What is the Commission Machine About? Will You Make $2.6K a Day?

Today I am going to review the Commission Machine which claims to make you $2.6K a day, but it this possible? What is the Commission Machine about? Is The Commissions Machine a scam? Could you make money with this program? I’m here to tell you the truth about this program so let’s get started! It is always wise to research a program before you buy it.

At A Glance

Website: CommissionMachine.net

Owner: Michael Cheny

Type: A program which teaches you email marketing

Price: $47 + Upsells

Recommended? No

The Sales Page

In the sales video Michel shows proof that his method worked by showing the big numbers on his PayPal account.

Also, some of other people who supposedly have used the method that he teaches claim to make big numbers. Michael admits that you can be a total newbie with no experience and no skills and you will make money from his method and that you are going to be taught everything.

He claims that his method is the quickest way to make money online, but I don’t agree when he says that affiliate marketing is not profitable during hard times, I mean, there is a lot of competition out they but also a lot of opportunity because new products are being created every day.

HERE’S AN ARTICLE which talks about the opportunities that affiliate marketing presents and now is the best time to get started with affiliate marketing.

Extremely Expensive Upsells

There are some upsells in this program and one of those is Commissionology which costs $27. Another upsell will cost you $97 and it will help you to make it easier for you to copy Michael s methods.

And yet the another upsell costs $1997!!! This is a secret method which will help you get free Facebook traffic without the use of Facebook ads.

Some Not Mentioned Costs

To make email marketing work you will need a landing page an autoresponder. For creating the landing page you will need a hosting and a domain and you would have to buy an autoresponder, making this method yet more expensive.

So you just paid for the training and now you will have to buy the tools.

I want you to know another thing: landing pages will not get free traffic from the search engines because they are not considered unique content, so you would have to spend more money on ads to bring traffic to your landing page.

SEO is the best way to get traffic to your site and you can’t only rely on Facebook for 100% of your traffic.

What Does the Training Include?

The training itself talks about building an email list and selling to people through your affiliate link by sending them emails, this method is no secret, it is called affiliate marketing!

You probably have faces email marketing before as a visitor on a website which asked you to subscribe in exchange of something of value like a free guide or course, this is email marketing.

Email marketing is a well-know method within the online marketing field and certainly was not invented by Michael.

The Pros

1) The email marketing training

2) 30-day money back guarantee

The Cons

1) Creates unrealistic expectations

2) The upsells

You Can Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

You can make money with affiliate marketing and I know this for a fact because I am making money with affiliate marketing myself. However, email marketing is just one part of affiliate marketing, you can make money with affiliate marketing primarily by creating a website and providing value to your readers and then try to sell them products. Email marketing can be a part of this and it will help to build trust with your readers.

You can’t expect to make a full time income overnight with affiliate marketing, it takes time and you will also need to learn a lot of internet marketing skills and to apply them.

I Don’t Recommend The Commission Machine

The bottom line is that I don’t recommend this product. You can definitely make money with affiliate marketing but you can’t just use email marketing without a website, people are not stupid and will not easily buy a product from you. I have been trying to make money online with a website for more than a year and finally I achieved some results and I can tell you that money cannot be made just like that. I started making money when I had more than 150 posts on my site and I learned and applied a lot of things along the way.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

There is money to be online and the right method involves building useful informational blog posts and trust with your blog which will be your online brand. A lot of people have achieved success with this method, including myself. What you need is proper training, proper tools and proper support when you need it and you can find all this in one all-inclusive single platform which has a just one time payment of $49 a month (or $29 a month if you pay it annually).

You can make a full time income while using the knowledge you can learn on this platform and you can also try it for free before committing to anything and you can stay a free member for as long as you want!

>> My Full Review of This Awesome Platform <<

And if you sign up on this program I promise you that I will be your mentor and I will help you with everything you will need to create a successful online business, I promise you that I will help you with everything I can until you create your first $1,000 online.

After you join through my link I will send you a message and a bonus. Do you have any questions about internet marketing or about how I made my first money online? Feel free to commend below and I will answer all your concerns.. ????

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