What Is Easy Cash Code About – $500 a Day?

This Easy Cash Code review will explain what is Easy Cash Code about and how you can make money with it.

Easy Cash Code At A Glance

Website: EasyCashCode.com

Owner: Reginald Stinson

Price: $18 (with upsells)

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What Is Easy Cash Code About?

Easy Cash Code is a program which promises to teach you how to make $500 – $1000 a day and you are going to promote the program itself to earn. The commission for each sale you make is $18.

What Does the Training Include?

1) The program teaches you how to create a squeeze page and how to get traffic to it.

Getting traffic to your site is not that easy and if the squeeze page doesn’t have unique content, it isn’t going to rank on the search engines. The easiest way to get traffic is through search engines and I wouldn’t recommend a newbie to buy traffic like the program suggests.

Paid traffic requires a lot of experience, trial and error and if you don’t have experience, you are going to end up loosing money.

2) Upsells – The program also includes upsells. If you buy all the upsells, it will cost you $700 and I’m not sure if you are going to achieve any level of success if you don’t buy all the upsells.

There are also some additional costs which are not mentioned in the training: to create a squeeze page you will need a hosting plan and to collect email subscriptions you will need an autoresponeder which is a paid service.

Can You Make Money with Easy Cash Code?

You could make money with this system but from my two year experience as an online marketer I can say that making hundreds of dollars a day is not that easy as the testimonials make it seem. But I don’t think that it would work for newbies since lack of experience can make you lose money if you start investing on ads.


The training will teach you something about internet marketing, and to some point is legit but I don’t like the fact that you can only promote their product itself.


  • There is no way you could make $500 a day with this program
  • They don’t show in the selling page what the program is really about
  • They are not transparent about upsells
  • The only way to bring traffic to your squeeze page is through paid ads
  • No money-back guarantee
  • You can only sell the product which you bought, kind of a pyramide scheme

Do I Recommend it?

I don’t recommend Easy Cash Code and there is nothing easy about this program. I don’t like the upsells and everything else I mentioned above about this program.

Get The Training You Need From The Best of The Best

I’m not trying to sell this program to make money when you sign up!

I have learned everything I know about internet marketing and making money online from this program, and it cost $49 a month, but it totally worth it and I guarantee you that you would make money faster than with Easy Cash Code!

The best thing is that you can try this program for free and stay a free member for as long as you want. Please know that when I sign up for free I don’t make any money, so know please know that my intentions are to show you how AMAZING this program is and how it has helped me and a lot of other internet marketers get started online.

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Also know that after you sign up you can contact me within the community for help, here’s my profile: dreamgirl93, I will always be there to help you with whatever problem you face in your online business because I’ve done it before and I will help you do it too!

In the mean time if you have any questions about the programs mentioned on this post please fill free to comment below, I really want to help you… ????

I wish you a lot of success!


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