What Is 4netjobs.com Is It Fake? (4NetJobs.com Reviews and Raiken Method)

What Is 4netjobs.com (4netjobs.com reviews)

4netjobs.com is a site which helps you make $500 per day online. But is this promise real?

In my experience, I have seen a lot of scams online and I was very sceptical even before researching the program because of this bold income claim. After doing some research I found out that the creator of this program (John Becker) is not a real person.

Moreover, my research concluded that 4netjobs.com is just a funnel to promote another program, Raiken, so it is not a real program in itself. Long story short: if you click on any link with 4netjobs.com you are directed to BuyRaiken.com.

The landing page is basic with a meaningless video and some testimonials of “happy customers”, of course fake. There is not menu, no disclaimer or privacy policy page.

I am not willing to spend a dime on a program like this, so my review of 4netjobs.com is based on the information available on the public domain. I guarantee you that this program is just a scam.

The sales page also tells you that you are a lucky person because only 25 people are allowed to join the program and that 455 people or whatever number in your country are waiting to join. 

“If you want to make 1 million dollars a year, get out” the speaker says “if you’re OK with $365’000 this year, then stay”. The sales video continues with the speaker “live-testing” the program.

Of course, you would need to invest a minimum of $25, but the example shown on the sales video works with $250 videos. The video ends with some customer testimonial, which is a very know face for me. I’ve seen him on different scam products that he reviews.

This person is an actor from Fiverr who offers to create reviews and get paid for this. Here’s his him on his Fiverr profile and on 4netjobs.com too:

I have seen the guy in the video at least on four other programs that he reviewed. In all of them he claims to have made a ton of money from the specific program. He sure does with these reviews, not as much as he would like but at least some hundreds of dollars as an actor.

Fiverr is a freelancing platform where anyone can register and offer their services online.

What Is Raiken

As I mentioned above in this review, 4netjobs.com is not a program in itself, it just leads you to buy Raiken. So I decided to review Raiken too, to check if it is any good.

Raiken is a training program which teaches you how to sell on ebay. You will learn what to sell on ebay, how to sell on ebay and where to find the products. The training costs $20 and has upsells.

Even though Raiken is not a scam, I don’t recommend it.

The whole training is focused on selling used men’s clothing on ebay, which you can buy in second-hand shops.

The Raiken Sales Video

So I clicked to a like on 4netjobc.com and it took me to the Raiken sales page. I saw their sales video and it was not so clear about what the program is. I think the video speaker doensn’t know well the program himself.

Here’s the sales video I am talking about:

I guess you now have a clearer opinion about this program. First of all 4netjobs.com doesn’t exist, maybe it existed in the past (I saw some old reviews from 2013), but it doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe it was so bad that it got shut down, I don’t know. But now it only sends you to buy Raiken, which in my opinion is not a good program either. I don’t believe a legit program can have a fake sales page. A legit program has a sales page with its own name, where it clearly explains what it consists of.

It is sad how many scams exist online just to rip people off.

One proof that 4netjobs.com is a scam is that the photos of the testimonials on their sales page are just models, are photos you can find online on the internet, who are not related to 4netjobs.com. Here’s one of them:

However, some people believe in Raiken. Here’s a good review about it:

I have came accross other positive Raiken reviews online, but I think they are just affiliates trying to sell the program.


It’s just a scam, there are no pros for 4netjobs.com

While for Raiken:

1. The learning material

2. Can be interesting


1. 4netjobs does not exist

2. no money back guarantee, or it’s not clear

3. it’s very missleading

4. Both 4netjobs.com and Raiken have exaggerated income claims


I think that the conclusion from this review is clear at this point: 4netjobs.com is just a scam, don’t buy it! Nothing you can see in their sales page has a solid foundation.

On the other hand, Raiken is not a scam, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I personally prefer to stick to my methods of content marketing.

I hope that the information in this review helps you to understand better 4netjobs.com and Raiken and make a better choice.

Selling online can be a way to earn, but I don’t like the idea to just buy for cheap and sell for a higher price. I preffer affiliate marketing.

There is a possibility to earn online but it requires hard work.

What Works Instead

I was lucky to find a program which doesn’t give empty promises and a lot of people have been successful with this program, here’s one of them.

A lot of Wealthy Affiliate members who have followed the training are very successful now. The important thing is to find some program which works and stick to it until you achieve the desired results. The secret is to build your own website and expand it continuesly.

The business model is affiliate marketing. If you’re interested in becoming a pat of the 1.5 million Wealthy Affiliate community, you can read my Wealthy Affiliate review here or directly sign up on the website. It’s free to join and they don’t require your credit card information to join for their 7 day trial.

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