What Is WP Auto Content About

Adding fresh content to your website is necessary for for a successful blog business. Hiring writers to write it for you is expensive and writing it all by yourself is tiring and boring. Wouldn’t it be great if you could create content on your blog automatically?

What Is WP Auto Content About?

WP Auto Content is a software you can use to automatically populate your blog with new articles. It does this by spinning existing articles published on the web.

You just have to add this plugin and start a campaign and new content is going to be created and published for you automatically.

The owner of this plugin also promoses that your content will be compelented with images and videos which are relevant to the article’s topics.

But could this software really work? What is the quality of the articles provided by this software?

When I hear about a product which promises to make everything ready for you, I become skeptical.

To be honest, this is something which has been around for quite a long time. People were creating automated blogs, but the end result was so bad.

When this kind of plugins started to become popular, Google wasn’t so advanced, but now things have changed and it’s impossible to have successful result with these type of plugins. So, why create another plugin of this kind?

In my opinion, they are only trying to make quick cash using a technology which is now outdated.

WP Auto Content Dangers

And I don’t think that this plugin is going to work too, simply because the content you are going to add to your sites through this plugin is not going to be fresh. I don’t think that there is an easy way when it comes to writing content, you just need to do your research and write your own unique opinions on the topics.

I say, never try to fool Google because Google is very good at what it does and sooner or later it is going to discover what you are doing and damage your rankings. Better play by the Google rules.

Spinning content was something which was really popular a few years ago.

In most of the cases the content created by spinning other people’s articles makes no sense. The synonyms that the machine uses to spin a text almost make the content look fake, unnatural and it shows that it was written from a machine and not from a person.

The Quality of the Content

Spinning articles with a machine is not going to create quality content for your website. With all the competition that exists out there among people who write for blogs, do you think that a machine is going to do a better job in writing for the visitors?

Your articles are also going to have style problems and are not going to be cohesive in meaning if you use this plugin for creating your content. It is far more better if you write your content yourself or at least pay someone to write it for you.

And if you run out of ideas about content, check the topics that your competitors are writing about.

You can copy the topics from your competitors, but not just spin their actual content using a machine. After you have a keyword topic to write about, I find that the best way to develop that topic is to list a couple of questions which come to your mind about that topic and research their answers.

You cannot skip the part of creating quality content from your online business, you have to use what you have to provide value to your visitors, that’s the only way you are going to make money.

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I hope my insight has helped you to create an opinion about WP Auto Content.

I hope you follow my recommendation insted of buying the Auto Content stuff.

It is also more interesting, creative and self-improving. I hope I convinced you because with WP Auto Content it would result in disaster, you might have some success in the beginning but the your site authority will suffer and ranking would fall. As I said before Google and other search engines LOVE unique content.

I wish you success!


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