Email Elite Academy System Review

Welcome to my Email Elite Academy review!

In this email Elite Academy review I share with you what I’ve learned from this program.

Email Elite Academy System

What Is Email Elite Academy About

Will Email Elite Academy scam you or is Email Elite Academy a system to make you thousands of dollars by sending emails?

A way to make passive income every day

Name: Email Elite Academy


Owner: “Bobby”

Price: Free

Recommended? No

You probably came across Email Elite Academy from the email their scent you about their program. I received this email too. When I first see it I thought that this could probably be another scam because the email wording was similar to other scams I have come across online. Then I visited their sales page.

So let’s take a look at what Body tells us about this system. Just follow simple instruction and you’ll be able to make $100-$400 a day.

It is about sending email. But instead of building your email list, you are getting an email list provided for you.

This is the voice actor:

After visiting their sales page my suspicions about it being a scam were stronger. Their sales page pad some unrealistic claims. One of those claims was that they will give you a list of 500 subscribers to use a system which has been ready-made for you. This already is a red flag as there is no such a system. Next, they make you believe that you can earn a life changing income just by sending emails. If is so easy, then why isn’t everyone doing it?

What You Get When You Join Email Elite Academy

So how does this system actually work? Well I tried it and I found out it directs you to this other video which directs you to another program called Copy My System. There’s no gonna be any subscriber to your account. You’ll not be able to make any money if you don’t invest it. I haven’t gone fully into the program, but I have reviewed over 500 programs on my website and I can say that these programs don’t work as advertised.

According to Bobby you just have to send one email a day to get started which takes about 10 minutes. The truth is that there is no easy system which will make you money online. I have come across a lot of similar programs which I review on this site and they have turned out to be scams.

Email Elite Academy will not work for you because it doesn’t work as advertised.

He teaches you how to create an email account for business from which you are going to send emails to people to promote offers, He claims that people don’t need to buy anything for you to make money. They will only need to click on the links. This is impossible, the only offers that can earn you money without people buying are those which people will need to create accounts. And he also promises that he will enlarge your subscribers list day by day. This sounds awesome because more subscribers would mean more clicks on the links, but if you do everything he says you will find out that it doesn’t work as promised.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

1. There are no positive aspects of Email Elite Academy

The Cons

1. They lied that the program is free and then they direct you to a payment. The payment is $77.

2. They want you to send scammy emails. The emails that you will send to subscribers are other scammy offers like Email Elite Academy itself.

3. Sending emails to promote scams and even Email Elite Academy itself will only benefit Bobby. They promise other people that they can make a full time income in 5 minutes.

Email Elite Academy

4. There are no positive reviews about this program. The fact that there are no positive reviews of people who have made money with this program is an indication that it is a scam.

5. They will sell your information. Instead of giving you a list of subscribers for free, they will sell your information and turn you into a list of subscribers. They ask for your information before telling you how you are going to earn with their program.

They state it in their terms of service page:

Email Elite Academy

This means that you can expect to get scammy emails.

And if you give them your phone number they will call you there and send you messages to advertise you other offers.

And one you sign up to Email Elite Academy you will find out that it’s not really free. You are directed to another program in which you have to pay to get a list of 500 subscribers.


Email Elite Academy is a scam. It claims to be free, but it is in fact on payment. And when you give them your information, they sell it to third parties which are going to send you endless spam emails.

Moreover, it’s a copycat of another program called Instant Email Empire.

A Real Way to Earn Money Online

I have reviewed a lot of online programs which claim to make you money online and that it can be easy and fast. If it was that easy everyone would e doing it. Most of the programs that I have reviewed on this site, have proven to be scam.

Affiliate marketing is the best to earn money online.

There are a lot of scams online, which makes it hard for people to believe that a program is legit.

I got started for 100% free online. If you would like to learn more go ahead and sign for my free guide. I will be right there to help you.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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