Worksheet Processor Jobs Review

Are you interested about worksheet processor jobs?

I did my research and what I found was alarming.

What Is a Worksheet Processor Job?

A worksheet processor job is a job done by an online scammer. It is a job invented by the Federal Account Recovery and I had never heard about this kind of job before seeing it on their website. I did my research and no legitimate company is offering a similar job.

The website claims that you can make from $370 to $1,000 per week from this job and the cost to join this site is low.

Before expaining what you have to do on this job, I am going to talk a little about what the company does. Federal Account Recovery in collaboration Legit Flex Job Academy claim that they re-unite people with their lost funds.

There are billions of dollars in lost funds of people who had money owing to them, and never collected.

The Job Description

There five steps to this job:

1. You first have to create a account and watch some videos

2. Search the NAUPA website for accounts with lost funds (NAUPA is an organisation which works with govenments and banks to help people with lost funds to find them)

3. Fill a worksheet with that information

4. Send it to the website with a $5 fee

5. You supposently will get paid for receiving your worksheet within 3-5 days

This seems simple and like a good job opportunity but in fact it’s not. The site where you are suppored to send the worksheets is not legit and they in fact take advantage of you when you pay $5 to send each worksheet.

Why The Legit Flex Jobs Is Not Legit?

Here are the reasons which make this company not legit:

1. If you check their site (, they say that Brenda is the Founder of this organisation, but in fact insted of her picture they have used a stock photo:

worksheet processor jobs

Here is where the photo has been taken from:

worksheet processor jobs

If she is a real person and has nothing to hide and has built a respectable company, why use a stock photo?

Their site provides no information about the company or the owner, there’s no “About Us” page.

2. Their domain is registered with an annonymus domain registration.

All these facts are a red flag about a company which is offering to pay people. They are not transparent and trustworthy at all.

3. Fake testimonials. The testimonials are fake too. Here are the proof that they are not real, but theit photos are stock photos:

worksheet processor jobs testimonial

worksheet processor jobs

worksheet processor jobs


The checks they are holding are fake because they are stock photos and have nothing to do with this company and obviously their stories are made up.

4. They didn’t respond to the Better Business Bureau’s request for information about their advertising claims on their website. Better Business Bureau is an accreditation authority.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912, is a private, nonprofit organization whose self-described mission is to focus on advancing marketplace trust,[2] consisting of 106 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and Canada, coordinated under the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) in Arlington, Virginia  (Wikipedia)

worksheet processor jobs

This is a bad sign too.

5. Their physical address is fake. According to the Better Business Bureau, the address they have given is a UPS store. They alert you about this site and advice you to be cautious with them (more information on this):

worksheet processor jobs

6. A lot of people are complaining about this site. They claim that they have submitted the worksheets and never got paid.

7. And the last thing that I am going to point out here is that you should never pay when you are doing a job. The fact that you have to pay your own $5 to do this job indicated that this is not a job opportunity. You are on your own here and not related to a company or otherwise you wouldn’t have to pay your own money to send the worksheets.

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