What Is My Home Success Plan About

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What Is My Home Success Plan About

My Home Success Plan is another program which promises you to earn a lot of money by posting links. My Home Success Plan is a scam and in this review I am going to show you why I say so. The first thing that I will say is that there are a lot of versions of the same scam out there marketed at different names. The story is the same but they change the name of the women telling the story and her picture. Take a look at the same story, very similar home page and with different names:

there are other sites with the same layout and the same story which promote just the same thing. They are all scams.

The only people making money from such programs are their owners. It is possible making money online, but it doesn’t involve posting links. It actually involves providing something useful to people, like in any other business online or offline.

To make things even worse such programs collect your information and sell it to other marketers so that they will send you other offers and more scams to buy. So even if you don’t buy anything they profit from you by getting your email address.

Collecting and selling people’s information is a real business. They are interested in your information because they know that you have an interest in earning online, so that they will promote more products in the make money online niche to you.

The woman in the story on their site is a fake persona. She doesn’t really exist. I say so because, like I mentioned above, there are so many versions of the exact same story with different names. Another reason is that the website is registered on private domain name, so you can’t know who owns it. It is impossible to connect it to any name of a real verified person.

The phone of this fake persona is just a stock photo and you can verify this by doing a quick image search on Google.

The sad thing about this scam is that it might work to make people buy since the same story has been used and recycled with different names for years. The fact that it is still being used means it works to scam people and make them buy. They are targeting people who want to make money quickly.

Posting Links or Affiliate Marketing

Posting links online is not a real job or a real business. As I mentioned above, you have to provide something useful to people to earn online or offline. Just posting links is not a real job. The real business that they are referring to is affiliate marketing, which involves promoting other people’s products.

Affiliate marketing is a real business, but it doesn’t just involve posting links online. The idea is to join an affiliate program (like Amazon’s affiliate program) and promote its products to people. The company gives you a distinguished affiliate link and you use that to promote to people. When someone clicks on you link and the buys a product you get a commission as a reward for promoting the product. This is a real business and you callobarate with the company by doing so.

There is more to this, but certainly this is the general idea. I know this because I do affiliate marketing myself. Affiliate marketing is NO easy. What these people have done is take a legitimate business like affiliate marketing and make it seem like a job and a way to earn money online with a push of a button. It takes time and consistent effort to earn with affiliate marketing.

To start earning with affiliate marketing you need real education which programs like My Home Success Plan do not offer. You can’t just post links and hope for the best.

Is My Home Success Plan a Scam

My Home Success Plan is a complete scam in my opinion. Their entire sales pitch is just made to make it sound easy. In addition to this, they use generic news videos which talk in general about earning money from home or working from home to make it sound like this system has been featured in the news. I have seen this tactics so many times now. I just wrote a review about a product which uses the same tactic yesterday.

Check it, it’s probably another version of this same tactic as the sales page and the story is the same too. Don’t fall for this kind of scams.

If you accidentally bought My Home Business Success, the good news is that you can get your money back. It is being sold through an affiliate network called ClickBetter. You can ask them for a refund and they normally do refunds. However, be careful to not buy anything over the phone. There are times when such scams call members to persuade them to buy upgrades over the phone. If you buy over the phone there is no way to get your money back.


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