The James Allen Affiliate Program Review (And Other Top Jewelry Affiliate Programs)

The consumer appetite for jewelry was high before the covid crises. The jewelry industry was valued more than $140 billion dollars. The sector had been growing 5-6% annually. As a blogger or website owner you can have a piece of the $140 billion industry. To get started we have compiled a list to the best jewelry affiliate programs.

About the James Allen Affiliate Program

Commission: 5%

Cookie: 30 days


The company is widely known for its finely cut diamonds. The company uses a virtual loop technology that lets you see the actual image of the diamond.

James Allen is an online bridal jewelry retailer with cutting edge technology to provide 3D image of the diamonds. Their average sale is extremely high $6,500.

Although the company has been started in 2016 its founders have a combined experienced of 60 years.

James Allen has over 200,000+ diamonds.

Prices and Commissions

James Allen has created an intuitive affiliate program. With an average sale of $650 and a 5% commission on all sales you can earn good with this program. Another reason for choosing this program is getting access to their team of experienced marketers.

As experts they are available to help you monetize your site.

Make money on diamond and engagement sales. They have one of the highest conversion rates on the industry. No affiliate program brings the same niche experience and offers the same support as they do to monetize your site. Their average sale is $650. Join James Allen’s affiliate program today for the opportunity to monetize your site easy by working with one of the best retailers in the industry.

Affiliates earn a very competitive 5% commission rate with a very high average sale.

Other Top Jewelry Affiliate Programs


With Zuara average sale $2,000 and an 8% commission you can earn $160 per sale.

Blue Nile

It offers bloggers access to their affiliate program. The affiliate program is free to join. It has a 30-day cookie and a 5% commission. Get started with Blue Nile affiliate program.


Angara offers more than 7,000 products including rings and necklaces. It has been in the Harward Business Review among others. Today the company continues to provide stellar service to its customers. To join the affiliate program all you have to do is sign up. Earn up to 10% in commission. Have access to banners, text links and marketing tools. Have to a dedicated affiliate team. Convenient commission payment. Access to monitoring and reporting tools.

The Watchery

As an authorized reseller of luxury brands, it also sells other brands. To promote its products in new markets The Watchery has created its affiliate program. What you need to know is that joining the affiliate program is free.

Benefits: access to marketing tools. Access to performance reports, access to a dedicated team that helps affiliates earn more money.

Rockford Collection

Founded with a mission to help men style a wedding band, it offers prices that represent and express the individual style. In line with their products, Rockford Collection offers its affiliate program. Benefits: earn up to 10% in commission. With an average sale $2,000 you can earn $200 for each product sold. Just fill out the form on their site and your site will be reviews by professionals. Get started with Rockford Collection affiliate program.

The Monica Vinader affiliate program

Popular celebrities like Ema Watson have been spotted wearing jewelry collections from Monica Vinader. As an affiliate you can earn 10% for each sale made via your affiliate link.

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The companies have each their dedicated team of marketers and marketing tools. What you need to keep in mind is that success won’t come easy. Apart from the tools from these companies you need to apply other marketing techniques. Sticking with a few trusted brands can help you maximize your profits. Try to use modern marketing methods such as social media marketing and email marketing. You can use Google Trends to see what topics are trending in the jewelry industry. Apart from this, you can research what your competitors are doing.

Jewelry affiliate programs are very profitable. You’ll be shocked how favorable the market is for this niche is spite of the kind of money people pay for a single bijou. I feel that any selling technique is good if it follows Google quality guidelines.

By doing this and more you should attract more visitors to your site and more earning. I invite your input. Please feel free to leave a comment below in the space provided.

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