What Is BTC1up.com: A Scam or Legit?

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On October 8, 2019
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BTC1up.com is a website which will provide you with the opportunity to build your email list. Everyone which signs up within as your referral will be part of your email list and will pay to you $50 when they sign up. After they sign up the can recruit other members to do the same.

BTC 1 Up is a website which claims to influence the value of bitcoins minus the risk of loosing money if this bubble bursts.

The platform claims that is has a system which can help you earn money with bitcoin without the risk that the bitcoin bubble will burst.

How Does BTC1up.com Work

This system is about advertising bitcoins, however, it raises suspicion due to the high number of bitcoin scams. In fact, the truth is that there is no product of this company and they are not in the advertising business.

The system is not related to bitcoins too, they just use the popularity of bitcoins to draw people in. They have an affiliate program where you need to recruit other members and earn commissions from this. In fact, the only way to earn with this program is by recruiting other people, because there is not product. This is the perfect example of a pyramid scheme.

There is no product that people are going to buy, only the license to sell this empty program to other people. These schemes never last because a pyramid scheme eventually comes to an end. And it becomes more and more difficult to recruit other people because more people know that this program is just a scam.

The cost of joining BTC 1 up is $50. So if you are looking for a free way to earn money online, this is not one. You could do far better selling whatever product than this empty one, that you don’t even know how to convince your target customers to buy. Because no products, no benefits, no reason to buy. Everyone who buys this program only buys the ability to sell it to other people.

The website also provides some training on how new members can promote this program to recruit other members.

The training is not so in-depth, but you are going to learn how to do exactly what the person who referred you did.

Based on other similar programs that I have reviewed, I can’t say that anyone is earning from programs like this, especially in the long term. When a program focuses more on its affiliate program than the actual product that it is selling to customers, it’s most likely a pyramid scheme and schemes which work like this never last in the long term.

In my opinion it is not worth to try the system.

The Product

When you first sign up to the system you are required to give them your email address and your email address is directly added to the email list of the person who recruited you. This basically means that they can contact you with whatever offer they want after this.

This is the actual product that BTC1up.com is selling, the ability to build an email list so you can promote to your email list.

Also when you pay your $50 when you sign up this amount goes directly to the person who referred you. And you will earn $50 in bitcoins from each of your referrals when they sign up.

They only way that everyone earns with this program is by recruiting other members because there is no real product, except the possibility to collect the email lists of everyone of your referrals after giving your email to the person who recruited you.

Is BTC1up.com a Scam

BTC1up.com is not a scam in the aspect that you can earn with it but the way that people are earning with it is questionable. You are not going to sell a real product, just the ability to promote it to other members. So it’s more like a Ponzi scheme and it’s not reliable in the long run. Everyone online is talking about this program’s ability to earn and not their product. Their only focus is their referral program because there is no real product.

To sum it up, is doesn’t seem to me like a good opportunity to join, especially when there are a lot of legit opportunities online to take advantage off. Making money online is not easy but this platform gives the average person the best chance to succeed online.

I know this because this is the program that taught me everything I know about internet marketing and helped me make my first dollars online. The proper way to earn money online is to stop chasing shiny objects, it will be easier for people to scam you if you have that mindset. Everyone wants to make money online, but you need to learn the proper skills and do the proper tasks first.

The Red Flags

1. There is no product of this company.

2. Bitcoins has nothing to do with their scheme, they are just using the popularity of bitcoins to lure people in.

3. Their focus is on recruiting other members. This combined with the fact that there is no product makes it a Ponzi scheme. It is difficult to recruit other members when there’s no real product.


I hope this review has enlightened you on BTC1up.com. If you are tired of scam and want a real opportunity to make money online, check my #1 recommended program. It’s 100% free to join.

Remember, when you seek opportunities to make money online, don’t search for online jobs, but for online business opportunities. The program I mentioned above is about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a business model and requires that you build a website.

How I Make Money Online

The reality is that there are a lot of ways to make money online. The problem is that a lot of people get distracted by the latest products in this niche.

Affiliate marketing is a proven system that works, it has worked 5 years ago and it is going to work 5 years from now (and beyond). Before you focus on the money part, you have to build a website, create content and get traffic to it. Without content and traffic the money part won’t happen.

Building the foundation of your online business should be your first focus. Below is a video of “How to Make Money Online – The Process Explained”:

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