What Is the Home Based Wealth System Scam

What is the Home Based Wealth System Scam? I am not afraid to lavel this program straight away as a scam becasue unfortunately I have seen this kind of scam a lot before. They claim that you can make more than $300 a day, but let’s take a closer look to find out the truth.

– Home Based Wealth System Review –

In this review I am going to show you why the Home Based Wealth System is a complete scam. To begin with the Home Based Wealth System is not a program in itself, it leads to another program.

What is Home Based Wealth System

Home Based Wealth System claims to be a program which offers you the opportunity to work online and make more than $300 a day. The job consists on posting links online.

But in fact the program is not what they lead you to believe it is. The information that they have published on their sales page is very missleading.

The Cost

Tghe cost of this program is $97 + upsells. And the upsells go up to $29,997.

The Lies

Home Based Wealth System review

1. Home Based Wealth System does not even exist.

2. The sales page is copied from another peogram. When I started seeing their sales video I knew that I had seen the exact same video before, promoting another program. In the sales video there is a lady called Carolina Millan, who promoted MOBE in her website Laptop Lifestyle System.

3. Fake owner. The owner of this program is Raena Lynn. This persona is in fact fake. The same stock photo of the person presented as the owner is shown to other similar scams.

4. Fake testimonials. The people presented as testimonials on their site are just stock photos too.

5. Fake news. Their present is as this program has been features on the news, but it’s not true. The news video on their site only talks about a home business in general and not this program. The video has been used by other scams in the past.

6. Limitted spots used as a tactic to make you sign up without having the time to do proper research.

7. Exaggerated income claims.

8. Work only 60 minutes a day and earn a lot within a month

There are a lot more lies and missleading tactics that this program uses


Home Based Wealth System is not a program in itself, it’s just a funnel promoting MOBE. 

Obviously I don’t recommend the Home Based System or MOBE.

However, with MOBE you can make money, there are people who made moeny with it. But I don’t agree with such high ticket programs which are also multi level marketing companies.

If you have any comments or questions leave them below, I’ll get to you as soon as possible.

Be Careful: Home Based Wealth System claims that you can sign up for their trial for less then $5 and if after 7 days you don’t like their program you can cancel your membership. But the thing is that Home Based Wealth System uses its own payment system, which means that if there is any issue and they don’t refund your for any reason, you do not have where to complain.

Even the Better Business Bureau (BBB) considers the Home Based Wealth System a scam.

Who Is MOBE For?

MOBE owners claim to have a 21-step business model that you can earn online without having your own product and without dealing with customers. First of all, MOBE stands for My Online Business Education. It includes a training where you can learn affiliate marketing for high ticket products and you are encouraged to promote MOBE itself.

But how do you knoe if MOBE is right for you? 

Knowing what MOBE is is important to decide if it is for you and it is also important to know why you are receiving so many promotional emails to join MOBE. MOBE is targeted to experienced online marketers and newbies. It is like a closed group where you can learn from other members through videos and one-on-one coaching, through events, successful marketers who are earning online.

MOBE’s support is more like a sales team. They answer your questions with the intention to make you buy. They promise to help you if you buy the next level product. 

Critical update: MOBE has been shut down by the FTC, you can rad more about this here. It remains to see if the owner (Matt Lloyd) will accept this and settle of try to change this.

In the mean time MOBE is closed and if they own you any money it is unlikely you get it.

A Proven Way to Earn Online

I know that there are more scams out there than legitimate programs. I was in your place not long ago and I searched for legit online opportunities and I found a legit program which has proven to work. You can read my full review of this program here.

You will learn how to create a successful affiliate marketing business and you can get started with this program for free. You will not need only one hour of work a day to be successful with this program and you will need to be patient and work while you watch your business grow.


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