washington and started working on pharmaceutical sales. She was one of the bests at her job constantly achieving the sales quotas, but what bothered her was that every year she was assigned a larger territory which made her travel more and be more time away from her family.

With this motivation she started

She started promoting Malaleuca’s products after being a customer of the company herself.

In an interview she states that her sales background has not helped her in her online business and that woman from different professions can achieve the same results. According to her, if you’ve ever recommended a product you like to someone and they bought it, you can achieve success on this type of business.

Is Moms Making Six Figures a Scam?

Moms Making Sic Figures has a low rating by the Better Business Bureau and also from some other scam checking websites, which doesn’t make it trustworthy.

In their sales page, they don’t state what you have to do to make money with their program.

They also don’t tell you upfront what the price is.

The blog on their website is actually quite interesting to read and I’m not surprised that Heidi has recruited some people with her website is it seems convincing from the outside. However, as I mentioned it above, I consider it a big mistake to not well-explain what the product you are selling is all about before customers can buy it.

But, overall, after my review, I can’t consider a scam.

My Final Opinion on Moms Making Six Figures

Even that I can’t consider Moms Making Sic Figures a scam I can’t recommend it too. I don’t think that selling the Malaleuca product is that simple as this program makes it seem. And I don’t think that a newbie can do well in this business. There are better ways to make money online compared to multi level marketing.

If you think that affiliate marketing is a better option for you, then check my #1 recommendation for making money with affiliate marketing.

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I recommend affiliate marketing better than multi level marketing because it’s newbie friendly and it’s easy to manage and make passive income even when your business growth, something which is not true for any other form of making money online. With affiliate marketing you just recommend products to costomers and you have no role in getting them shipped. I have been making money with affiliate marketing since two years now. Here’s a screen shot of my commissions:

Internet Marketing Skills would love to hear about your experince with Moms Making Six Figures. You can share it in the comments section below.

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