What is the best tool for keyword research: A comparison of the top one in the market

Proper keyword research is the most critical part of SEO especially in modern days when Google has already upgraded its algorithm. So to remain in competition with your competitors, you must be familiar with the need for your site to be appropriately “optimized” for search engines and how SEO works. Among billions of results for each keyword your website’s pages must have to properly optimized for the relevant “keywords.” And if you optimized your site for wrong keywords then you may get traffic, but it will be a futile exercise. So having top and unique keywords is the most critical aspect of your website.

There are lots of different keyword research tools Over the years like SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Keywordtool.io, Ahref, Moz pro, Buzzsumo, Longtail Pro, Market Samurai, Jaxay, etc. Among them, I have experienced Jaxay has a leading edge over others. Though it is a relatively new tool, it is ideal for you if you do keyword research periodically, or on a daily basis. Jaaxy is excellent if you need to find unique keywords quickly and accurately.

You can try 30 free keyword searched on Jaxxxy by creating a free accouunt:

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Jaxy is not only a keyword research tool, but you can also perform other essential SEO operations like the ranking of your site, competitors of your website, SERPS of different website related to your keywords, search affiliate networks, etc. It will be ideal for you if you buy Jaxy Enterprise version, by doing this you will get all prime features like Unlimited Keyword Searches, Keyword Competition,  Domain Search,  SEO Analysis, Keyword Lists, Brainstorm Idea Feed, Jaaxy Affiliate Program,  Instant Competition Analysis, Instant Domain Search, Platform Works 5x Faster Which Drastically Decreases Research Time, Data Arrangement, Tabs for Searches.

Now let us compare Jaxy with some other Keyword research tools.


1.     Jaaxy Enterprise vs.  Semrush:-

After a detailed analysis of Jaxy and Semrush, I have concluded few main features of both tools. Mostly Semrush target your competitors, SEO firms that want data from the web and advanced affiliate marketers who want to increase their business. Also in Semrush, there is no proper guidance or instructions for you to use the tool. When it comes to price Semrush is more than expensive with monthly package of $399.95.

Jaxy on the other hand targets beginners in content creation, it gives you real-time data of your rankings suggest you premium domains, and if you are doing affiliate marketing, it helps you find affiliate programs. Jaxy has inbuilt training system which step by step teaches you every feature of the Jaxy, so its user interface is so easy to use. Also when it comes to price Jaxy is much cheaper than Semrus, Jaxy’s most expensive version is Jaxy Enterprise version which costs you about $60 per month.


2.     Jaaxy Enterprise vs. Moz Pro:-

Like QSR feature in Jaaxy Moz also rates keyword difficulty based on competition. Also, it shows you all the analytics for competitors websites. Sometimes Moz illustrates the difficulty of 50% or higher for high volume Keywords that Jaaxy highlight as low competition. Maybe this massive difference between Jaaxy numbers and Moz numbers are because Moz is more about advertising keywords and Jaaxy focus more on content keywords. Also when it comes to pricing Moz premium is very much expensive with the monthly cost of $599.


3.     Jaaxy Enterprise vs. Long tail pro:-

The information provided by Long Tail Pro is mostly dependent on MOZ and Keyword planner (google’s adward tool). It gives you about 700-800 keywords in one search which is the quickest way to generate keywords for your entire blog. Also, the price for LTP agency plan is about $147 per month.

On the other hand, Jaaxy gathered data from different sources and generates a result by compiling and analyzing all data so results of Jaaxy can be considered as more accurate as compare to LTP and the apparent difference in price. Jaaxy also tracks your rank quite efficiently on your choice for daily, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.


Different price points

Which a free trial account you can do up to 30 keyword searched. This will give you a good taste of the different Jaaxy options. It’s not just a keyword tool. Another level is the Pro membership, it costs 19$ per month, and the most upgraded one is Enterprise, which costs 45$ per month and for a year 499$. Pro is still excellent.

You can choose one of this according to your budget.

Why Jaaxy Is an Excellent Product to Promote

If you decide to promote Jaaxy, you can find your affiliate link under Affiliate programs – Affiliate Resources. For free accounts there is no affiliate commission, and for a pro membership the commission is 8$, for Enterprise the commission is 20$. Jaaxy commissions are great and people absolutely love it.

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  1. Interesting writing. It will be very useful for bloggers to get brief idea about keyword research.I have found this a lot easier to understand than a lot of other pages that simply confuse you more than ever.Can you provide me more tools for keyword research?
    Thank you very much.

  2. jaaxy is very interesting tool for doing keyword research because its available in low price and also when I compare jaaxy results with moz, jaaxy results is very effective. I recommended to you to use this tool for better keyword results


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