Teespay Review: Get Paid $10 to Wear a Free Teeshirt

Teespay Review: Get Paid $10 to Wear a Free Teeshirt

Review of: Teespay

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On September 22, 2018
Last modified:March 28, 2019


With Teespay you are going to get paid $10 for receiving a free teeshirt, wearing it and posting a photo with it on social media. After you sign up you have to wait on their waiting list to receive your teeshirt which will take some time. You can make this faster by referring your friends.

What Is Teespay About?

Teespay is a company which will ship you a free tee-shirt and will pay you $10 for posting a photo on social media of yourself wearing the tee-shirt.

Why would Teespray do this? They work with brands which want to gain recognition. Teeshirt that they are going to ship to you contain brand names and logos. Brands gain free marketing from this and you gain a free teeshirt.

Is Teespray Legit?

Teespray is legit and they will send you the free teeshirts. You have nothing to lise in trying this because it doesn’t cost any money and there are a lot of people who have received teeshirts from them and who have posted their photos on sociale media.

Here’s a quick search about the hashtag teespray on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/teespay?lang=en

The website teespray.com is 3 years and 2 months old. There are no bad reviews about Teespay and this proves that it is legit.

But What’s the Catch?

When you first sign up you will have to wait at their waiting list before receiving your tee-shirt. After you sign up with your email you are going to see your number in the waiting list.

Teespay will aslo give you a referal link and they promise that if you refer 5 friends, this is going to move you up on their waiting list and receive your tee-shirt faster. This sounds like a fun thing to do and you don’t have anything to lose if you try this. Here’s one of the tee-shirts shown on their Facebook page:


It’s not that bad, if you consider it’s black and will look ok with your style.

The signing up process is really easy, you sign up with your email, confirm your email and then of you like refer your friends. After all, everyone likes getting free stuff, maybe simply posting your referal link on social media is going to give you 5 referals.


Teespray really gives away free shirts. You would have to wait for a long time to receive your shirt, even after refering 5 frineds. Personally, I am not goign for this opportunity. Sure, it’s a fun thing to do but still I don’t like to waste my time with this kind of things.

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We would love to hear about your experience with Teespray and feel free to share your Teespray links if you decided to get involved on this opportunity.


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  • Reinaldo says:

    This sounds like a good opportunity to start a hobby or for someone who loves to socialize online, get free t-shirts and get paid for showing them online. Is it Teespay? or Teespray? I read you referred these as Teespray and not Teespay. You’re right, though, waiting list is a turnoff unless you have time on your hands and are willing to wait.

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