What is Yoonla About? Is Yoonla a Scam? – Review

What is Yoonla About?

Yoonla is a program which teaches you how to be a successful digital entrepreneur, you can also make money on their platform by referring new people. It is a CPA (cost-per-action) platform which menas that instead of getting paid for sale you get paid for action.

You will only need to get free sign ups on this site which makes it easier for people to sign up.

At A Glance

What is Yoonla AboutName: Yoonla

Website: www.yoonla.com

Owner: Reno Van Boven

Training: Yes

Support: Yes

Price: Free to join but with upsells

Recommended: No

What You are Going to Do to Make Money?

When I first found out about Yoonla, I didn’t know what product I was going to sell if I joined the program, all the reviews that I found on the Internet were talking about the numbers that they had made and no one said anything about the product itself.

Finally I came accross a review which explained that you would get paid for getting people to sign up to their website for free.

In fact the process of signing up is very easy. When you first sign up you can see a video from the founder of this program, Reno.

What is Yoonla About

If you tell people that signing up is free they might sign up, but for what purpose?

The Training

So I started to check their video traning. You can view the training in the form of videos ir you can download the pdf training, which have the same content. I watched the videos.

I was able to check all the videos in just one hour because they were only 7. They were pretty clear for me because I have experience in online marketing but for someone new in this field this could take longer.

In the second video there is an upsell, you have to buy an autoresponder (GetResponse) to make the system work and it costs $15. Even that this is a good product to use in your online business, I don’t like upsells, the system was promoted as free but in fact it actually is not because to make it work you will need this autoresponder.

The video is less than 5 minutes long and already is a promotion inside of it.

I checked the GetResponse website and I saw that you can sign up as an affililiate and promote this program, that’s why Reno is promoting it.

What is Yoonla About

After that, moving on with the training, there is another upsell, you would have to create a Yahoo Small Business Account. For this you will need a hosting and a domain which will cost $83.

Certainly Reno is an affiliate with Yahoo Small Business and he makes money every time someone buys it through his affiliate link. He wants to make money, ok, but he shouldn’t misslead people saying that getting started with his training is free.

Other training

What is Yoonla About

The next part of the training is in pdf format only. The training includes how to promote products on social media like Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter. All this information can be found on youtube for free.


There is not way to contact support through email, live chat or phone, like serious customer-oriented companies make themselves available. And when you write to them on the platform they don’t give you a time frame of when they are going to get back to you. I thought to contact them through their Facebook page, but still no answer.

There were questions of 3 weeks ago which were not getting asnwers on their Facebook page.

When you are trying to make money time is very precious, it’s not just about impatience, but you could lose money if you don’t have access to support and your business is down.


As I said above, mentioning the upsells, this system is not free is costs $83 yearly for the Yahoo Small Business Account and $15 monthly for the autoresponder!

They say that you can get upgrade to Elite Membership for free and promote Yoonla, but in fact when you want to sign up they require you your GetResponse and Yahoo Small Business account numbers, which means that you can only promote Yoonla if you have bought them.

If you make it to that point and buy them and start promoting the program, you will make $2-4 per lead depending from the country your referral are. If you get referranls from some countries like Vietnam, India, Pakistan you will not get any commission because those countries have been banned due to the high  rate of fraud.


I can’t say that this program is a scam but I would not recommend it, the owner is not showing you how he makes money himself, which I am pretty sure is from affiliate marketing from the products promoting to you.

Just with the autoresponder Remo makes a commissions of 33%, which is $4.95 monthly from one user, he doesn’t have a problem giving you a one time commission of $4.

What is Yoonla About

You can find the same training all over the Internet and you can use to promote every kind of product online nad not just Joonla and from the fact that there is in fact no actual product makes this program a pyramide scheme. There is no useful product that you can promote to people, the only thing you do is getting new people to sign up to Joonla and this scheme will get to an end and no new people will sign up.

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