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On September 26, 2018
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Big Spot is a portal which is going to other survey sites which all have their terms and conditions. Big Spot states on its privacy policy page that it doesn't hold any responsability for your damage of you get scammed by any of the sites. For this reason it's not trustworthy. There are also a lot of customer complaints about not getting paid and about receiving a lot of spam emails and phone calls. This is becase Big Spot shares your information with third parties.

On this article I adress the toic of “what is big spot survey about” and if you can really make money with it by giving your opinion.

What Is Big Spot Survey About?

Big Spot Survey uses TV commertials to get you to sign up promising to get paid for surveys. However, there is a catch on this.

How Does Big Spot Work?

When you sign up to Big Spot, you are presented with a list of other survey companies which Big Spot encourages you to sign up. Each of these survey companies has its own terms and conditions.

Big Spot

How Survey Companies Work?

At this point it’s better if you understand how survey companies work and why you don’t want to have anything to do with them.

They pay you to fill out surveys and there ae a lot of them which are not legit and won’t even pay you after you complete surveys.

To make this even worse, some survey companies sell your information to other marketing companies. Especially if you live in a small country, it’s difficult to find survey sites which have interest in your surveys, that is what it makes it even more difficult to focus on them for your income.

I have tried only survey site and that is CashCrate, I’ve made so little on that site that it’s not even worth to withdraw them and I haven’t achieved the threshold yet because there are not surveys to complete for me. I hope that more people understand that survey sites are at the best a waste of time and at the worst a big scam like Big Spot.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are desperate to make money online and they are the most vulnerable and the ones who can’t afford to waster their time on getting scamed. There are ways to make money online, but it takes to build a legitimate business.

Big Spot Cons

There are a lot of customer compaints online about Big Spot. Most of them include getting spammed with endless emails and phone calls and not getting paid.

The Make Money Online Zone also tells that Big Spot doesn’t pay you and  you can read there about costomer compaints.

Here is one of them:

“I checked [Big Spot] out in hopes of using it as an additional income. I was bombarded with phone calls during the day . . .Big Spot tells people what they want to hear . . .”  (Source: Reviewopedia.com)

How Big Spot Gets and Uses Your Information

Big Spot sells your information to marketing companies and your privacy is compromised, despite that this is not included on their privacy page, Big Spot has other sneaky ways to get you to agree to share your information with third parties.

Here’s what their privacy page says:

“As a matter of policy, we do not sell, rent or otherwise share any of your personally identifiable information with third parties without your explicit consent”

Their sneaky ways to get your information from you is to send you an email saying that you have gained a price or ask you if you need information for a special offer and ask you to fill a form and give their information to them.

Once you have given them your information, they have the right to share it with third parties. Their are in the business of information, they know how to find ways to get your information for nothing and sell it with a lot higher price.

All in all, you can’t trust them and if you can’t trust them, don’t get involved with them, there are a lot of better ways to make money online.

Big Spot Terms of Service

The parent company of Big SPot is VarsityPlaza LLC, that’s why their terms of service are what apply to Big Spot too.

“Varsityplaza LLC is not responsible for any loss or damages resulting from your interaction with any other Website, including those that are linked to this Website… You agree to indemnify and hold harmless all parties associated with the Website for all costs including damages resulting from your use of the Website.”

In other words VarsityPlaza LLC is not responsible if you suffer any damage from using Big Spot.

Another sentence is very important from their privacy page:

“Varsityplaza LLC disclaims all warranties including without limitation implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.”

I emphasise the word “warrant”. In other words Varsityplaza LLC doesn’t promise you anything. You might think that the ads promised to pay you for giving your opinion in the surveys, but those promises do not count, their terms of service are saying that they don’t promise you anything or hold responsability for your damages from using the site.

The best thing to do is to not get involved with this company. They have expensive layers and they have calculated everything to be on their favour, you will only lose if you get involved with them. Your information is valuable for them and they know what they are doing.


There surely are some legit survey sites out there, but you are going to make only pocket money with them. They are not worth it. But if you decide to join them, before joining read their terms of services and privacyu policy.

Read these documents and make sure you understand them. Usually the truth if inside these documents and usually it’s ugly. These companies are in the busienss of getting information from you and they know what they are doing in getting it from you and taking full advantage of it.

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I hope this articles has helped you in exposing these Big Spot and I would appreciate it if you shared it with your family and friends. More people deserve to know abou this.

If you have any experience with Big Spot, we would like to know your experience with them, so please comment on the comments section below.

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