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On April 23, 2019
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The Free Ad Cash System is a scam and is negatively affiliated with any potential to earn legitimate funds through binary trade. The fake business model aims to draw investors in but will simply take your money without any returns. There are no benefits to the program. Acknowledging this scam before depositing any money is the most obvious pro.

What Is Free Ad Cash System

The Free Ad Cash System is the latest make money online scheme, promising the potential to earn $13 672.32 daily! It is best described as a free ad system that pays cash and claims to have generated hundreds of millionaires that you could be a part of too. This get rich quick approach may seem alluring, but apart from these money making statements, is there any truth to the instant stream of money it insists you can make? This Free Ad Cash System review looks at the pros and cons of this program.

The Free Ad Cash System was developed by Simon Green whose claim to fame is the creation of a speed software system able to generate cash for you. It concerns the online trade of Forex, binary and cryptocurrency. It claims you can make exceptional money simply clicking on the relevant software links.

The so-called success of the program lies in its promises to make you money, in constant trade and without any type of loss. Unfortunately, when learning what Free Ad Cash System is about, further research suggests this program is a complete scam. With its exorbitant claims and unrealistic “no-loss” trading, this fake business model has been exposed for what it truly is.

The Free Ad Cash System Scam

Based on the concept of Quantum or NQS technology, we have found that the Free Ad Cash System is based on a prior business model that was declared ineffective at least a year prior. It was during this system that global investors lost millions.

Simon (its creator) has persuaded many people to invest in his illegitimate but free program, encouraging members to follow in his footsteps owing to his billionaire status. Further investigation into Simon Green does not reveal substantial proof of his seeming success being attributed to the true Quantum system.

Is the Free Ad Cash System a Scam?

The answer to this question is yes, it is. While the program does a very good job of convincing potential investors to part with their hard earned cash, forget about any returns or refunds thereafter. Bold adverts and claims have led many to make substantial deposits into the Free Ad Cash System in the hopes of generating a residual income, unfortunately once the cash is deposited, you are very unlikely to see any form of returns or receive a response concerning refunds.

How does the Free Ad Cash System Work

The Free Ad Cash System is meant to operate as a binary trading program. You pay for their services. Once your deposit is received, this system is meant to start generating trade returns in Forex and cryptos without any losses. So you receive money without having to do any work owing to this new technology that is incorporated.

Fake Income Claims and Cost

While the unsuspecting buyer may delight at such a money making notion, the Free Ad Cash System consists of fake income claims and cost. The system does not exist, it does not work and the fake business model will take your money without any type of return.

Fake Business Model

This fake business model does not work because it is a fictional system.

Free Ad Code was re-branded several times in the past.

Other fake product names like Quantum Code and Ad Profit System are all different sales pages to promote this scam.

Look at these two sales pages…

Fake Owner

The fake owner, Simon Green claims to be the company CEO but when researching the legitimacy of the Free Ad Cash System technology and how it works, one cannot obtain any authentic information. There is further no proof of his billionaire claims from his excessive number of cars to mansions.

what is Free Add Cash System

Free Ad Cash System Fake Testimonials

You may find a multitude of results when searching the Free Ad Cash System online but the company and its advanced software claims are illegitimate.

You will find fake testimonials in an effort to support the scam website. The goal after all, is to make the website and its Quantum technology seems as authentic and successful as it claims. On the surface, it may all appear positive but upon further investigation, you will find very little claims concerning the success or the legitimacy of this approach to making money.

On their website they use fake testimonials. Here’s one of them exposed:

Free Ad Cash System Fake Testimonial

And not only that, this particular photo they are using is actually a film director:

Free Ad Cash System fake testimonial

A Much Better Way to Make Money Online

While many claims and programs are available for earning cash online, success lies in investing in a reputable approach with a proven system and tried and tested claims.

Wealthy Affiliate is considered the best way to make money online.

It works with a network of entrepreneurs who assist in supporting each other to generate online income. The success of this business model is owed to the support provided by industry leaders and experts including a training module. It teaches important online strategies from creating a blog to finding a niche and developing effective keywords. You are provided two free blogs to start with and create a targeted following.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. It provides the resources you need to get started online and to achieve a residual income. The availability of professional advice can secure your income and ensure the best solutions are sought for your needs.

You can earn thousands of dollars every month with the right time and dedication. This program makes it possible to connect with other affiliates and proceed with earning a residual income online. Whether full or part-time, customer testimonials are trusted because it can be backed.

While programs such as Free Ad Cash System are inexcusable for taking people’s money and not delivering on its promises, the Wealthy Affiliate program can generate results.

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