What Is Real Money Streams About? $7K a Month with It?

This program claims making you $7 a month, but could this be possible or is it just another scam?

What is Real Money Streams About?

Real Money Streams is a program which will pay you to do small tasks online. While it promises making you $7K a month, you will be able making only a small amount of pocket money for a very diverse range of tasks like data entry, sharing/liking on social media, mystery shopping and the like.

Real Money Streams is just a material which includes some companies which accept employees who are willing to do small tasks for them and get paid.

Chris, the owner of this program tells you that you can make $100 today and maybe $500 by the end of this week by completing some fun tasks.

The work that you will do include data entering and photo labeling. He also claims to give you some tips on which jobs to avoid, which ones take a lot of time and a list of companies which are willing to hire you for this kind of jobs.

What Will You be Doing?

It all sounds good, getting paid for your work on some simple tasks, but could this be reality?

Unfortunately, what he says simply isn’t true, yes, there exist sites which will pay you for data entry, but it will be just a couple of cents for hour of work. If it were that easy we would all just complete some surveys and make $100 a day online and go on with our happy lives.

You probably know about the Captcha company, it is a site which you can use making money by solving captas, little text that you have to type. Captcha really gets on my nerves just having to write it to enter some website and prove I’m not a robot, let alone doing this for a living. One fact about this industry:

“the average pay is $1 for every 1,000 captchas solved”

Another way you can make money with this program is mystery shopping.

A down site of this is that if you are living in an area which doesn’t present many opportunities for research you won’t have much job. This kind of job simply is not stable and cannot make you even pocket money.

Another options is getting payed for doing small tasks like sharing something on social media or giving a Like, these still are pocked money. Why would someone agree to do this job instead of a regular job in the first place?

Another method making money, that Chris mentions, is freelancing. A lot of companies and individual bloggers are hiring people to write articles for them. And this is a good opportunity making money writing, but if you also are willing to learn a bit of SEO, why not write for yourself? Why not create your own blog?

The Upsells

When you sign up to this program you will also be bombarded with upsells which decrease and decrease in value until you buy one of them. What they sell you here is training about making money with this platform, they will firstly present it to you as a $47 training or $17 monthly price and then as a $17 one time or $17 monthly, you can see that the price drops every time for the same training until you accept.

what is real money streams about

Paying $37 for the training is just a rip off in my opinion because you can find all the information for free on the Internet.

All this training includes is a list of companies which will pay you a few bucks for jobs who any unskilled worker would do. Are you just that totally unskilled worker just waiting making pocket money in exchange of your time? Better learn a useful skill you can offer people and get paid for. And I don’t know where this owner of this program found the numbers for promising you making $100 within one day with this.

Totally bullsh*t !

And the Crash course that he introduces on the videos are all PLR products. The problem with PLR products is that they are going to be outdated soon or they are outdated at the moment you buy them.

Why spend your money on outdated PLR products when you can find updated information for free on the Internet?

Is Real Money Steams a Scam?

what is real money streams aboutMaybe the companies that this program suggests you to work for are honest companies in which you can do legit work, but just the amount of money that he promises you could make in a day/week/month respectively is TOTALLY unrealistic. You can’t make $100 in a day because the maximum that you are going to get paid for those gigs is $1 per hour. You can in fact, make $100 in a day online, but only if you know how to write SEO optimized, high quality content and know how making it convert. There is where most of the money is made online.

The value that you can gain from this program is that you can use the companies suggested by it making some pocket money in your free time, but not anything more than this.

At least you won’t have to research the companies and you will find them all in one place, some links don’t work but at least you will know which companies will pay you for this kind of work. But is it worthy to spend $37 on this program?

In my opinion NO.

Here’s How I Make Money Online

The method that I use requires some effort and dedication in the beginning, but after that you will be able making passive income. An online business requires just as much time as an offline business will take to take off, but with an online business you will have a lot less start up costs, no risk and you could make a lot more money with less effort. I am talking about making money by blogging.

It’s not that difficult and every one can do it, you will just need the proper training and you can make money from your hard work not one, but over and over again after years. Read here about my #1 recommended platform to get started which has it all: training, community, specialized help and a lot more.

So be prepared to learn a lot and apply your knowledge, but in the long run it will totally be worth it for the freedom it will give you.

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