What Is Clicks Dealer About: A Scam or Legit

Clicks Dealer is a website which promises to teach you how to make money online by buying and flipping advertising banners.

Flipping ads is a fairly new concept of making money online. I had never heard this concept before learning about it from Clicks Dealer. But does this concept really work?

How Does Clicks Dealer Work

The concept has to do with buying and selling ad banners. Money can be made by posting ads on other people’s websites, however, not to the extent that Clicks Dealer makes it seem.

Clicks Deal also has an affiliate program. They claim that they will give you $1,000 for every new referral that you bring them. This seems ridiculous, especially that the referrals don’t have to pay anything to sign up to their site.

In my opinion this is just an empty promise.

The Cost

You need to spend at least $250 for this program. I read this from their terms of service page. Their lowest level package (the Bronze package) costs $250.

It’s true that you can create an account for fee, but to activate your account, you are required to pay. They will give you several options to choose from.

The Sales Page

We know that earning $200-1,000 a day just by buying and selling banner ads seems too good to be true. But some people will just look at their sales page and buy Clicks Dealer without doing proper research.

They use all kind of emotional triggers and fake testimonials in their sales page. Unfortunately, there are people who buy this kind of products because they are targeted to newbies. They constantly change their names and domains when a bad reputation is created around them.

The Red Flags

  1. The testimonials are just hired actors. A company which asks its members to deposit thousands of dollars should at least show their owner’s faces and the employees. In the screen shot below you can see that their testimonials are just actors from Fiverr:
  2. Their business model is not feasible. You can’t just buy the ads of big companies and earn from the clicks on them. In the advertising game only the advertiser, the content provider and the network which connects them can earn.


I am convinced that Clicks Dealer is a scam. I would be surprised if I heard someone saying that they made money with Clicks Dealer or by flipping ads on the internet.

Before I wrote this review I searched for positive reviews or success stories of people who made money with Clicks Dealer. I couldn’t find any. No one besides the paid spokespeople recommends Clicks Dealer. There are a lot of negative reviews of Clicks Dealer on YouTube. Here’s one of them:

There is not business model such as flipping ads. After I did my research, I found out that there are some more websites which sell this business model. They are all scams. Real legit programs mention their owners who take price in creating a successful program that they are trying to sell you. Scams hide their owners or create fake personas as owners.

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