What is Keyword Rich Content and How to Create Keyword Rich Content in 2019

What is Keyword Rich Content

Content is king. The purpose of a website content is to engage and help the audience and to rank high in the search engines in order to get even more traffic!

But in order to rank high on the search engines you need to use the keywords that your audience is using to search the web in your articles. For example, if your a high number of people are searching on Google the term “best productivity books” and your article has this term in the title, it has more chances of getting ranked among the first search results on Google.

And the higher your website is ranked in the search results, the more visibility it will have, which is free marketing. Of course, for some keyword there is a lot of competition but creating articles with keywords in them is the way to rank on the search engines.

In order to rank high in the search engines you have to master the process of creating post rich in keywords.

You have to start creationg content for your site by firstly searching for keywords. There is a simple process that I follow while creating new content.

If you want your site to be successful you will need to create content on a regular basis.

You Have to Be Consistent with Your Content.

As you create more and more posts, the search engines will start to rank your articles and also your Domain Authority will grow makinng your new articles more likely to rank. When your articles will rank on the search engines more and more people will click them and you will have more opportunity for having customers.

So this is the benefit of using keywrods. A good keyword along with high site authority is the key to get ranked.

Step 1: Choose a Keyword

Before creating your content you have to firstly choose a keyword. They keyword will be the topic that you will have to develop in your article.

For every post that you will create you will need to use a good keyword. This will increase the chances for your content to rank high on the search engines.

The criteria that a keyword needs to fill:

  • Needs to be relevant to your niche.
    • Have over 30 average searches
    • Have a competition less than 300 (QSR)
    • It needs to make grammatical sense

Keywords are not only good for the search engines, they increase your website value from the point of view of your your visitors too because they are basically what your visitors search and how exactly they search it (which words they choose).

With each new post you create you increase the chances of getting ranked high in the search engines.

In the case of my basketball website, I have chosen the keyword “3 Point Shooting Drills” as my first keyword I am targeting (see keyword data below).

Step 2: Create an Outline

To simplify the process of creating keyword rich content you can use the template within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can use it to create the right structure for your website.

You can find this template within your SiteContent, on Wealthy Affiliate.

There are some different templates there and you have to choose the “Keyword Rich Content Page” template.

It will appear a very simple interface within which you can write your article. You can see that there are also some writing goals within the template:

  • 1,000 Words
  • 6 Paragraphs
  • 5 Headings

These are the parameters of a successful post. While you build your article you are able to check these parameters.

These are the parameters according to this template, but I have my own parameters while writing. They include:

  • 1,000 Words
  • 5 Paragraphs for each heading
  • 7 Headings

I just think this works better for me, but still the measurements that appear on the botton of the screen while you are writing are nice to have, they help you know where you are going with your article while you are creating it.


Next, you have to write your article.

Step 3: Write the Article

You can write your article in just 4 steps.

1. Keyword in the Title. This doesn’t mean that they keyword has to be the title, but the keyword has to be somewhere in the title. In the same time you have to try to make the title capticating. Here’s an example of one of my post titles, with the keyword included and a captivationg one.

2. Keyword in the First Paragraph. For good SEO purposes your keyword also needs to be in your fiorst or second paragraph. Here’s an example of my first paragraph where I included the keyword.

I also reccommend that you use small paragraphs, don’t use more than 2-3 minutes on one paragraphs, this is the metric that I use for creating smaller paragraphs. Small paragraphs are easier to read for the visitor.

3. Use Relevant & Captivating Headlines. And you have to use a minimum of 5 heardlines.

WHile writing keep in mind that you are writing to help people. Your content needs to have structure and relevancy. To keep a headline relevant I write the headline of a specific section after I write it. The headline needs to TELL people what is included in the section.

4. Write the Rest of Your Content Naturally. At this point the quality of your writing is important and not the keywords. Just remember to stay within the topic of the keyword.

Content that is stuffed with keywords doen’t get ranked well on Google, I say this from my own experience. I can’t give you much tips about writing because to me writing comes naturally and it’s the best part of working on a blog. Just keep in mind that you are writing to informa and help people.

As you can see, I have met all the goals.

The metrics at SiteContent within Wealthy Affiliate will keep you motivated to write. I suggest that more than the number of workds you focus on fully explaining the message to the visitor. The number of words is not important but generally quality content has 800 words and above. Aim to give your audience the best experience possible with your content.

Step 4: Publish the Article

And lastly you just have to hit that publish button.

In my next post I am going to write about how to get images for your articles. Now, get to work and write a keyword rich post on your website. These kind of posts will be the foundation of your online business!

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