What Is Instant Income Method About?

What Is Instant Income Method About?

Instant Income Method is a funnel to myEcon and it teaches you how to promote myEcon and make money from this. It consists of a ready-made for you funnel. It’s owner is Mack Mills, a successful internet marketer.

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How Does the Instant Income Method Work?

When you buy Instant Income method, you get a copy of Mack’s sales funnel. Yes, the one in the sales video you just saw when Mack talks how he bought cars with cash.

You will be able to substitute the affiliate links promoting myEcon with your own affiliate links. So Instant Income Method will just help you to promote myEcon and earn money for referring people to myEcon.

In order to start promoting myEcon, you need to buy it. Mack is going to gain when you join myEcon through his funnel because he is an affiliate to myEcon. This is how he makes money: He joins MLM companies, builds sales funnels to promote them and then sells those sales funnels so that people can use them to recruit other people.

Daily Income Method and Digital Income Method are other example of programs which are meant to promote other MLM programs.

What Is MyEcon?

MyEcon is a company which helps people better shape their finances and take home more money after taxes. They also help people to achieve a better credit score.

This is a MLM company and you can also make money from it by promoting the company to other people and when you recruit other people to do the same.

However, most people fail to do this because they lack proper training and the training that myEcon and other similar companies offer, just teaches them some basic techniques of online promotion which are not enough for success. You need a sales funnel to make it work, and here is where Mack’s system comes into place. He is offering you a ready-made-for-you sales funnel which you can use.

If you join MyEcon, you will have a one time fee of $20 and a recurring fee of $35 each month. Once, you recruit other people you are going to get a $10 commission for each of them. After you recruit your first two referrals, you will have the opportunity to make a higher commission when you recruit more.

You will also make money when the people who you have recruited recruit new people. You are going to make $25 for each of the two first people that your referral recruit.

I am not going to go into detail here as they don’t want people to know the details of their compensation plan before joining, which I think is a bad sign. All other similar programs have shared the details of their compensation plans with everyone interested.

Now, I want to clarify one think. Most MLM companies are pyramid schemes, but what make a pyramid scheme is the lack of products for retail customers. In the case of MyEcon it has a wide range of retail products, so it is not a pyramid scheme.

Can You Make Money with this System?

You can make money promoting myEcon and Mack’s system can help you.

Drawbacks of a made for you sales funnel:

1. When everybody uses it, it becomes ineffective over time

2. You would have to pay for traffic

3. You’re not building your own brand

If you promote MyEcon, you can make money with it, but will you make enough money to call it a success? I’m not sure about this. Most people which promote MLM companies fail, they usually make a very small amount of money and a very small percentage of people make a full time income by promoting a MLM company.

And one think to notice is that myEcon’s marketing is focused on recruiting people. As I mentioned before, they have a wide range of products to sell to retail customers, which makes myEcon not a pyramid scheme, however, what happens if the products don’t sell so well? People are going to focus on recruiting to make money. This could make it similar to a pyramid scheme and be the cause of its failure.

No matter how much people can be recruited, if the sales people of a company fail to sale the products to final customers, it will eventually fail.

Is Instant Income Method a Scam?

In the sales video you can see a bunch of cash, a mansion and an extravagant lifestyle, all signs of a scam. But it is really a scam when you look deeper?

No. And myEcon is not a scam.

When you buy this product you get access to a sales funnel and to a private Facebook group.

MyEcon can’t be considered a scam, but you need to be aware of the things that I mentioned on the above section about it and also you need to be aware when you promote a product which is not yours. The company could close and you can lose all your efforts.

There are better ways which don’t require you to pay for traffic and which involve investing on a program which you own instead, like creating your own website-brand and promoting all the products that you want on your site. If one company or product fails, you can replace with another, but at the end of the day you have built your own brand and you have built trust among visitors, which makes them more ready to buy through your recommendations.

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Should you buy the Instant Income Method? That is something you need to decide for your own, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I personally I am focusing on making money with my websites by promoting all the good products to my visitors.

I am sure that this is the strategy which gives the best long term results. I mean you have your site and it will always be your asset.

For creating your website business all you need to invest on is a domain name, hosting and the proper training. And you can make a full time income with your online business and it is going to grow exponentially, like a lot of people who have done this report.

In fact, the training that I am using has the domain name and hosting plan included on its platform.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people know about this platform and that’s why I want to spread the word through this blog.

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