Be Aware of The American Online Jobs Scam

Welcome to my American Online Jobs review!

In this post I am going to talk about the American Online Jobs scam, why this company is not legit and a better way to earn money online.

What Is American Online Jobs About

american online jobs scam

To save you time in reading this review, I am going to tell you straight away that American Online Jobs is a scam.

Name: American Online Jobs


Owners: unknown

As the name of the program suggests American Online Jobs is a website where people can work online doing different tasks. The tasks listed on the site include: data entry, surveys, writing reviews and some call center tasks.

But in reality the site is a total scam. The jobs are all fake. I think they are created to fool people.

Can You Make Money On American Online Jobs

When you register on the site of American Online Jobs, you are directed to survey sites. Basically, the owner of American Online Jobs sends you as their referral to the survey sites and so he makes money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the best possible way to make money online.

Affiliate marketing involves making money by referring other people. A lot of other sites have the same model is American Online jobs. I can mention here Inbox Dollars, and other sites with similar domains to

These sites are all legit, but there is something unethical about them. They make you buy a membership into them. What you make you buy is free information of jobs available which you can find on other sites. So, the important question is if you can make money with this company. My answer is know as there are a lot of red flags related to it. But the main reason is that potential income is very low and it’s now worth your time.

They claim on their site that you can make $40/hour on their site, which is simply now true. No one has been able to make that much money filling surveys. At most, you could make pennies.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros

1. It is easy to navigate their site and sign in

2. The screening questions before qualifying for a job are easy

3. You get to know other big survey sites through their site

4. The basic training on affiliate marketing created by Brenda and co is simple to follow and of OK quality

The Cons

1. No contact number of about me page on their site

2. The owner is unknown, a sign of a scam, while legit sites mention their owners

3. Some fake jobs listed on their site, when in reality there are only two kinds of jobs available on their site: filling surveys and referring other people

4. We don’t know for sure if the employers of the jobs really pay

5. Unrealistic income claims, you will never make as much money as they claim from filling surveys.

6. You have to buy a $25 antivirus to prevent spams after you register on their site and you give them your information

7. The given training is only for newbies and not useful if you already apply online marketing

8. You will be exposed to a lot of scam sites which request your credit card information and if you give it you put yourself at risk of fraud.

9. The ads on their site only give some general information on the jobs, only after you complete them you get the full information on the payment.

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