What Is Piggy Bank GPT About

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Piggy Bank GTP is a site which pays you for 4 types of tasks: 1. completing surveys, 2. signing up to offers, 3. playing games, 4. referring other members. The pay is very low for the hours spent and there are not enough tasks to complete

What Is Piggy Bank GPT About

Piggy Bank GPY is a website which pays you to complete smalls tasks like surveys and signing up to their offers. When you complete these tasks you earn coins which then you can convert into cash or rewards.

In this review I am going to introduce you to Piggy Bank GPY and talk about whether it is legit and worth to try. There are a lot of pat-paid-to sites which have similar business models to Piggy Bank GTP but only some of them are legit. Keep on reading to find out whether Piggy Bank GTP is legit.

On their website they claim to pay their members promptly. Considering that Piggy Bank GPY has been around since 2010, there is a high chance for this site to be legit.

How Does Piggy Bank GPT Work

You can sign up for free as long are you’re over 13. But this program doesn’t allow more than one account from the same IP address. Other than this everyone from around the world can sign up. The signing up process is relatively long but it is worth it.

There are found main ways to earn money with Piggy Bank GTP:

  1. Completing surveys. You will be asked about your opinion on different topics of interest
  2. Completing offers. Offers include signing up for trials and testing products and services. You may be required to pay to sign up to some offers and you will be reimbursed.
  3. Playing games. You earn points by playing their fun games.
  4. Referring new members. You will earn 25% of the earnings of your referrals

In Piggy Bank GTP 100 coins are worth $1. This is a very low pay considering that most tasks cost 10-25 coins.

Referring people can be a better way to earn on this platform, however, you need to encourage your referrals to stay active and keep earning coins on the site. The good thing about Piggy Bank GPT is that the minimum threshold to withdraw you earnings is just $1 and you can withdraw twice a day.

The concept is easy here: you just have to complete small tasks and you’ll be paid a small amount for each small task you complete.

You will earn only $1 an hour by completing surveys. And if you think that this is not a problem for you because you are going to work like 10 hours a day on this, it’s not that simple because surveys run out.

I have tried surveys in the past and they were never enough. This is the main problem, in my opinion, about survey sites. I thought that this has to do with the fact that I am from a less developed country and that I’m not the target customer of big companies which do research.

Completing surveys on this site is not worth it. However, their affiliate program could be worth it. As I mentioned earlier, with they affiliate program you can earn 25% of the earnings of your referrals. So if you refer 4 people you could have 100% earnings just as if you worked yourself by doing nothing.

Imagine is you manage to refer 100 people. So you can earn with their affiliate program, but there are other affiliate programs which pay you more for referring people.

If you want to find out about these programs and learn affiliate marketing you should definitely check Wealthy Affiliate.

Something else I want to mention about Piggy Bank GPT is that when I checked their site parts of it weren’t working.

The Cost

Piggy Bank GPT is free to join.

The Red Flags

1. There are a lot of ares on their site which are not working.

2. When I signed up my welcome messages were all from 2014 to 2017. I guess they don’t have a system to change the dates.

3. There are complaints that this site is not paying lately. This site used to pay its members in the past, but there are complaints about how it has changed.

4. There is no information about who is running the site.

Is Piggy Bank GTP a Scam

I don’t think that Piggy Bank GPT is a complete scam, but I don’t recommend it either. I don’t think that it is a scam because it is free to join. So if you don’t get paid you will only lose your time and efforts to complete tasks. I cannot call it a scam also because the site used to pay its members in the past.

There are a lot of GTP sites, however, which do not pay their members and they are just plain scams. So before joining a program you need to always to some research on it. I also do not recommend GTP sites even when they are legit because the pay is low for the hours spent.

It is far better to learn how to do online marketing and build your own website business. You will need to learn some new skills but in the end it is going to be worth it. Better skills lead to better income, not completing more tasks which anyone can complete.

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