What Is Builderall About

What Is Builderall About?

Bulderall is a website builder platform. It is also an overall digital marketing platform which was created in 2011 by Erick Salgado to help entrepreneurs to build their online presence. Bulderall also has its affiliate program which is called Bulderall Business and it has a two-tier commission system.

A 30-Day Guarantee

You can request a refund from Builderall within 30 days after you buy it. Buildeall Business is not subject to refund if you have made a commission with it. Aside from that you can cancel your Buildeall account any time you like.

What Does Builderall Include

If you already work with affiliate marketing you might know that there are some components to a successful online business, one of them being sales funnels.

Other important part are the hosting, email autoresponders and also sometimes adding a chat box into your site. Getting all these aspects together can be a nightmare. Builderall markets itself as the only tool for affiliate marketing that you’ll ever need, being in the market with a competitive price.

Builderalll is a bunch of digital marketing tools combined together in a single platform. Here are its three main tools:

  • A drag and drop tool which allows you to build sales funnels
  • A drag and drop tool which allows you to build website landing pages
  • An email autoresponder

But that’s just the tip of the aisberg, the platform includes 27 other tools, that’s the most I have even encountered in a single platform.

Before using Builderall I had been using ClickFunnels and WordPress, but after checking Builderall I soon realized that it offers a better experience.

If you have a website you are probably using 5 to 10 plugins.

Builderall combines what a bunch of plugins together do in one.

Builderall is easy to use and you also have training video which teach you how to use the tool.

Builderall vs Wealthy Affiliate

One alternative to Builderall is Wealthy Affiliate. But which one is better Builderall or Wealthy Affiliate? Builderall gives you access to landing pages, sales funnels, app creator, website builder and heat maps. These tools could cost hundreds of dollars if you had to buy them separately, but what makes Builderall unique is that you don’t have to worry about the costs.

Builderall is based on HTML5 but you don’t need any coding skills to use it.

Wealthy Affiliate is the all-inclusive online training platform which will teach you how to create an online business, It also provides the tools and the support for this, everything you will need in one. It includes training on social media marketing, pay-per-click marketing, search engine marketing, all training is updated.

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The Tools

Wealthy Affiliate also has the best keyword tool in the market integrated with the membership program. Builderall has an SEO reporting tool too, but it is not as good as the keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate.

While Builderall includes an autoresponder which Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t and also a landing page creator, which both would have additional costs with you are a member of Wealthy Affiliates.

Builderall has more tools included in its membership.

The Affiliate Programs

Both platforms are using their affiliate programs and they pay in the same way.

Builderall also has a two-tier referral system, if this is something which interests you. Both programs give incentives if you have great results as their affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate gives a trip to Las Vegas, where all their ‘super’ affiliates meet once a year and Builderall gives you a car as an incentive if you achieve a specific amount of sales as an affiliate.

The training

The training on Wealthy Affiliate is more focused on blogging while the training of Builderall is more focused on sales pages.

Wealthy Affiliate Builderall are both great legit programs to learn internet marketing. What Wealthy Affiliate has that Builderall doesn’t is a community of entrepreneurs which you can share experience and get help in real time.

The websites

If you compare the websites created with each platform, you are going to see that Wealthy Affiliate websites load faster. This doesn’t mean the Builderall websites are bad, just that Wealthy Affiliate is better in this area. It is worthy to note that websites created with both platforms load under 2 seconds. Any more that 2 seconds, you would lose visitors.

On Wealthy Affiliate you can host more websites and have a 30GB of space.

On Wealthy Affiliate you get a 24 hours support on the hosting. And you can transfer websites created with Wealthy Affiliate in any other hosting service.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a high number of paid themes included on the membership, from which you can choose to create a website. While Builderall has a drag and drop tool to build your landing pages.

Both platform are very easy to use as a newbie. Wealthy Affiliate has videos to guide you on where to go when you just sign up and Builderall has the drag and drop option which makes it easy to use the platform.

From the information gives in this section, you can judge for yourself on which program is better. They are both serious companies, but their differ prom their business model and the pricing. You can join Wealthy Affiliate here.

The Choice Comes Down to You

I can say that Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall are two of the best options out there to learn internet marketing. For many, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference. I did very well using the Wealty Affiliate training program and tools. Here is more about that.

You can rest assured that both programs are legitimate and they are not “get-rich-quick scheme”, they both work. Both are serious companies which just have different business models.

To build a solid online business takes time and patience.

You can get a better grasp of Wealthy Affiliate by reading my full Wealthy Affiliate review here.


To sup up the results from the comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Builderall, Wealthy Affiliate was a winner in these areas: faster loading websites, better hosting, more helpful community. While Builderall was better at these areas: better tools, better website builder and a better affiliate program.

Both platforms have an equal good training even that their training is specialized on different areas, and both have reasonable prices for what they offer.

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