What is Income Elite Team About? $98K in a Month ??!

Making $98K a month just like that? Who doesn’t want this? This would make you a millionaire within a year.

But what is Income Elite Team about? Us Income Elite Team a scam? 

Income Elite Team At A Glance

What is Income Elite Team About

Website: IncomeEliteTeam.com

Owner: Steve Peirce

Type: Make money online

Price: $39.95 a month

Recommend?: No

What Is Elite Income Team & How Does It Work?

Elite Income Team is a membership program which teaches you how to make money online. 

The sites gives you access to strategies that other people are using to make money online. When you sign up to the site you will have access to a mentor who is going to assist you with the first things you need to learn before starting to make money online.

Making Money on Automation

Steve talks about how you can make money on Clickback on automation.

Steve promises that you will make a lot of money with this program on autopilot, quit your job and enjoy life while with system makes money for you.

What is Income Elite Team About

He also adds that you have to hurry up because he can only let a restricted number of people into this program and coach them.

But will this really work at all?

Passive Income, Yes, Automation, No

It is true and widely accepted these days that you can make money online but I can guarantee you that you will not be able to make money online in your first month of getting started as a newbie, it needs a lot of work and time but in the end it will pay off.

What is Income Elite Team About

One click things do not exist, I make money with affiliate marketing with my blog and this method really works even though it took a lot of work for it to start making money. It is possible to make passive income with a blog but on on autopilot, you have to always be attentive because something might change and you might lose your rankings.

Three Flaws

What firstly attracted my attention about this program is that it is 10 years old, usually scams last only 1-2 years and then disappear.

Here are some other things which also attracted my attention:

1) Limited Number of People who Can Sign Up – This is a tactics scammers use to make you sign up fast.

2) The Income Proofs –  The income proof can easily be modified with photoshop.

What is Income Elite Team About

3) No Information About The System – A whole website and sales page and it doesn’t tell you how exactly the money is going to be made.

On ClickBank you can either make money as a seller if you have your own product or you can make money as an affiliate if you promote other people’s products, but still Steve doesn’t clarify how exactly you are going to make money.

Income Elite Team Pros

  1. A 60-day money back guarantee polity

What Does the Income Elite Team Training Include?

When you enter the membership program, you get access to the following resources:

  • Elite Stealth Projects – Those are techniques that people have used to make money online and which are proven to work.
  • The Community Hub – Here you can choose to work in projects with other members.
  • The Wealth Library – Here you can find all the resources within the site in an organized way.

What is Income Elite Team About





When I entered the program I saw that it wasn’t updated which makes the whole training not have any value now whatsoever!

Most of the links are broken, videos have been taken down and screen shots are from 10 years ago done with Microsoft 98.

What is Income Elite Team About

So, the training that you are going to get is totally outdated.

thumb downIs Income Elite Team A Scam?

The training is just low quality and outdated, yes, it would have worked 10 years ago, but not now. So, I think this is a scam because you can’t know that the training will not work anymore before buying it.

I don’t recommend this program because you can’t make money with it these days.


Here is a Program which is Always Up-to-Date

Now that you know that you can’t make money with Income Elite Team, you will need a platform which will really make you money, I am talking about a platform which included all the training and tools necessary for an online business. It’s the same platform where I learned how to make money online and you can try it for free before you decide if it is what you want to do. A lot of members on this platform have quit their jobs, as well as some moms work from home on this platform. But you will not be making money overnight with it and it requires some dedication in the beginning, but it will really pay off in the long run. You need to treat it like a job and dedicate to it the necessary hours if you want to make it work.

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And after you sign up you will have access to my personal help as your mentor, you can ask me questions within this community and I will help you will everything you need. I will always be there to help you as long as you are part of the platform. I am interested in you making money and you making money will make me money, so be my referral and I will work with you.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you a lot of success.

Your friend,



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