What Is Rewards1 About?

What Is Rewards1 About?

Want to know what is Rewards1 about and how does it compare with other survey sites? Read this review.

Rewards1 is a free to join platform where you can sign up and complete surveys. You can get paid for completing surveys by cash or gift cards.

You can earn money on Rewards1 by:

  • Completing surveys
  • Completing offers
  • Watching videos
  • Referring people
  • Testing your luck at the free jackpot
  • Playing games for prices

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Rewards1 Pros

1. An active community. On the Rewards1 website there is an active Live Chat for members, it’s not only for support, everyone can chat there. You can use this community to ask questions to higher ranked members.

2. The minimum payout is $5.

3. Custom rewards. You can message the support team and receive a reward of your choice as long as you have made the money to afford it on the site.

Rewards1 Cons

1. The surveys pay very little ($0.75 per survey) but they take a long time to complete and sometimes you have to create an account on another site to complete the survey. Usually you can make just a few dollars in an hour.

2. And I also noticed that the site is not using a security certificate on their domain. This is especially important for sites which have to do with payments:

Rewards1 review

3. There are only a few offers for non-English speaking countries.

Is Rewards1 Legit?

Rewards1 has been live for 15 years. Usually sites which are scams get closed quickly after one year or two. So this is the fest indication that Rewards1 might be legit.

Rewards1 has been paying users for years and they will likely continue too. They are legit.


You can get paid with cash or gift cards. Rewards1 used to be a site which paid between 1 and 5 days, but recently its users have been complaining about the delay of their payments.

They have been told to wait for 45-60 days for the payments. Either way they are still paying.

And if you reach the highest member rank which is called Veteran, you can get them instantly.

How to Earn with Rewards1?

Rewards1 reviewCompleting offers: Unfortunately, for people who are not in the US there are not a lot of offers to complete, but if you are in the US each offer can pay between 75 and 200 points. 100 points are equal to $1.

Listening to the radio or watching videos: The pay is 1 cent for 10 minutes, so $0.60 an hour which is very low.

There is also a premium offers wall which includes some offers you have to pay to get access to. I don’t like entering my credit card to a lot of websites, so I wouldn’t use this option.

Overall the possibilities for making money on this site are limited. There are not enough available offers, unless you are in the US.

Their referral system is another opportunity to make money. You will get 20% of your referrals earnings for life. There is also the possibility to earn 30% of your referrals earnings but this will happen after you have reached a certain number of referrals.

They also have a ranking system and the higher your rank, the higher your bonuses will be. Your rank will increase the more money you earn on the site and the more people you will refer. When you first join, your rank is Rookie, after you make your fist $5, your rank becomes Juniour. The highest rank is Veteran.

My Final Opinion on Rewards1

Rewards1 is a legit site which has a record of paying its users. If you make some money on the site and find out that your earnings are being held, you can contact support on the Live Chat and they are likely to speed your payout.

Rewards1 is a site which has a low minimum payout. And the worst thing is that there offers only for US residents.

I like the fact that you can ask the staff to buy you custom rewards with your earnings.

But I don’t recommend this site as the earnings are so low. The way I’m now using to make money online is affiliate marketing. It requires some work at the beginning but after that it pays off. It requires to build a niche based website and on a website you can promote almost anything.

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Internet Marketing Skills would love to hear your experience with this site or the way you are making money online in the comments section below. Have you used this reward site? How was your experience with it? We would love to hear from you.

Survey Sites vs Affiliate Marketing

Surveys: The first thing that people look at when they think about making money online are survey sites. Some pros of completing online surveys include: surveys are easy to complete and you will make money after each completed survey. While the cons include the fact that surveys pay very little, take a lot of time to complete and the threshold for withdrawing the money are high.

In conclusion, taking surveys online is not a good way to make money.

Affiliate marketing: While surveys don’t require any skills to make money, if you get started with affiliate marketing, you need to develop your skills.

But the potentials for making money with affiliate marketing are higher.

In case you don’t know what affiliate marketing is: Affiliate marketing including selling other people’s products. An example of affiliate marketing could be promoting an Amazon product on your site and leaving there your affiliate link (a tracking link used to track every time that a seller buys a product from your efforts). If people buy a product through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

Affiliate marketing has the potential of making you $10,000 each month.

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29 thoughts on “What Is Rewards1 About?”

  1. Very informative article about Rewards 1. Given the payout and the time it takes to complete surveys, seems like little return for your effort. I guess one could make $100 a day by doing 20 surveys. Might be a good way to spend a rainy afternoon instead of watching mind-numbing TV.

    • You certainly can’t make $100, in the first place because there are not so much surveys to complete on the site. Never heard of someone making $100 on a survey site

  2. Since I am a stay at home dad, I have done a few surveys online, but quickly lost interest. There was just not enough money in it for the time I spent doing them. I do like the idea of affiliate marketing, and I am learning the ins and outs on web design. Thank you for the very informative article. I know a lot more now about Rewards 1. Clay

  3. I’m really down on ALL survey sites because another downside is when you try to do a survey, they ask several questions which takes some time and then they kick you out as ‘not qualified’ with no credit.

    One survey I tried on swagbucks actually asked a lot of questions and took 15 minutes before kicking me out as ‘not qualified’ with no credit.

    This was the last straw and now I just focus on building my affiliate marketing website. I’m a newbie but it is coming along nicely.

    Thank you for a thorough review of Rewards1. I would definitely not consider them if their website is unsecure.

    • You’re right Alexander, sometimes these sites take your time to fill out questions and then kick you out as “not qualified” for the survey. It’s really frustrating. As you said affiliate marketing is a much better way to make money online. I’m also focusing on affiliate marketing.

      Thank you for your comment!

  4. I was in two minds about this site when I first read your review but at the end of the day – you do mention that they’ve been active and paying now for 15 years (which is excellent in the work online world!). 

    One question I desperately need answered though – how fair are their surveys?

    I only ask as I’ve had terrible experiences with getting screened out in the past…after I’ve spent 10 minutes answering questions. Does this happen with Rewards1 surveys?

    It seems so unfair that you get screened out with no reward and the survey owner gets several questions answered (for free!)

  5. Thanks for the info on Rewards 1 – yet another site that pays you for taking surveys. This one looks legit if you take into account the number of years they’ve been around, but I really can’t see how you can make nay decent money for the effort involved.

    The fact they are not using a security certificate on the site screams “amateur” to me and it’s something they need to get sorted chop chop. Google will penalize them for a start!

    I appreciate your thoughts on this opportunity, but definitely not one I would personally consider.

  6. Hi Enxhi. Thank you for this article on Rewards One. When I started reading it I thought  “Here we go, someone trying to flog a survey site to us’, but you proved me wrong. I have had bad experiences with survey sites, not only is the pay ridiculously low, there’s no way you could possibly earn a living from it, but you are constantly bombarded with scammy emails from other organisations, and even other survey companies. Then I came to the area where you rated them, and I was very pleased. You are totally honest with your review. I also liked your last piece on Affiliate marketing. I think that’s something I would be more interested in. Thank you again. Jim

  7. These survey sites are like one of the biggest legal scams online. I said legal scams because you don’t have to be illegal to still harm others and leave them feeling betrayed. They usually promise full time earnings and deliver pennies per hour of frustration. Qualifier surveys keep you filling the same survey information out 20 times to find one offer you do qualify for and there went the first 40 minutes of an hour so you can do a 75 cent survey with the rest of the hour. In all you worked as much as a full time job with a minimum wage and you only grabbed enough for a cheap soda at Sam’s Club.

    The sad part is one day you find out that while the company was paying you 75 cents for the survey they were making $20 to $200 for your efforts. True story, the companies doing the research pay up to $200 per survey participant to these outfits. The fact Reward1 can’t afford to protect you with an SSL certificate means they are probably a reseller of the service for a company that is actually making the big bucks and may not actually be more than an affiliate themselves but rest assured you and those doing survey with you are being duped.

    Recommendation. If you do plan on doing the surveys anyhow get a blog or other form of website to do affiliate marketing, use your survey money to pay for training and early promotions and plan on making just enough to pay to get started in a hobby that will be more fun and infinitely more rewarding.

  8. Your article is very practical and honest. When I was thinking about making money online, I stuck between the two i.e. whether I should be an affiliate marketer or complete surveys. You have very well explained that Rewards1 pays little for online surveys but they are actually very reliable for them who do not have experience on affiliate marketing as it requires skills for building websites and writing content. I think Rewards1 can solve the purpose for those who are looking for legit websites that pay for surveys, watching videos and many more. Again, very deep research explained in minimal words. Great Info..!! 

  9. I’m also not fond of completing offers because like you say very often you have to sign up for a free trial using your credit card and then you need to remember to cancel it. I don’t like entering my credit card details all over the show, it is just not safe to do so. In addition to this I have in the past signed up for a free trial and then just before the paid account kicked in I left and then the offer site deducted my points. I’m not saying Rewards1 does this but I just don’t do offers anymore for those reasons mentioned plus the income earned is just not worth it, especially with the risk involved.  

    I do some surveys on some legit sites so it is a way to earn but the pay is always low per survey. 

    Just out of interest what are the the payment methods for Rewards1? 

  10. You can really tell who is benefiting more from rewards1. But I believe that your time could be used more effectively. I think surveys can be easy to do. The time spent in order to get to that point that your making more than hundreds of dollars. Is less than likely to happen.

    However, the the possibility of making thousands with affiliate marketing is way higher in my opinion. 

  11. Yeah, thank you for confirming what I had heard, I don’t think this is the program for me.  However, I did see your link in your article above for making a full-time income from home and found that program very interesting.  They have like a free program, right? 

    Thanks for your honest assessment of this program.  I really appreciate it.



  12. Wow, what an extremely low payout on Rewards 1. I almost can’t believe people will spend that much time to earn that little money. Affiliate marketing does have potential to earn way more money but it does take a lot more work. If you have the drive and determination it is certainly a great way to earn income and work from home!

    • I agree with you Lynne. The only method which I have tried online which is still working for me is affiliate marketing with a website. It continues to produce income passively, even after months and years from which I have created content. It’s the number one method from my experience.

  13. Thank you for this great article on what is rewards1 about. I had not heard of them before.  I had heard about people making money online by completing surveys, but I had not really taken the time to research this space before. I can see how you can get paid by doing a range of different things including completing surveys, watching videos and referring people.

    I like that the minimum payout is a very modest $5. It seems like everyone will be able to do something to get a payout.  You need a low payout figure if you are only paying 1c every 10 mins of video. Yikes! That is low for sure.

    I was just wondering what you liked the most about these survey sites?

    • Hello Glenys, 

      In fact, I don’t like so much survey sites and I have worked with only one of them: PaidViewpoint. Still I don’t recommend any of them. It’s far better to go for affiliate marketing

  14. Hey Enxhi, I decided to check out your website on Rewards1, because I have never heard of it. The 1st thing that caught my eye was that the site has a capture pop-up.  The overall scheme is very clear.  The first paragraph told me what Rewards1 is.  So I knew the site would elaborate on that, which is cool. 

    The subject of survey money making sites is major.  But I’m curious.  When you decided to create this site did you want to focus more on helping others understand survey sites more or weed out the scammy types?  This site seemed very balanced and informative.

    I look forward to exploring more about survey sites on your site. Thanx Again for Sharing-Tu 

  15. I have never heard of rewards 1, but I have tried taking online surveys with a couple of other websites. It seems like they are all pretty much the same in regard to payout for the time. I have tried harris pole and nicequest. The problem is that the surveys take quite a long time usually for a pretty low point value.

    It seems like rewards1 is no different. Not a lot of value for your time. It’s not a reliable way to make any sort of sustainable income and barely even qualifies as a side hustle. Frankly I’m surprised that so many people do them, but I guess if you aren’t doing anything better with your time, what could it hurt.

  16. You have done a very good job of presenting how hard it is to make any real money through Rewards1.  It sounds, though, that at least they pay.  I have signed up for many such programs in the past and most found ways of not following through.  Most of them only allowed gifts rather than actual cash, which is not appealing to me. Also, I am not in the United States, so there weren’t many opportunities that applied to me in the past or with Rewards1.

    I clicked on getting started with affiliate marketing and will pursue the Wealthy Affiliate membership. 



  17. Hi Enxhi,

    Thanks for sharing this article about Reward1. Honestly, I haven’t came across with this type of platform since I started to use the internet. And I really appreciate the review that you shared and offering your recommendation.

    The payout isn’t that good to help someone pay their monthly dues, and the amount of time and effort that you spent on this is not appealing to me. You might do well enough with other type of online marketing like affiliate marketing, while affiliate marketing requires time and effort at first stage but in the end is what that matters. 


    • Yes, affiliate marketing has been the only steady source of income on the internet in my experience. I have concluded this after trying several ways to make money online


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