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On October 9, 2019
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QwikAd is a classified site where you can post your ads for free or for $5 to get more exposure. For some people and niches it works. It is definitely worth a try. The interface is easy to use.

When you post the ads you can target Traffic is the most important part of a successful website. While organic traffic is the best converting traffic, it shouldn’t be the only source of traffic.

Online classified sites which allow you to advertise your site for free are a great source of traffic for your site.

QwikAd rating

What Is QwikAd

QwikAd is a classified site like Craightlist where you can post ads.

QwikAd review

When you post the ads you can target specific locations. Customer reviews seem to give it an average to good rating and a lot of good words are being said about QwikAd.

How Does QwikAd Work

You can post an ad for free. To create and ad:

1. Click on Post a Free Ad icon

QwikAd review

In fact, the ad is free only if you choose a city within US or Canada, but it costs you $5 if you choose the whole US or Canada. So let’s say you chose New York. Then it will ask you to choose a city within New York to target your ad, meaning that if you want to target the whole New York you will need to pay $5. This is for 5 days.

After this you will be asked to choose the niche that your ad is going to be related like pets, services, income opportunities etc.

The Pros

  • Unlike Craigslist, you can get flagged for posting ads of your home based business
  • You can find all types of products and services there
  • You have the possibility to search for services near your geographical location
  • You can post ads for a much lower price for every location, unlike Craigslist which charges $45 per city
  • It is a type of community where you can interact with other members as well as sell to them
  • The interface is userfriendly
  • The site gets decent traffic in a day, you can check this on Alexa
  • They have an affiliate program and you get instantly approved once you sign up

The Cons

  • If you post free ads you will get like 2 visits a day, while when you pay for your ads you start to get a decent amount of views to your ads

Free Ads, But What’s the Catch?

QwikAd allows you to display free and paid ads on your site.

QwikAd review

The fact that you can post free ads on their site is helpful because you can test different ads before paying for them so that you know which works best.

Lately they have also removed their posting limit which used to be 20 ads per 24 hours.

Their Affiliate Program

Their affiliate program pays you $2 for every new member which buys a paid ad. The minimum threshold to withdraw your earnings is $20.

Their affiliate program is a great way to earn online for all publishers.

Their affiliate cookie lasts six months so you will be editable when someone registers even up to six months after they first visited the site with your affiliate link.

How to join their affiliate program

Signing up to their affiliate program is free and everyone can sign up, being over 18. Your account gets instantly approved.

Join the QwikAd affiliate program

Is QwikAd a Scam

According to scamadviser.com QuikAd.com is legit.

QwikAd allows you to post ads of any kind of product on their site. Traffic there comes from India mostly because Indians are posting the majority of ads there. One niche which has a better opportunity on their site is the make money online niche. Unlike Craigslist, on QwikAd you can’t get flagged for posting your home business.

Is QwikAd Worth It

I like QwikAd but I have found out that the best way to use it is the paid option.

While organic traffic is the most important source of traffic in your site, it shouldn’t be the only one. The good thing about classified sites like QwikAd is the fact that they deliver very targeted traffic. You can post your ad in any section that you like to get only targeted traffic.

When you post a free ad it stays up for 60 days. QwikAd has helped me a lot for getting traffic to my offers, especially webcam agent.

You can post ads in any location you want from anywhere in the world you are. My suggestion to you is to give QwikAd a try. I think it is worth it.

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