Is Zeal a Pyramid Scheme? To Join or Not to Join This Program???

What Is Zeal About?

I know that there are a lot of people doubting the legitimacy Zeal, so that’s why I decided to write this review.

I am going to review Zeal as a business opportunity here and not the Zeal products, which seem fine time. Here I am going to talk about if working with Zeal by promoting its products is legit or not.

The real business opportunity comes from the company called Zurvita. Zurvita is the name of the company and Zeal or Zeal for Life is its line of products.

zeal pyramid scheme

Company: Zurvita

Product: Zeal (or Zeal for life)

Business model: multi level marketing

Price: $39 + product price (up to $450)

Overall ranking: 40 out if 100

Recommended? No


Zurvita is not a necessarily a scam or a pyramid scheme, but the success rate working with it is very low. There is a better option to make money online, its called Wealty Affiliate.

How Does Zeal Work? Is Zeal a Pyramid Scheme?

Some people mistakenly call Zurvita a pyramid scheme, but that’s not the case. Zurvita is not an outright pyramid scheme but it definitely has elements of it. A company is called a pyramid scheme when the commission structure of it relies on the commissions and not the products. Zurvita has its line of products, so it can’t be called a text-book definition pyramid scheme.

You can actually make money by selling Zurvita’s products, but the real money is in recruiting other members. You get a commission for every new member you recruit. Members who recruit other members are called consultants.

The company works in the model of a multi level marketing company where the so-called consultants are payed if they bring new members to the program.

There are two ways to earn from this program: selling the products yourself and recruiting other consultants to sell products. For the products you sell there is a 20% commission, which isn’t really much, The good thing is that is the customer sticks with the company and continues to buy its products, you continue to get your commissions month after month as they have a reoccurring commission system.

But it seems like the real focus on recruiting affiliates. There are different types of commissions which you can earn from recruiting other consultants or affiliates, but I’m not going into detail about this here as I think that its not worth it.

And when your referrals recruit other people you get a commission over this too, which is called a second tier commission. I think they also got third tier commission, but doesn’t think this is worth either.

I’m sorry for sounding a bit biased here, but I don’t really like the multi level marketing business model and I don’t think its the best way to earn online.

After you sing up, they require consultants to get a certain volume of sales and recruits to stay active and have the possibility to continue working on promoting the program and products. The problem with pyramid schemes is that they are set up in a way that only a few people at the top of the pyramid make good money. And especially if you’re a starter in selling online, its going to be really difficult to get the sales. It’s not so easy to sell online for especially for newbies.

The Price

The costs of Zurvita can be broken into two parts:

Enrollment fee: is the fee you have to pay just to gain the right to promote Zurvita’s products and earn commissions from this. This fee is aimed to separate those who are serious about selling Zurvita’s products from those who are just seeking to by its products themselves with a discount. This costs $39.

Buying the products yourself: And in order to gain the right to promote the products and earn a commission from this you have to buy the products yourself. They vary in price.

These are three different packages that you can buy, the highest of them with a price of $450.

The Compensation Plan

Zurvita has a complicated compensation plan, like many other multi level marketing schemes.

This videos sums up their compensation plan:

The good thing is that is you are of their consultants and want to buy products for yourself, you can get them on discounts. You can also buy them and sell them at a near retail store.

This is not the main way you can earn money with Zurvita. As I mentioned earlier, this program puts emphasis on recruiting other people and you can make money by recruiting other people who register and start selling the products.

Is Zeal Worth It?

And as the company clearly accepts in their income disclosure, very few people are able to make a full time income from this company.

About 90% of the consultants made less than $500 in the whole 2016 year. This is about $30 per month. And things haven’t changed that much for the company since 2016.

This means that Zurvita definitely is not worth it.

This is true for about all multi level marketing opportunities. Only about 1% of the members in multi level marketing business models succeed.

This is terrible and it should be a red flag for everyone aiming to join Zurvita.

Now, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I can’t say that Zurvita’s Zeal is a pyramid scheme. However, I know for sure that most people who try to get into this business with this and similar companies are going to fail. They make it seem like its so easy but in fact its not that way.

Only very few people are going to be successful. Multi level marketing is very difficult and that’s why I stay away from it. Affiliate marketing is much more realistic and profitable to work with.

Here is the program which taught me everything I know about affiliate marketing and its my top recommendation if you want to make money online,

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