Best Quiz Money Apps Which Pay Money When You Play and Win

Recently I came across some quiz money apps that pay you when you play and win. Student who are preparing for various testing exams like SAT can try their knowledge and get paid for their time.

Why do quiz apps pay users to play? You will notice ads while playing on these sites. It’s a win-win situation for both, as they also make money.

#1 Winzo

This is the first app I tried and I got paid within 24 hours. A challenge is given after every hour or half an hour. Every question will have four options. When you sign up on the app you select questions that you want to answer. If you get to the position of top 100 on leader boards you get some rewards. You don’t have to play all day long if you are not doing it for leader board.

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You can only redeem once in a day. Payout option: Paytm Instant.

winzo leaderboard

Winzo with 1.2 crawl users is a popular app. The app keep coming with something new regularly. It has some popular games like and quizzes that you can play and compete with others to make money.

#2 Loco

Loco is entirely different from Winzo app. You are given ten questions every day and if you answer ever question correctly you win money.

If you have extra life you can attempt again. Invite friends to earn extra points.

Let me explain how it works.

At 10 PM questions of the quiz will start appearing on the screen one by one.

If one fails at the first question, they will be eliminated there. The winning among 50 thousands rupees will be distributed equally among all the people who answer all the ten questions. They also don’t have a minimum amount to withdraw your earnings.

loco quiz leadership

#3 Qureka

Rules are almost the same as Loco. You get 10 questions to answer, 3 options for every question and some seconds to answer. Top three fastest question takes will get additional 1000 rupees and the rest of the price will be equally distributed to all the people who answered the ten questions correctly.

#4 MobShow

Questions are asked from general knowledge, Bollywood, mythology etc. You have to answer a question within 10 seconds. MobShow app leader board: your winning amount will be delivered in you Paytm account within a week.

mobshow leadership

#5 BrainBaazi

Very similar to Loco app you compete in a live quiz with thousands of players to win money. You got 11 questions to answer and 10 seconds for each question. One wrong answer and you are out of the way until you have an extra life. Answer all the questions correctly and you certainly can win cash.

Minimal withdrawal amount – no minimum


#6 JusPlay

You are allowed to use two lifelines per show. You can invite your friend to earn a lifeline or purchase a lifeline in the app. The price is divided equally among all the users at the end.

#7 Dabbl

Overall this app is really a mix of Trivia apps and platforms which let you complete small gigs for money. You only need $5 to cash out, making Dabbl one of the most realistic apps for earning rewards. Download Dabbl today and start earning free gift cards in your free time.

# 8 Cash Quiz Live

Cash Quiz Live is one of the more interesting trivia apps on this list because they have a different monetization method which relies more on sponsors.

Cash Quiz Live hosts live games every Sunday at 10 o’clock. This isn’t one of the most paying trivia apps, but I’m curious where the community is going.

#9 Telly Trivia App

Tell is another app in the world of tria apps that pay. Users can play a variety of games, some of them involve fill-in-the-gabs to win prices. Visit Telly’s website to find the Telly app for download.

#10 TheQ

TheQ has a formula which is heard before: complete all the questions and split the earnings with all the contestants who have completed all the questions. TheQ has implemented a subscription model. You may find that your competition stick a bit longer compared to the other apps.

The Q is one of the highest paying apps, so this makes up for that fact.

#11 Ready Games

Ready Games isn’t exactly your normal trivia app. On Ready Games many games occur every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Players have the chance to complete the game, but only shot. Be sure to try this one out of you have a mix of knowledge and skills.

#12 HOFR

If you are looking to play sports trivia for money HQFR is an absolutely good app. Games run every day and cover main events in the sport competitions. On HOFR players have to make predictions on different questions. Visit HOFR to learn more.

#13 Society Trivia App

It pays players to follow along and engage with their reality TV shows. Now, society is not a traditional tria as you are prediction future events in reality TV shows, not answering on facts. Payments are made to PayPal, plus there are some good shows on the platform like The Voice and Hell’s Kitchen.

#14 Lucktastic & Lucky Trivia Live

After trying it for a period, I can no lover recommend it. Another trivia apps are more worthwhile. Lucktastic has a simple concept behind it. Users have to watch ads and unlock free scratch tickets. Entertainment and common facts are some common categories.

It seems like there are some bugs and it takes some time to win starts.

Sometimes these apps stuck even in 4G network. The first six sites pay only in rupees which I think are not available outside India. If you are only looking for quiz and trivia apps and not do it for money then I would suggest you try Trivia 360.

I have never been successful in playing Trivia for money, but i have enjoyed my share of agonizing mistakes which make Trivia fun in the first place. It’s possible to earn money with Trivia, however, you’re not likely earn so much. If you want to really make money online: check this post.

If you are not comfortable with these apps, no worry, there are other ways to make money online with no investment. Share this article if you fine it useful.

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