What is The Max Daily Profits About: Legit or a Scam?

Probably you run to Max Daily Profits in the WarriorPlus platform and you want to know if it is a legit program, keep reading to find out what is the Max Daily Profits about and if it really worth it.

Maximum Daily Profits At A Glance

Website: MaxDailyProfits.com

Owner(s): Mark Barrett, Paul Prissick

Type: Training to make passive income online

Price: $17 + upsells

Recommended? : Let’s see

How Much Money Can You Make with Max Daily Profits

In the landing page they talk all about the results you are going to achieve with this program, they claim that you can make $100-200 a day with it, which means a full time income, but they never explain how the product actually works, what you are going to do to make this money.

They promise that you are going to make this money on autopilot and in my experience programs who promote this are scams. And if you make the calculations about their case study they don’t even match, for example $100 daily is $3,000 monthly and $36,000 yearly, not what they present in their case study.

Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Work ?!

The owners say that affiliate marketing doesn’t work and that you can’t make passive income with affiliate marketing, which in my experience is the opposite, affiliate marketing has been the method which has made me the most money online;

They claim that all the good products are already being promoted by other affiliates, you would need to work a lot to make just a few dollars with affiliate marketing.

Three Arguments that Affiliate Marketing Actually Works!

They are only saying this words to get you to buy their product.

But the truth is that there are affiliate programs in every industry and new affiliate programs are being created every day… The fact that there are new products coming out to the market all the time means that if you are one of the firsts to promote those new products you can gain a lot!

There are affiliate programs which will pay you a lot of dollars for one sale, those are high ticket products. And there are affiliate programs which will pay you 75% of the price as a commission. And if you are an Amazon affiliate and you send a visitor to their site you make commissions for every product that he buys there.

For example, if you are promoting beauty products on Amazon and you send a visitor which buy a home appliance, you will get a commission for that. The best way to make money with affiliate marketing is to create a website and write product reviews, and the best thing about affiliate marketing is that you do the work once and you will get paid over and over again when people read your reviews and click on your affiliate link. When you write a review on your website, it never becomes useless, even if you are writing a review about a product which you don’t recommend, provide a product which is better and you recommend at the end of the review, this way you will provide value to visitors looking to solve a problem. If you write good product reviews, Google will rank them on the first page because Google loves quality content, people will click to your link and you will make passive income over and over again!

You can write a product review now and it may rank after a couple of years and make you passive income! If the article is original and well written Google will recognize this and rank it.

Even if you will work a lot affiliate marketing will not make you money overnight, it takes some time to get started with affiliate marketing.

But the good thing is that it is cumulative in nature, after you start making money you will not have to work as hard and still continue making passive income. You will still have to work but it will be just a few hours and you will have more free time to create other businesses or spend with your family!

What Is Included in the Training?

This program teaches you to offer people free trials for products which will cost money in the future.

This could be a good idea but the downside of this is that you can’t create a website within your field of interest, the products that you are going to promote will be only in the make-money niche. Another point is that you are not going to make money as fast as they claim.


This program doesn’t cost a lot, only $17 and if you think you can make it work, you can give it a try.

But be prepared to have some upsells.

I don’t like the fact that they are not transparent for the upsells since the beginning, before you buy this product.

Do I Recommend this Program?

Now what we have here is a program which promises to teach you an easier way than affiliate marketing to make money online, and I don’t think that this program is a scam. However, I don’t agree when they say that affiliate marketing doesn’t work, there are a lot of examples of people who have made money with affiliate marketing, including myself.

Here’s a success story with affiliate marketing.

I don’t really recommend this program because I don’t believe that you can make money as fast as they say and also there is no guarantee that they are going to update the training when things change. Shortly, I don’t believe that this training is going to take you so far for the long run.

To make real money online

I have been making money with affiliate marketing and this is the route that I suggest you to go.

You will need just one thing to get started and it is proper training and I am going to recommend you the training that I used to build this website. The platform I am talking about is called Wealthy Affiliate.

The best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can sign up for free and you can stay a free member for as long as you want or upgrade to premium and start making a full time income! And I also want you to know that there are no upsells.

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I also suggest you read my post about Wealthy Affiliate success stories, they have been a great inspiration to me.

I hope I have helped you to make an informed decision, I wish you success!


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