WHAT IS KOINME ABOUT? Can You Make Money With It?

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On September 21, 2018
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KoinMe is a rewards site primary focused on making money by watching videos. However, like most rewards sites the rewards are very low. At the maximum you can make id $1 a day.

What Is KoinMe About?

KoinMe is a platform where people can sign up for free and earn money for completing simple tasks like watching videos.

There are a lot of sites like this one, and some of them work and others don’t, but generally speaking I don’t recommend them because the rewards are too low. What makes KoinMe different than simialr sites is that its focus is on videos.

There are also some other offers you can complete like visiting websites, but most of the time you will be watching videos. You are going to earn $0.01 per five minutes video.

You can also earn by refering other people to the site. You will earn 10% of the earnings of your referals.

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You earn points while watching videos and you can convert the points into Paypal cash or gift cards.

I know that it seems odd to get paid for watching videos, but what sites like KonMe do is help brands which are interested in brand recognition. When you watch videos related to them, they can gain more brand recognition.

In this KoinMe review I am going to talk about KoiMe pros and cons, wheather it is a scam and if I recommend it.

KoinMe Pros

1. A limited number of people that can join. Similar platforms have so many users that the platform gets crushed. To join you can request an invite for free and they will send you one in awhile.

2. They reward every new member with a $5 bonus.

3. Their affiliate program is not bad.

4. You can minimize the tab while watching videos and still earn points.

KoinMe Cons

1. Low payouts. You are going to make $0.01 per each 3-5 minute video.

2. Is only restricted to US residents.

3. Not enough offers.

4. Bugs.

5. They restrict you to making $1 a day watching videos.

Is KoinMe a Scam?

There are not rare the cases in which similar paysites, don’t pay their members after they have earned money on their platforms. KoinMe is not a scam and it will pay you. If you choose to get paid with giftcards, they will usually send them to you within 24 hours.

But it takes a while to earn enough money on KoinMe, the minimum payout is $10.

KoinMe.com has been registered in 2017 through a private domain registration, making it impossible to know the owner of the domain.

Usually when a company does this is a negative sign.

My Final Opinion on KoinMe

I don’t recommend this platform because the payout are so low that it makes it a total waste of time. There are better ways to make money online.

My number one recomendation to make money online, is to start your own blog. It is true that with a blog it is takes time to see results, but once the money start coming in, they rarely stop. Paysites are the worst thing you can do with your time, you work hours and hours only to be paid a few cents.

I would avoind them at any cost.

How I Build My Online Business

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I have tried different ways to make money online and the one which has worked best for me has been affiliate marketing with a blog. I am not making $50-100 per month with affiliate marketing. I know that this is not a lot, but I also know that I can scale it up. I have found something which works, at least.

Why Blogging Is the Best Way to Make Money Online

Making money with a blog will sure take some time, but from my experience it has been the best way of making money online. Nothing that I have tried beats it.

But at the beginning you need to be prepared to work without making any money. I am not saying this to discourage you, I am saying this so you be prepared.

There are some steps you can take until you see your first $100 month from blogging. I have been there, I have done that. And now I am at this point and I am going to show you how you can do it too.

How I Did It

It all started when I was searching on the Internet for ways to make money online. I ended up on a blog that included different ways to make money online. I started following that blog, but I couldn’t follow his methods because I didn’t have any money to invest.

One day, he had posted a review of a program called Wealthy Affiliate, which would teach people how to start a blog business. I was very interested on the site and I thought that it was the proper way to make money.

This site was free to join and I joined it quickly. As soon as I started checking the lessons I understood that it was so right. I completed the fisrt 10 free lessons, but I still didn’t have the money to buy a premium account to continue the training. Until, on my 23rd birthday I could afford it and I did this gift to myself.

I started working on the training and building my site while also working on a stressful full time job and it was really difficult. The first year I hardly made any money, but on the second year it started to florish. I started to make about $100 every month.

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Thank you for reading this article and if you have any question please comment on the comments section below.

I wish you the best !

2 thoughts on “WHAT IS KOINME ABOUT? Can You Make Money With It?”

  1. I’m constantly amazed at the amount of websites like these crop up. Although you and I are relectant to call them a total scam, they are certainly taking advantage of peoples time. I just wish individuals knew what they were getting into before signing up. I reckon 95% of people realise how much of a waste of time sites like these are after 3-4 tasks. Live and learn hey!

    • You are right Nigel. Unfortunately, a lot of people are desperate to make money and are willing to work even for a few dollars or the hope that they are going to make money


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