What Is Cashkarma?

What is Cashkarma?

Cashcarma is a mobile app which allows you to make money by downloading and testing apps.

You can also make money with it by completing surveys and watching videos, searching the web and signing up for trials, you can get paid in cash or gift cards. The minimum threshold for getting paid with PayPal is $3.

It is available for IOS or Android.

This sounds good, but can you really make money with the Cashkarma app? I run across this app while searching for easy ways to make money online and what attracted my attention is that the app has managed to have high rankings on the Google Play app store. Its rating is 4.6, but when I read some of the reviews they seemes a bit stratnge and I also niticed that there were a lot of people who had given bad reviews.

So, let’s take a look at it and find out of it really works.

When enter inside the app you will see that it is well-designed and performs technically well.

Cashkarma Pros

1. It offers more rewards compared to what other similar apps are offering for the same tasks. I did some quick calculations and I concluded that on a day I would make 600 points while working for just 20 minutes.

How Much Are CashKarma Points worth it in the real world currency? 10,000 Cashcarma points are worth $10, so if you make some quick calculations, you would make $5 a week on this app. This is not much but it is more than other similar apps.

2. The offers are pretty easy to fulfill.

3. A high range of offers to choose from.

4. You can earn points from anywhere in your free time with your phone.

5. Userfriendly design.

6. This app is available world-wide.

Cashkarma Cons

1. A lot of people say in the reviews that the app doesn’t credit your points after you complete the offers.

2. Bad reviews about the customer service.

3. The offers are more directed to US users, so you will have more offers if you have on the US, consequently make more money, but there are opportunities to earn for non-US users too.

If you are not in the US and you don’t have much offers available, you can watch videos and and after 50 videos or so you get a bonus with is up to 300 points.

You can also earn 5 points for checking in every 24 hours. And if you check in every day for some days in a row, you will earn a bonus too. Unfortunately, lately they’ve put limitations on check-ins and bonuses, so I’ve stopped using the app.

If you use the app every day, you can accumulate big amounts of points.

With these negative aspects, how is it possible that the app had such high reviews? I digged a little deeper into it and I realized that there were a lot of people who had given positive reviews and were posting their referral code. So this made me a bit sceptical about their authenticity.

Sure, every app has some bad reviews but the ones that I read about this app were totally negative and in total opposition to the3 good reviews about the same topics. And there were so many bad reviews talking about the same thing. They might eb there for a reson and when so many people say the same thing it usually is try.

I recommend that before trying this app you firstly go to the Google Play store and read the reviews about this app.

And oen thing I wouldn’t try are trials. Some offers have a free trial where you can register with your credit card and you will have to cancel the trial on time in order to not get charged. I wouldn’t try anything which required my credit card, not matter if I am going to get paid for it.

How Much Time Will It Take to Pay Users After Asking for Payments?

I had some bad experiences with some apps which would delay the payments and I couldn’t tell if they were going to pay or not and it was irritatating to continue working.

I’ve only cashed out once on AppKarma. It took 24 hours to get paid.

Everything was fine and they paid as promised. But I’m sorry to tell you that this app isn’t legit anymore, I earned some points and they refused to credit me. If you are on this situation too, it’s best to let them know because it is a problem of third party which fails to track it.

I was so mad when this happend to me that I deleted the app. But onfortunately sending them emails to credit you is the only way to get paid.

And even after you email them with screen shot proofs, sometimes they give you the points and sometimes not.

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My Final Opinion

When I first checked the app, I liked it, but after digging a little bit deeper, I started to not like it.

The bad reviews put me off. Messing with payouts is not good and even that I’ve got paid once, I don’t think it is worthy to take the risk. If you calculate the time spend making money with apps it doesn’t exceed more than a few dollars in an hour. For people on some less developend countries this might seem, ok, but I don’t really think that these type of apps are worth your time.

As I said I got paid once, but it’s a slow earning app.

I don’t like the apps which pay you to download other apps, I use my phone for work and they slow down my phone.

Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it, that’s why two years a ago I learned how to create a website and make money with affiliate marketing. It’s really passive income and it’s the best way to make money online. I learned this through a training, which is open for new members and if you sign up through my link I will be there to help you build your business. You can contact me with the community.

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3 thoughts on “What Is Cashkarma?”

  1. The information is presented very well, straight to the point and explained what the app was about.

    Explaining the pros and cons from your point of view is a nice touch and allows the reader to put themselves in your shoes and examine the possible benefits they could get from it.

    Thanks for the information,
    Chad Trader

  2. Thanks for the review!

    I’ve heard of this app, and I’ve seen it in the GooglePlay Store, but I’ve never tried it out. I just don’t feel like my phone has enough to room to be downloading apps that I won’t use much.

    The money earning options on it seem pretty diverse, which I like. One of my recent favorite micro-earning apps like that is one called Fam.ly. It pays you to watch viral YouTube videos. It also pays really small amounts, but it adds up pretty quick, especially because it’s fun to use. Those cute animal videos are addicting!

    What are some other apps like this that you use?


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