WP Affiliate Machine Scam: Does WP Affiliate Machine Work?

In this WP Affiliate Machine review I show you if WA Affiliate Machine is really what it is promised to be. Perhaps the biggest downside of creating your own blog is that it will take time before you see any results. WP Affiliate Machine promises to overcome this and it states that you don’t need to write any content.

What Is WP Affiliate Machine?

WP Affiliate Machine is a WordPress plugin created by Ankur Shukla. According to its sales page it’s the best way to get started with affiliate marketing and instantly make commissions.

When I saw WP Affiliate Machine’s sales page it reminded me of another product, WP Auto Content, which I have previously reviewed.

The branding was very similar and I was doubting that the product was very similar too.

They are in fact very similar, both create for you automated WordPress sites and they both have the same dangers. They spin content which is already available on the Internet and Google doesn’t like duplicate content or article spinning. It will never rank your site if it doesn’t have original content. Google’s algorithms are very sophisticated and there’s no way to fool them.

About the Creator of WP Affiliate Machine Ankur Shukla

Ankur Shukra is known into the field of affiliate marketing. He has created other product before: WP Freshstart v2 Plugin, BackupBeast Secret Files, WP Fan Machine 2.0, 1-Crick Video Site Builder, WP FreshStart 4.0.

WP Affiliate Machine costs $20. WP Affiliate Machine review

How Does WP Affiliate Machine Work?

I appreciate this product because it is easy and efficient. WP Affiliate Machine makes it easy for you to create a review site.

After you install the WP Affiliate machine plugin it will appear in your WordPress dashboard.

Then you have to set it up. You have to fill information like the number of articles you want to publish per day, if you want to add a featured image and you Jvzoo ID, Clickbank ID and Warrior Plus ID.

You can also customize some visual settings and add banner codes.

And this is it! Ankur in the sales video show his income proof from Jvzoo and he claims that he has done nothing except install this plugin to earn $500 a month with his site.

wp affiliate machine review

After you buy WP Affiliate Machine, there are also six upsells. Here’s a quick overview of them:

  • Affiliate Machine Pro Upgrade. For $48.68 they promise to double your earnings by converting all your posts in PDFs which you can share on Facebook. It also includes the ability to turn post into YouTube videos.
  • Monthly Done for You Content. For $27 you get 10 reviews a month done for you and it guarantees the acceptance to their affiliate programs.
  • Developers License. If you by this you can create sites with the WP Affiliate Machine and sell them.
  • One Pay Hosting. One think that you should know about hosting services is that they are not all the same. The quality of the web hosting can make or break your site.
  • Done for You Setup. This includes site setup with WP Affiliate Machine and 3000 back links to your site. The problem is that bank links are not important anymore for SEO.
  • Reseller License. This upsells allows you to re-sell the WP Affiliate Machine and it gives you access to all the promotional materials of WA Affiliate Machine so you can promote it.

WP Affiliate Machine Pros

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Allows you to directly share content to your social media accounts
  • No technical skills needed
  • In addition to articles, it automatically adds videos, images, and buttons to links
  • You can edit the content within your admin area
  • The site created with WP affiliate machine is mobile-friendly
  • You can show banner ads
  • The plugin does what it promises, it creates content for your site, the problem is that it is duplicate content
  • Builds a site for you very quickly and easily

WP Affiliate Machine Cons

  • It can destroy your website. As I mentioned before, Google doesn’t like duplicate content which has been published on another site first. They actually want you to write original content and it’s not easy to fool Google and build a website on automatic. This doesn’t mean that your content won’t rank at all, it means that it will be more difficult to rank.
  • The 30-day money back guarantee is only for technical issues. Here’s a screen shot of a customer who asked for a refund from them:WP affiliate machine guarantee

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  • Because your site is going to be difficult to rank, you will have to rely on paid advertisement
  • The reviews created by WA Affiliate Machine are not high quality. They are not in-depth reviews. They look more like sales pages than in-depth reviews.
  • Only 30 reviews. The number of reviews is limited. A lot of people may think when buying this product that you can have as much content as you want on your site, but it is only limited to 30 reviews. 30 reviews are very few in order to be able to earn substabtiable income. If you want more you need to buy the $27 upsell.
  • You have no information about the products you claim to have reviewed. This means that you would’t be able to answer questions on comments on your site.

Does WP Affiliate Machine Work?

The idea of launching an affiliate site without having to do any kind of work is very tempting. Could it really be possible that WP Affiliate Machine would really work?

I think that WP Affiliate Machine doesn’t work. I don’t believe in automated sites or anything else besides creating your own content, because this is what Google wants for you and I think that using WP Affiliate Machine will actually damage your site because of duplicate content.

But let’s see what this important affiliate marketing influential from thinks. Jay Neil is a big influencer on the Wealthy Affiliate community and outside of it. When I saw that he had written a review of WP Affiliate Machine, I was very curios to know his opinion about the product. I really believe on his judgment.

He also thinks that the product has issues and he doesn’t recommend it. The problem is that your reviews will be already published on other sites. And on top of that the reviews are low quality and have a lot of missing words.

I doubt product reviews written so badly would convert. One option is to edit them yourself, but they are so bad that it would be easier if your write yourself. Here’s an example of a very bad paragraph written with WP Affiiliate Machine (taken from Jay’s review):

WP Affiliate Machine


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