What Is Viral Cash App

What Is Viral Cash App

Viral Cash App is an app which allows you to detect and attract traffic. It involves tacking advantage and re-sharing videos which are already viral with your affiliate links.

It is an automatic system. The cost of it is $47 and it also has two downsells, one of $25 and the other of $10.

But does Viral Cash App really work?

Who Is Behind Viral Cash App

The creator of this program is Matthew Neer. He has created some other products, which proved to be scams. Let’s see if there is any value to his product this time.

You might think that it’s a good sign that behind this program there is a real person, but there’s not much information online abut him. Usually for a person who promotes a successful online program has social media platforms, but I couldn’t find any social network related to him.

So whether he is real or not, he’s not a very public person, so this doesn’t add any credibility to the Viral Cash App.

How Viral Cash App Really Works

How this system works is that you create a site and you publish on it all the viral videos. Then people are going to share your site when they want to share the viral videos.

The way you are going to make money is by displaying ads on your site. I saw the sales page of the Viral Cash App and to be sincere, I find it misleading. The sales video makes it seem like you are going to earn as much as the first publishers of the viral videos earn.

In fact, it will be difficult to get people to share the posts from your site which contain the viral videos for many reasons that I will discuss below.

I don’t think that you are going to receive a lot of viral traffic with this method. It just doesn’t work that way. Just posting viral videos on your site won’t make it easy for people to find your site on the web, unless you share it vigorously. You won’t get the traffic that viral videos on YouTube receive also because the YouTube algorithm helps with their rankings from engagement and this is what makes those videos receive so much traffic.

Most people who have used this app don’t make much money.

The Sales Video

On the sales video Matthew talks about how Facebook and YouTube make money every time you watch videos.

Their sales video is typical for scams.

The sales page is hyped with promises of how easy it is to make money with this program. The video also shows some testimonials, but frankly I don’t believe that any online business model can change someone’s life within a few months.

Everything shown in the sales video, in my opinion, is just talk. The business of sharing viral videos might work, but clearly not as Matthew claims. Unless you are an innocent newbie, you will spot the red flags on the sales page.

You are also told that the sales video is secret. That’s not true. Everyone can find it online.

This is how Matthew Neer works. He targets people who want to earn money online quick and easy and tells them what they want to hear.

You are promises that just by using viral videos from YouTube you can earn with your affiliate links. Anyone with internet marketing experience doesn’t work this way.

At the end of the sales video, it is told that the price is $47. When I tried to click away, a second price popped up, it was $25. A second attempt to get me to buy.

It was presented as a special one time offer.

You won’t earn much from Viral Cash App. You might have a site with ads, but those ads won’t be effective unless you attract the right audience. If you post different types of videos with different topics, you will attract a very different type of audience.

In order for the visitors to click on the ads, the ads need to be related to the videos you are posting on your site. This is the whole concept of advertising: Visitors come to watch free content on your site and they click on the ads which are related to the content displayed on your site. You might earn something, but certainly not as much as promised.


1. Not expensive if you take advantage of the downsells

2. Some training

3. 60 day money-back guarantee


1. Lots of hype

2. Misleading sales video which makes the process of earning too easy

3. Doesn’t mention the cost of an autoresponder before you but the app

Is Viral Cash App a Scam

I don’t think that Viral Cash App is a scam but I don’t recommend Viral Cash App. Its concept is not bad, but it does not work so easy.

Viral Cash App is a program which makes earning money online easy. These programs generally don’t provide any value. There are some affiliate marketers who promote Viral Vash App, but they are doing so just to earn commissions, so don’t hake their reviews for real.

I don’t think that Viral Cash App is a scam because it certainly delivers the results as promised, but I think that their claims are misleading. It’s $47, plus it’s soled on Clickbank so you can claim your money back within 60 days after you buy it, but I don’t want you to think that you are going to make 6 or 7 figures from it.

You won’t go to far by using other people’s content, you’ll do far better by creating your own content. Because of the very misleading claims that this program does, I don’t recommend Viral Cash App.

Follow a Proven System Instead

Wealthy Affiliate is a proven system to create your website business and earn online. While Wealthy Affiliate is legit, they will never claim to teach you how to earn online fast and easy. Instead, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to build a sustainable online business over time.

Building a successful online business takes time. It offers training on how to promote someone else’s product with affiliate marketing or promote your own product.

Wealthy Affiliate has two price points: a free membership and a premium one which costs $19 the first month (if you become premium after 7 days after signing up as a free member) and $47 for the months after that.

Check my full Wealthy Affiliate review here

Wealthy Affiliate is not good for people who don’t have time to learn and to work on their online business or are not willing to apply what they learn.

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