What Is Hive Micro About – Legit or a Scam?

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On June 29, 2018
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Hive Micro is a micro jobs site in which you can get paid for doing little tasks. On Hive Micro you can get paid from categorizing images according to their content, identify people and vehicles in images, things that automated robots cannot do. But apparently their pay is very low for the time you have to spend on these tasks.
I don't recommend this site.

Nowadays there are a lot of websites dedicated to microjobs. Hive Micro is one of those platforms in which you can work as a freelancer and make money online. In this post I am going to discuss what is Hive Micro about and if it is worth to start working on this site.

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Breaf Description of Hive Micro

Hive Micro is about 1 year old and it pays people to do microjobs. You can choose from a lot of categories and find the jobs that best fit your skills.

Creating an account on this site is free and the proccess of signing up is quick and easy.

You need to be over 18 to start working on this site.

What Is Hive Micro About

The Tasks and Their Pays

They also ask you for your address and your phone number when you sign up.

Starting to work on this website is very easy once you sign up because the user experience is great. Here are the categories of jobs you can choose from:

1) NSFW Images – $0.15 per 1000 solved

These are images that need to be classified betwen clean images, suggestive images, sexually explicit images and violent images

2) Celebrity Yes/No – $0.35 per 1000 solved

You have to classify these images if they match the images provided or not. These are images of celebrities.

3) Pedestrians Multipass – $1.20 per 1000 solved

Here you need to recognize a person in the picture which has not been recognized abutomatically.

4) Driving Multipass – $1.40 per 1000 solved

Here you have to recognize vehicles which have not been automatically recognized by the system.

From the paymends that you see here you can understand that you would need to spend a great deal of time working on this site. And the problem with this kind of works (like with survey sites) is that ususally there is not much work for you.

The Training

The program also gives you training on how you can perform your job. So, you firstly will need to go through the training.

You will go through 45-50 images while training and you will not be paid for this.

The Support

There is a great deal of people online compaining about the support at this site.

How much money can you make?

But is all this worth it?

The amount of money you will make on Hive Micro will be very low. How much money can you make in 30 minutes?

I tried this and I could only make $0.07!

What??? Is this a joke???

This is clearly the job for people with absolutely no skills, except from being human.

That is the only thing required to through go these pictures, thing that machines cannot do. Better train yourself and learn new skills and get a decent pay for your work.

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The site will pay you on a weekly basis (every Tuesday) with the condition that you have achieved the minimum threshold which is $20. This sounds good, but I have read reviews of people who worked for hours and hours on this site and they were not able to achieve their minimum threshold in a month on this site, let alone a week: Here’s an example of someone describing their experience with the site: https://www.beermoneyforum.com/threads/hivemicro-reviews-scam-or-legit.5542/

In my opinion this is totally not worth it.

What Wealthy Affiliate has to Offer

Wealthy Affiliate is not a site in which you can make an income by the end of the week or month, it’s an investment for the future.

It can take up to a year to make money with Wealthy Affiliate (if you follow all the training and work consistently). Now, I know that what I’m saying seems like a joke because if you searched for a micro jobs site you probably need to make money soon, but I strongly recommend you to also work for the long term in order to get out of this rat race.

I personally have created a simple organization system during which at the first part of the day I work for making a paycheck soon, and I invest the last part of my day by doing tasks which will bring me profit as far as after a year. And building a blog is one of these.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build a blog and make money with it, something that if you start today will bring you a full time income about a year from now. But the reason why this method of making money is superior is because it produces passive income.


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