What Is MLSP: Better then Wealthy Affiliate?!

What Is MLSP

MLSP introduces the concept of “attraction marketing”. Attraction marketing means leading with value to attract your perfect customers, customers who already want to buy your product.

The best example of attraction marketing is search engine marketing. For example, some people search online terms like “where to buy x thing”. These people are already interested marketers and ready to buy. They will click on the first website which has been ranked on Google for their search. The probability of making a sale is really high.

MLSP is an abbreviation for My Lead System Pro.

MLSP in addition to being a training program, is a community too, which is created to help home business owners like affiliate marketers and bloggers. It also includes some tools needed for internet marketers which this review will cover in the below sections.

The training includes various aspects of internet marketing like Facebook, Twitter marketing, blogging, search engine marketing and paid advertising.

MLSP is a solid company, it has been around since 2008.

Here are some things that MLSP teaches you:

1. People don’t care so much as what company their join but who they join. So it’s better to brand yourself than your company. Brand yourself as the leader they want to follow. You can’t just tell them you are a leader, you have to show them you are the leader they are seeking for through your content strategy.

2. They provide you with your own asset which you can control: your website. With adding content domain names grow in value the more you work on your website and the better search engine rankings your domain achieves.

3. It teaches you to build a list of highly-targeted leads.

The Tools & Training

Here’s a look at the tools that MLSP offers for business owners:

1. The blogging tool. Their blogging tool allows you to build a Website with WordPress. With this tool you will get website which is secure and super fast. The set up is very quick and easy, with tutorial videos to helps you through everything

There are a lot positive review from customers who have created sites with MLSP.

2. Weekly live webinars. These webinars are presented every Wednesday at 9PM and are created by community members or one of the creators of MLSP, Brian. They cover different topics about internet marketing.

The good thing is that the training you will get on these live webinars is 100% updated and about current topics on internet marketing, like when Google does some algorithm change or when some social media presents a new feature, so something which is becoming a trend at the moment or something new.

MLSP has helped a lot of people become successful in internet marketing, some of them include Ray Higdon, Diane Hochman, Mark Harbert, David Wood, Kate and Andrew McShea, Lisa Torres, Michelle and Bill Pescosolido, Cesar Rodriguez, Tanya Aliza, Lawrence Tam.

So far so good, MLSP has all the good qualities of a legit program to learn internet marketing. But what are the MLSP cons? Read the section below to learn about MLSP pros and cons.


1. The testimonials on their sales page are real people

2. The owners are real public people

3. MLSP is in the business since 2008

4. 30-day money back guarantee

5. The membership includes many internet marketing tools

6. They are market leader in “attraction marketing”

7. An all around which covers all the area of internet marketing

8. Great support

9. High affiliate marketing commissions ($100/$200 commissions)


1. There are some complaints from customers that it is a scam

2. Way to overpriced (the highest membership level costs $200 per month)

3. Some strategies that they suggest cost more money to implement

4. Part of the training is outdated

5. Too much information which may cause newbies to get overwhelmed

6. When you sign up, they will try to promote you the up sells

Another program which is very similar to MLSP is Wealthy Affiliate.

MLSP is more expensive than Wealthy Affiliate. MLSP has three membership levels, the basic more costs $50 and the better one costs more than $200 a month. While Wealthy Affiliate has two membership level: a free one and a premium one which costs $47 a week.

Check MLSP’s website

Check Wealthy Affiliate’s website

MLSP as well as Wealthy Affiliate has their affiliate program too. But MLSP offers higher commissions for the referrals, while in the same time the price of MLSP is a lot higher than that of Wealthy Affiliate which makes it more difficult to sell.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros

1. It has a free membership option which does’t require a credit card to sign up. It’s not a trial, but a free membership and you can stay a free member for as long as you want.

2. No up sells

3. A very helpful community and a 24/7 live chat where you can ask questions if you get stuck on the training

4. Two websites as a free member and up to 50 websites as a premium member

5. Lessons are straight to the point and easy to follow. After every lesson there is a list of tasks you have to accomplish to put that lesson into practice.

6. You can directly communicate with the owners and ask them for help. They are very active members within the community.

Wealthy Affiliate Cons

1. Part of the training can be outdated, however, there is a button which you can click for each training lessons and ask for an update. Internet marketing is a field which changes quickly, that’s why training lessons are constantly upload.


MLSP offers valuable training. However, I don’t recommend MLSP because of the high cost and the fact that 95% of people fail to make money online with this program. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a relative low cost alternative instead.


MLSP is a great program to learn affiliate marketing, however, Wealthy Affiliate is better for newbies.

MLSP’s training is overwhelming for the newbie, too much long and complicated. And it’s cost is really high for the newbie.

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