What Is Fast Income Generator About?


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On October 4, 2018
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What is Fast Income Generator about? The Fast Income Generator is a company which will allow you to work from home with Amazon. It promises to make you $14,000 a month with this opportunity.

Today I am going to review the Fast Income Generator (FIG). I am going to talk about what is fast income generator about, is Fast Income Generator a scam and do I recommend it.

The first moment that I landed on their landing page, I thought that it was a scam. I has seen the same guy on another scam landing page of another program and the landing page was so similar to it.

Amazon Cash Websites is a program which lures people into Money Sucking Website System, which is another program.

Money Sucking Website System is not legit either and it has been scamming people for about a year now, from the time it has been launched.

What Is Fast Income Generator?

The Fast Income Generator is a company which will allow you to work from home with Amazon. It promises to make you $14,000 a month with this opportunity.

On their landing page there is a story about Carol and Paul Miller, which I have to say that it is FAKE. Here’s their picture.

This story is made up to trick you to buy the program, but it;s completely FAKE and here’s the proof:

It’s just a stock photo. In some cases testimonials can be real and for privacy purposes a stock photo is used, but I doubt it’s this is the case. This is because they used the exact same story on Amazon Cash Website. he photo is a different one, but the story is the same.

As you can see, the little notes above the pictures are identical.

Fast Income Generator will also lead you to buy Money Sucking Website System. And from my research I can conclude that it is not legitimate at all. The story is fictional.

How Does the Fast Income Generator Work?

Fast Income Generator takes advantage from people who don’t know how the process of making money online works. Instead of selling you a training which shows how you can really make money as an Amazon affiliate, they sell you a bunch of lies.

Their income claims are so far from reality and it clearly shows that it is a scam to get your money.

They don’t care about you or your earnings. The price of this product is $47, but it will end up costing a lot more if you are not careful.


There are no pros for this program, unfortunately.


1. Funnels you to Money Sucking Website System which is a scam

2. Manipulative marketing techniques which show that they only want your money

3. Unrealistic income claims

The Money Sucking Website System

The Money Sucking Website System is definitely a scam.

It promises that you can make $500 a day overnight, but unfortunately a system like this does not exist. There are two videos on their landing  page, but none of them explains how you are actually going to make money with this system.

They even go further by telling that this system needs to be a secret so other people don’t make twists to it and make it saturated.

It’s a total scam and it’s a program reshaped from another program called FB Bonanza. There are people who are serial scammers and are going to create one product after another, just to scam. And when people start to understand that a product is a scam and not buy it anymore, they create another.

The Money Sucking System uses the same manipulative techniques like every other scam claiming that you are going to make a lot of money fast and with no work.

What you get when you buy it are just some lame videos and no money sucking website because creating a successful website business takes time and a lot of hard work.

And it also uses fake testimonials from Fiverr.

Is the Fast Income Generator a Scam?

Fast Income Generator is definitely a scam. And the program that it leads you to, the Money Sucking Website System is also a scam. There are reviews of people who have lost a couple of hundreds of dollars to this scam.

Their Manipulative Techniques

I’ve reviewed a lot of scams and I know that they use the same manipulative techniques.

1. Limited spots

The first manipulative technique that they use is telling that there are limited spots to join the program. They do this to make you buy it as soon as possible without douign proper research.

Of course the spots are not limited.

Refresh the page and you are going to see the same number of sports that are available.

2. Location targeting

The site uses a software to detect your location. After it detects where you live, it is going to customize the message according to your location like “x limited spots on New York”. This is used to support the claim that spots are limited, which is absolutely fake.

Unfortunately, there are a lot more scams on the internet than there are legit programs, so don’t believe everything you read.


To conclude it, I don’t recommend this program because everything is fake about it and it clearly exists only you suck in your money.

Fortunately, there are legit programs to make money online. You need to avoid program which promise to make you money overnight, on automatic, or with little work. They are all scams. And the sooner you realize this, the sooner you are going to start building a real online business.

There is a lot of misinformation and scams online, and this is the reason that most people fail to make money online. Fortunately, there are also legit programs.

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2 thoughts on “What Is Fast Income Generator About?”

  1. Hello Enxhi, Making $14,000 would be great but is it really possible for someone starting out trying to make an income online?!

    Is there a monthly fee for the fast income generator also with the $47 one-time payment? If so, I’m sure its high! Seems like the website would do a better job at hiding its “scam” by having an example video of others or testimonies. The creator behind the website must be trying to get fast money for themselves instead of others! So horrible! Thanks for sharing your insight. The company linking this website to Amazon could give Amazon a bad rep!

    Best Wishes, Rachel

    • Making $14,000 is not possible of you are just starting out. It is certainly possible if you put a lot of effort in building your online business first. This program is not legit and is making unrealistic claims. 

      There is not a monthly fee, but there are some very expensive upsells. 


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