Traffic for Me Review

Welcome to my Traffic for Me review!

Traffic for me review

What Is Traffic for Me About

Name: Traffic For Me


Owner: Harris Fellman


Rating: 50/100

Recommended? No

traffic for me is a service which helps you obtain more customers and followers and potential buyers for your business. But is Traffic for Me a scam or a legitimate way to bring more traffic to your business?

It uses different channels to bring traffic to your website like social media and email. It has different packages from which you can choose from according to your specific needs.

The Packages

1. Email marketing through an email list from New Zealand, USA, UK, Australia and Canada. The price points:

  • $345 for 500 clicks,
  • $675 for 1,000 clicks,
  • $1,290 for 2,000 clicks
  • $5,750 for 10,000

2. This package sends SMS to potential customers instead of emails. It has different price rages which are similar to those of emails. It is a bit tricky because most people would not appreciate receiving ads on their phones as messages.

The starter packaged are for the few amounts of clicks that you can order. You can use them to test this program.

On their website there are some testimonials. What you hear in these testimonials is our experience with this website. The traffic is fantastic. Once you log into your account you go to a page that lists all the packages that I described above.

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