What Is Yoolotto About? Is It Worth It?!

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On September 14, 2018
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Yoolotto is an app which pays you perform little tasks from your phone. They are not worth it. Particularly one task which can run semi-passively is watching videos. If you watch videos ads on your phone you can leave them opened on your phone, they will play and make you money without needing to his something. However, this sometimes will get stuck. All in all, I would say that there are better ways to make money online than ruining your phone with this.

Today I am going to share with you a method to make money online using smartphone apps. It’s a way to make passive income and it’s so easy to do.

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What Is Yoolotto About?

yoolotto appYoolotto is an app which is created to help you make money by completing small tasks on your phone. You can make $5 or more in a day with this app.

Link to the Yoolotto app

Each time you complete tasks, you will be rewarded with their currency which is called YooBux. Then you exchange them with real cash like PayPal deposits or gift cards. One YooBux is worth $1 and the threshold for cashing out is 100.

Here are the tasks that you can complete:

  • Scan lottery tickets. Even if yours isn’t the winning one, you will get paid by Yoolotto.
  • Play games
  • Participate in the Yoolotto lottary
  • Watch videos
  • Daily check-ins. You can earn a maximum of 1 YooBux a day for checking in to your app every day.
  • Referring friends

Every time that you complete a task, they earn a commission and give part of it to you. On this Yoolotto review I am going to focus more on making money by watching videos. This is because watching videos is the easiest way to earn money with Yoolotto.

How to Make Passive Income Watching Videos?

Most apps which pay you to watch videos or ads require that you press the play button when the video starts or close an ad when it finishes. Yoolotto is different in this aspect because it doesn’t require you to press anything, you it is not necessary to stay on your phone and lose a lot of time with it.

This means that you can leave your phone with the videos opened and go and do something else, which makes it passive income, because you don’t need to actively interact with it.

In some rare cases some static ads appear and you will have to hit something, but most of the time it runs by itself.

This doesn’t happen very often, but you need to just check your phone once in a while or it can greatly impact your earnings.

You can use more than one phone on the same time

One thing that I like about Yoolotto is that is doesn’t have a limit on the number of the devices that you can use, so even if you have more than one phone and let the videos running on your phones your account isn’t going to get banned.

This is a great thing for now and let’s hope that they are not going to change their policy, even though it is possible. Follow their page to check about this change, if it happens.

Most people don’t have more than one phone, but OK, test this method with your phone. And if you have spare phones collecting dust, use them for this purpose.

How Much Money Can You Earn Watching Videos?

If you leave a device running on videos for 24 hours, you are going to earn $1 per day. This is assuming your phone is running smoothly and your internet connection is fast.

A YouTube user even made a spreadsheet of his earnings (video is not anymore public now), here’s his spreadsheet:

yoolotto earnings

As you can see he made $5 a day, on the video he indicated that he was using 5 phones. Once the static ads started to appear, his earnings started dropping. Just keep in mind that most internet connections are only able to handle a certain number of phones running at the same time.

There are other ways to make money on Yoolotto, as I mentioned before, but I don’t really like them because, I don’t have time to spend on activities like playing games, and I don’t usually buy lottery tickets. However, for people who buy lottery tickets it can be a good idea to get use the app as you are going to get paid $0.25 for each scanned ticket. Spending $1 on a lottery ticket and getting $0.25 is nice.

Also, with mobile lottery, there’s hardly any change that you are going to earn.

And the last way you can make money with Yoolotto is by referring friends. This is worth it. Whenever you refer someone to the app, you get 10% of their earnings and they get a 25 YooBux bonus for just signing in ($0.25). They have to use you referral code.

Yoolotto Cons

1. Video ads do not continue to appear for a long time and it sometimes crashes when those static ads appear. This will spend you time checking your device.

2. What if you need your phone? Someone calls you, or you need to call someone or text, or you need to watch a video which really interests you on YouTube. Just waste your phone for little cash until it is ruined?

While Yoolotto might be an option for some people, I don’t prefer it and I think that there are better ways to make passive income online.

A Better Way to Make Money Online

I really think that there are better ways to make passive income online. I wouldn’t bother to use a such primitive way. And I know that money can be made if you provide value to people, but with this app what value do you provide, just manipulating the app to make it think that you actually watched the videos?

Or worse, really watch the videos and get paid for your time with a minimum pay. People who don’t have any skills get paid for their time. I’d really learn some new skills and provide something of value and make money.

This is my point of view and it really resonates with my site. I started this site when I had just finished college and understood the way to make money is to have skills. The more skills you have, the better you will use your time and the more money you are going to make during each section of time.

I started to learn the internet marketing skills as I thought that they were among the most required ones on the market and I started this website which is now making me money from affiliate marketing. I learned all the internet marketing skills in the best training program which is out there.

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  1. Thank you Enxhi,
    Thank you for highlighting how much work and time it requires to make even a few dollars with Yoolotto.
    Do you know if Yoolotto is available in Australia?
    How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate and what are the best benefits you’ve gotten from there?
    Thanks in advance, John

    • Hello John, 

      Thank you for your comment. No, Yoolotto is not available in Australia.

      I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for two years. The best benefits that I’ve gotten from it have to do with the amazing training and all the skills that I have learned, the possibility to get instant help and a solution to your problem by the community or WA support and of course the biggest one has been making passive income online. I’m making $50-$100 a month, and I know that it’s just the beginning because I’ve seen others people’s earnings go up and up with every month. I am no the same road.

  2. Yoolotto is an intriguing name, that also can be seen as a scam as the internet is populated immensely with sites like this. Although there is always somebody willing to take a risk and be in to win. 

    Researching and displaying the good from the bad would be a valuable source for the many interested in genuine lotto schemes. I will look with anticipation for your up coming showcase:)


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