Leveraged Breakthrough System Review: Is It Any Good??

What Is Leveraged Breakthrough System

Leveraged Breakthrough System is a website which promises to make you money by promoting the system itself.

Basically, you have to create a website and pretend to be an Internet millionaire and lure people to buy this program.

In order to gain the right to promote this product you have to buy one of the packages yourself.

It is advertised as a done-for-you system by their coaches and you only have to sit back and see your referrals grow. Now I have to say that I have reviewed a lot of claiming to be automated systems, but none of them worked.

How Does Leveraged Breakthrough System Work

The way this system works is that you buy their packages and only after you buy them you gain the right to promote them to other people and earn commission when other people by them too. The fact that the system is more focused on recruiting affiliates than the products itself is a sign of a pyramid scheme.

Legit affiliate programs don’t cost anything to sign up and start promoting and you don’t have to buy the products yourself in order to start promoting the product. The fact that you have to spend money in order to start promoting and earn with an affiliate program is a red flag. There are plenty of affiliate programs in which you can take part without having to buy the products yourself or pay any fee to start promoting the products.

Moreover, the cost of their packages is crazy. Here’s how much they cost:

And in order to promote for example the platinum level, you have to buy the platinum level yourself. You wouldn’t be able to promote it if you only bought the gold level.

Their affiliate commission is 50% so if you are able to sell one of the levels to someone you’ll earn 50% of its price. And don’t be fooled by the fact that they claim that it is an automated business and that they are going to find the leads for you. It doesn’t work that way. The most difficult part of earning with this program is finding the leads and this is something you would have to figure out yourself.

It is going to be nearly impossible to find someone who would buy packages so high prices as these one. And what they are going to gain by buying them? Just the ability to promote them to other people. There are a lot of products which are easier to sell because they really contain value, so it’s not even worth to consider tacking part into this system.

Is Breakthrough Leverage System a Scam

In my opinion, Leveraged Breakthorugh System is a scam. Their packages are so low quality that there is not value on buying them, other than to promote them to earn more when other people buy them. This system is an example of a pyramid scheme. What makes such a scheme is the fact that there is no product, or it is very low quality, and the company focuses more on getting people to sell the product to other people than the value of the product itself.

Some people will this that Leveraged Breakthrough System is not a scam because it works and makes you money, but the fact is that these programs never work in the long run.

It comes a point that pyramid schemes collapse, and this is why they are called pyramid schemes. FTC has closed some big pyramid schemes like MOBE and Digital Altitude and it’s a matter of time until it closes this one too. MOBE and Digital Altitude had a better training program than the packages of Leveraged Breakthrough System and still they were closed by the FTC, leaving their members with great loses.

My recommendation is to stay away from programs like this and the ones similar to this. Remember,

1. No product or very low quality one

2. The company places its focus on getting people to recruit other members

makes a company a pyramid scheme and it’s better to stay away from it.

You might make money from such programs in the short term if you are good at promoting “empty” products, but there is a high risk if you buy them because such a program can get closed suddenly leaving you will big loses. There is nothing good about such products. Not to mention the damage on your reputation if you promote faulty products. Affiliate marketing and marketing in general works based on trust. People buy from companies and people they trust, so if you recommend a faulty product to someone, they will never buy from you again.

I can bet that this system won’t be around for long. It can run into trouble and even get shut by the government.

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The truth is that if you keep searching for ways to make money online fact, you will probably get scammed. I got started with affiliate marketing in 2016 and it has been difficult at the beginning and I had to keep working without seeing any results, but I’ve learned from my mistakes and improved. The truth is that behind any successful business is a hardworking person. There is no way to earn money fast without any effort. After 4 years of efforts to make money online, I can tell that affiliate marketing is the best option to make this happen. And the best shot that you can have with affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate.

It is the best place to learn how to create a money-making website like a lot of other people have done. Affiliate marketing is still profitable in 2019, and even fairly new I can say, and it is very likely to be in the years to come.

Please feel free to comment and express any thoughts or concerns about this system or other ways to earn online. Your opinion is important to me.

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