What Is CTP Today About

What Is CTP Today about? It CTP Today a scam?

What Is CTP Today About?

CTP Today is an abbreviation for Cash In to That Passion. CTP Today is a website which claims to make you a lot of money online. They even claim that you can make $500 just by watching their sales video. Seriously, this is all the information that they give.

Richard Paul is the creator of CTP Today and he is been promoting other programs like “Countdown To Profits”, “Instant Success System” (been on their sales videos).

Probably, the same system is being sold under different names here. And they all are just funnels to another program.

It’s a number’s game the more they promote, the more people they will get to buy. They develop different versions of the same site and when one of them gets a poor reputation, they create another one.

If you go to their Purchase Agreement section, you will see some red flags too.

The 21 steps mentioned on their Purchase Agreement page reminds me of another program called Cash In with Matt. This program was just a funnel to MOBE and I think that CTP Today is no different. If not MOBE, it is promoting another program.

The website is similar to the website of another program, called CountDown to Profits. The websites are in fact identical. And even the testimonials of each program are identical.

In their Terms & Services page they say that this website is not offering a business opportunity. If it is not offering a business opportunity, what is it offering then?

It is strange that they claim that they are not offering a business opportunity.

The Pros

This is the section that I write about the pros and the cons of each program, but honestly I couldn’t find anything good about this program.

The Cons

  • Unrealistic income claims
  • Limited positions lie
  • Fake creator
  • No information on what it is really about

Claiming that there are only limited spots online is a tactic that many scams use to the people to buy before doing proper research on their program.

Richard Paul is supposedly the creator of CTP Today. He is a fake persona which I have seen in other scams too as their creator.

Is CTP Today a Scam

CTP Today is a scam and they will do everything to get you to buy their product. I recommend that you avoid it at all costs.

I would say that CTP Today is a scam because it is totally misleading. CTP Today is a re brand of another program and in the end it promotes MOBE.

I don’t like MOBE because I don’t think that it provides value to anyone, it just passes money from one person to another. And it is very expensive.

The creator is a serial scammer

Richard Paul is the creator if CTP Today. Even that this is probably just a fake character, the name Richard Paul has been linked with a lot of other scams.

Another program linked to his name is Countdown to Profits. There are a lot of negative reviews about this program online.

I can clearly see that CTP Today is just design to make profit for the creator and give the customer little to no return.

A get rick quick scheme

CTP Today is just a get rick quick scheme with no training or product to offer you. There is no information on what you are going to buy or sell to make money with it.

Nothing about this program makes sense.

A Better Way to Make Money Online

It is possible to make money online, but it is hard to succeed.

Instead of falling for scams like this, look for legitimate ways to earn online. I have come across a very good legitimate training for newbies.

What makes this program unique is that it is free to get started and it has an amazing helping community of online entrepreneurs.


I have been a member of this program for 3 years and I have learned a lot from it.

The training is very easy, it is compound of short straight-to-the-point videos and is vey easy to follow.


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