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What Is Global Money Line

Global Money Line is a platform which advertises itself as a lead generator. When you enter the platform you can create your own email list to which you can promote later. They call your list “Money Line”.

You can join for free on this platform but there are also some membership with different prices like $20, $100 and up to $1000.

The concept of their site is a clever idea and I hadn’t heard about anything like this before. When you sign up for free on their platform you have given your email contact to everyone who has signed up before you. And everyone who is going to sign up after you will be in your email list. So you will have an email list of people who have signed up to Global Money Line. And you can do this for free. Email marketing is important these days and having an email list of people who search for this kind of products (in the make money online niche) can be useful in the future.

Some Wealthy Affiliate community members have been asking about Global Money Line and if it is worth to join for free. So I decided to review this product to see if there is a catch.

How Does Global Money Like Work

When you first sign up to the platform there are two videos that you need to watch in order to better understand how the system works: Maximizing your MoneyLine and Compound Leverage Compensation Plan.
So Global Money Line is free and you can stay a free member for as long and you want. I like free things so I gave it a go. As I mentioned before, they way this system works is that everyone who signs up after you is going to be your lead, so the sooner you sign up the better. After you sign up your list is going to grow.

Within a few months you will have a massive email list. The how do you use this email list? As I mentioned at the beginning of this review there are different Global Money Line memberships with different prices. With the highest priced memberships you can send more messages at a time to your email list.

You can send a message to someone only once per month and then it unlocks them again to send them a message again the next month.

To send messages to your MoneyLine go to Communications and then click Money Line Product Page.

Here is the dashboard that you will get:

Picture from: https://grahamhodsdon.com

Their Affiliate Program

You can also earn from Global Money Line with their referral program. Their referral program works this way:

  • First you have to sign up to the Bronze package ($20)
  • You have to bring two other people to sign up to the Bronze package

After you do these two things you will get 100% commission for every person who signs up to Bronze with your affiliate link.

And there is a two-tier commission too. If your referrals get two other people to buy the Bronze package, you will get a 50% commission for each additional referral after that. Considering that Global Money Line in itself is very useful, a lot of people would be interested to sign up and some of them buy the Bronze package.

And in case you are wondering, yes, Global Money Line pays with PayPal.


1. Free sign up

2. From the moment you sign up your email list start building even if you don’t do anything

3. Has a global reach

4. The payment for packages is only a one time payment

5. It allows you to advertise your business and get leads to your site

6. Your email list will be people interested in making money online

7. Their generous affiliate program

8. Free traffic to your site


1. No training
2. A lot of complaints

3. Founder is unknown

4. You will get promotional emails from people who signed up before you

5. People may give emails they don’t use when they register

6. Global Money Line is not accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau)

7. The list created on Global Money Line can not be exported outside of it

Global Money Line Results

I have seen people who swear by Global Money Line who have achieved great results with it and people who think it’s not worth it.

The first one is a Wealthy Affiliate member commenting on a blog post about Global MoneyLine within the Wealthy Affiliate community:

Who Is Global Money Line NOT For

As mentioned in the above review from a customer of Gloobal Money Line, higher ranking member’s show before the messages of Bronze and free members. That’s why Global Money Line might not be a good idea if you plan to stay a free member or a Bronze one.

Email marketing is very effective these days and internet marketing gurus are saying that it is having a come-back. However, it is effective for people who really have interest of giving your email address to get offers or content from you, not like in the case of Global Money Line in which people sign up just to send their offers to other people.

I would better grow an email list the proper way by displaying an opt-in form on by site and create a list of people who are really interested in by specific niche and content.


I don’t see Global Money Line as a way to make money. The concept of their website is good, but I think they have gone out of their scope.

However, it is a good way to get leads.

I wouldn’t bother to go beyond the Bronze level which includes sending messages to 20 people at a time. But I definitely think it’s worth a free sign up to build your email list. You will know that your list is compound of people interested in making money online, so that you can promote to them products in this niche.

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