On this Prime Time Profits review I am going to share all the details I know about this program and why I don’t recommend it. I have gathered all the information that I could about this product and I am going to present it to you on this review.

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Prime Time Profits Review

Prime Time Profits is a program which promises to make you $500 a day from a free simple trick.

This is what all the scams promise, they make some unrealistic income claims to get you convinced to buy the program. But why would they do so?

In my opinion a serious program doesn’t have to make any income claim at all, because everything depends on your efforts and from the person. Not everyone is going to make the same amount of money. the important thing is if the program is legit or not.

Another trick that these scam sites use that saying that the opportunity is limited to only a few people. This is done to push you to buy the program as soon as possible thinking that you might lose the opportunity later.

In fact they are happy to let as many people people as possible into the system so that they can make as much money as possible.

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How Does Prime Time Profits Work?

It doesn’t.

In fact, I watched all their sales material and read everything on their site and I still can’t understand how you are actually going to make money using their site.

Prime Time Profits is a Multi Level Marketing scheme.

Their sales page talks about how with a simple trick you can make $500 a day and how lucky you are for coming across this opportunity.

But nowhere it explains how this opportunity works and how you are going to make that much money. All at says is that you are going to make the money through their “black box”.

Once you are a member you are going to have access to the black box which looks like a dollar sign and you are supposedly going to make money just by clicking the black box. What kind of explanation is this ??!!!

prime time profits black box

I’ve exposed a lot of scams on this site and I have never came across a program which gives so little information about how can you actually make money with it. All they do is claim the high profits that you are going to make with the program.

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One thing that I know about the program is that is has many upsells and if you combine them all you are going to lose $500 and make any.

The Price

The price of Prime Time Profits ranges between $47 and $97.


Is Prime Time Profits a Scam?

The fact that they give so little information about the program before joining makes it hard to tell if Prime Time Profits is a scam.

However, I don’t believe that Prime Time Profits is any different than other online scams. I wouldn’t recommend this program because I don’t think they are being transparent in the first place. Why invest on a program if you don’t understand how it works?

I have been making money online for about a year and I know that it’s not so easy. I have been doing online marketing with a blog for two years now and I am making passive income from it every month.

Yes, you can make money online, but it takes real work and a proven system which works. The fact that Prime Time Profits claims that you can make $500 a day instantly shows that it is a scam.

And this is not just my opinion. WebTrafficLounge.com is saying so about Prime Time Profits. Dales Rodgers calls it a scam too. Here’s what he writes on his blog about Prime Time Profits:

In my opinion the whole thing is definitely a flat out scam.

As far as I’m concerned the whole thing has just been setup to make it’s creator wealthy at your expense by tricking you into parting with your hard earned cash in return for some “easy money making system” which in reality doesn’t even exist.

Conclusion About Prime Time Profits

I think that this program is going to work to make money only for it’s owner and not for anyone else.

Making $500 a day is a lot of money and if Prime Time Profits sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Let me make something clear: making $500 a day online is not out of reach, but it requires a lot of work and commitment and certainly it can’t be done overnight.

There are programs which will teach you the right way to make money online, but I don’t think that Prime Time Profits is one of them. I think that it exists only to rip people off.

I’ve reviewed a lot of online programs and I can sniff a scam from a mile away. And in my opinion Prime Time Profits has “SCAM” written all over it. They are leaving out the most important the system: HOW IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

You don’t usually buy something which you don’t know anything about at a store, right? Not telling you how the system works is a huge red flag.

I hope this review has been helpful for you and made your alarm bells ring about this program. Before I leave I am going to share with you a time proven system which actually works. If you don’t want to waste anymore time on scams, check my #1 recommendation:

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As much as I would want a system which works like they say to exist and make money with just a click, unfortunately, that kind of system doesn’t exist. Making money online, like any other endeavour takes work, commitment and patience. There’s no magical system on the Internet.

The more you think that you can make money with just a click of the button, the more you will run into scams like Prime Time Profits. Below I have listed three signs of a scam which you can use to spot them:

  • High income claims in a short period of time
  • Make money on autopilot
  • Insufficient information about how the products works


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