What Is Funnel Franchise

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What Is Funnel Franchise

Funner Franchise is a training program which allows users to earn while building an email lists. Funnel Franchise includes ready-made for you landing pages you can use to grow your email list. Then you can monetize your list by selling people things that they need.

The actual product that Funnel Franchise offers you is a fully prepared sales funnel. All you have to do is to sign up to affiliate programs and start using the funnel. They recommend that you buy Builderall, a platform to create drag and drop websites and which includes a free email autoresponder.

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I have tried Builderall and I’m happy with the results so far.

It has two membership options, one is free and the other costs more than $300 (Elite membership).

Funnel Franchise promises to help you build 8 streams of passive income.

There are a lot of positive reviews about Funnel Franchise online, but does it really work? Read this Funnel franchise review to find out.

How Does Funnel Franchise Work

It’s a ready done for you system. It’s a step by step training system and a funnel system.

The author of this training is Mark Wightley who has been successful in internet marketing over the years. The training will include:

  • how to create a successful WordPress blog
  • step-by-step blog creation training
  • step-by-step email marketing training
  • secrets on where to get free traffic to scale up your profits
  • ‘Elite’ members get free traffic every week
  • his lifetime support (email + Skype)
  • how to keep your leads
  • his secret traffic source which make d=him $827 on one campaign

Mark explains here in his own words what it’s like when you join Funnel Franchise:

Since Funnel Franchise is free I decided to try it. I concluded that you can do everything that Funnel Franchise offers just with Builderall.

However, the training is good. The training is compound of three parts: email marketing, blog creation and free LinkWazard Tracking Software.

The training

The email marketing training includes 10 lessons when Mark himself explains everything. What seems strange to me, however, is that Mark himself doesn’t use his recommended autoresponder. He recommends MailingBoss and is using GetResponse.

In the blog creation training you are recommended to buy a GoDaddy domain and host your website in GoDaddy. This is out of place since you already bought Builderall which is a website creator.

Other than this I think their training on creating a blog for affiliate marketing works, but there are other better options to learn affiliate marketing. I personally learned affiliate marketing at this platform and I think it is the best one out there.

The third part of the training is about a free LinkWizard Tracking Software. However, this is just the tip of the aisberg because you are led to buy a tracking software which is not free during the training. This is no surprise that this is how selling works these days: they give customers something for free to get them to buy something.

The Funnel Franchise Features

The features of the three membership levels are described below:

Funnel Franchise is free to join but does it deliver on its promises?

The Pros

  • It does have a free membership option
  • It’s newbie friendly
  • Quality training
  • It has an affiliate program and you can promote Funnel Franchise as a free member
  • the author is a successful internet marketer
  • A lot of value in the free membership option

Mark Wightley is an experienced internet marketer who is building his business by giving you the opportunity to use his automated marketing funnel.

If you do a quick Google search on him, you will find out that not all of his product are well-received.

The Cons

  • The system is not completely automated, you still need to do some work
  • A lot of complaints in their Facebook group

When you consider that Funnel Franchise offers you a great deal of training for free, it might be worth to take a look at this program. As with any other program, the results that you will get will depend on the work that you put in.

I haven’t bought that Funnel Franchise program but I checked the free training and I can say that it is worth it, I am a member pf another program called Wealty Affiliate where I learned everything that I know about internet marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free training too, which is worth checking.

==> Sign Up for Free Here <==

Get-rich-quck schemes don’t work, but Funnel Franchise and Wealthy Affiliate both teach how making money online really works.

Quality training is really important to not get stuck while you are trying to do something. The ability to sign up for free is what makes these two programs unique.


I think that Funnel Franchise could be a good way to get started in affiliate marketing. You can take advantage of their free membership and learn the basics of affiliate marketing from there.

I can say that this opportunity is a legitimate business.

Do I Recommend Funnel Franchise?

The Funnel Franchise is a sales funnel and a training program. The best part about this program is that it is free.

Apart from this, the training offers value and I do recommend to give it a try. Mark Wightley is the creator of Funnel Franchise and he has also created other successful products, like Commission HiJack, The Tube Funnel and CPA List Domination (Jan 2018).

However, one thing that I don’t like about his products is that they all are marketed as ‘make money online easy and fast’ programs.

The main thing that you are going to get from Funnel Franchise is a fully prepared sales funnel which you just have to sign up and start using, After you sign up Funnel Franchise you are encouraged to use Builderall.

I have not personally used Buildeall before but I have come across some good reviews about it on the internet. Here is one of them.

As always I am going to present you my top recommended program for building an online business. The most important part in building an online business is creating a successful website, building trust and helping people through it.

Running a website is a complicated process, especially for commercial purposes. You need a lot of training and tools, which you can find on Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s free to join and you can create a website in 30 seconds on WA.

Try the Free Membership, You Have Nothing to Lose

Since Funnel Franchise is free, you can give it a try. Sincerely, Mark has outdone himself with this system. The system helps newbies make some money while building their email list. So the system is not only about making money now, it’s also about building an email list which you can use later.

The training also included email marketing and blog creation.

But just registering and not actually following the training will result in nothing.

As with any other business, what you put in, you get out.

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