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On October 3, 2018
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Now Lifestyle is a network marketing company in the health and fitness niche. Learn the some not so honest facts about the company on this Now Lifestyle review.

The now Lifestyle is attracting a lot of attention on social media lately. First of all I want to say that I’m not affiliated with the Now Lifestyle in any way. I am going to share with you my own research and my honest opinion about the program.

What is the Now Lifestyle About?

The Now Lifestyle is a marketing networking company in the health and nutrition niche.

The owner is Joel Therien, the same person who has created Global Virtual Opportunities, 7 Minute Workout and other programs.

It looks like the Now Lifestyle is a continuation of 7 Minute Workout, from the same founder.

Their Affiliate Program

As an affiliate you earn 50% commissions for every membership to their programs that you sell. The affiliates need to recruit one new member in order to maintain the status of affiliate on this program. And if you want to become an affiliate with the Now Lifestyle, you need to pay a $50 membership yearly. If you want to become a successful affiliate in every niche, I have discovered and amazon training that I want to recommend you: it’s called Wealthy Affiliate. This program is going to teach you everything you need to know to become a successful affiliate.

The Binary Compensation Plan

Take a look at this picture to understand their compensation plan:

You need to have two affiliates who have signed up under you and two affiliates under each of them and so on.

I’m sorry but their compensation plan looks like a pyramide scheme. I’m not saying with 100% certainty that Now Lifestyle is a pyramide scheme now. They have just been launched and no one knows how it is going to turn out.

However, I am going to say something for sure, that I am going to say way from it and I recommend you do the same. There is a fine line which divides a pyramide scheme from one company which isn’t.

Is the Now Lifestyle a Pyramide Scheme?

First of all what is a pyramide scheme? According to FTC “A lack of retail sales is . . . a red flag that a pyramid exists.”.

Let’s check the Now Lifestyle products.

The Products

Its products include exercises, weight loss, and other home working videos . The exercises that they show on their videos require you to have the equipment sold by them. It also sells nutrition products. The products are in the health niche, which is a quite popular niche with a lot of yearly sales.

The nutritional products only include 5 products. And there is no way to order them. If there is no way to order them, why are they on the website? Moreover, the information on the products is incomplete.

It clearly indicated that the focus of Now Lifestyle is the business opportunity and not the products.

Fake Business Building

Another unusual sign is the photo on their website which is presented as the companies offices. It seems like the logo at the door has been photoshoped. I discovered this when I searched for the company’s address and appeared the same building just without the logo.

This might be because of the fact that they have done the logo later, but still, it looks like it is photoshoped to my eye.

This clearly indicated that the Now Lifestyle does not have business offices, but the owner wants you to think otherwise.

Is Now Lifestyle a Scam?

First of all, I consider a scam every product which doesn’t deliver it’s promises. If a program promises this one thing and it gives you another I consider it a scam, even thought a lot of people consider scams only products which they see as no worth at all. And what I have to say for this program is that it absolutely is not a scam.

But I have to admit that there are some red flags about this program. First of all, it looks like a pyramid scheme. Let’s take a look.

Conclusion: Why I Don’t Recommend the Now Lifestyle

I don’t recommend the Now Lifestyle for the main reason that it is a network marketing company. It’s main focus is on recruiting rather than retail sales.

When you are working for a network marketing business, you are spending your energy and time building a business which is outside your control. Network marketing companies might make a lot of money, but only for their owner. They can sell the business anytime they want and all your efforts will go to waste.

Build Your Own Website

The best thing to do in my opinion is to build your own website instead and promote products there. But never tie your website to a specific brand, if that company fails you would fail with them.

If you are into heal and fitness niche, for example, promote different products on this niche on your website and if a product fails, no problem, replace it with another. Never dedicate all your efforts to promoting a specific company. Build your own website brand instead. To learn how to build a successful online business I would recommend the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, the first 10 lessons are free and you are going to learn how to build a successful business just by following the training.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Now Lifestyle About?”

  1. From what I’m reading from your article this looks indeed like a pyramid scheme. There are too many things about it that just doesn’t feel right.

    The thing is that these kind of programs attract a lot of novices and takes advantage of people by promising them easy money. Earning money online is never easy and one has to really invest time in learning the process and then also keep working on a bussiness.


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