What Is Babeysy.com (Aymnz.com)

What Is Babeysy.com

Babeysy.com is an online store which offers different kind of products like beauty products, phone accessories, car accessories and kitchen accessories.

The store has recently changed its name to aymnz and has redirected the domain to aymnz.com. This tells me that they are owned by the same person, or why would someone redirect their domain to another website?

I know this also because I read their about us page and I also googled it. What appeared on the search?! A lot of other sites with the exact same about us page. This proves that aymnz is a scam too and part of this network of scam sites.

Babeysy has a bad reputation, even though there is not much information about it online, the information available is very limited.

This review is actually a scam alert dedicated to warn you about this site. If they have scammed you, please report them in the comments below.

At the time this review is written the website is very limited and it seems like it is under construction. Below I will list some red flags about this site you will understand that this site is not legit:

Red Flags

1. The website owner is hiding his identity. Legit sites don’t hide their owners.

2. We were unable to find reviews of this site on WebOfTrust and TrustPilot, but it has a negative review on ScamAdvicer:

The customer says that she bought a phone protector and hasn’t received it. The contact numbers that they offered were fake.

Some other customers say that they have received low quality products from this company, products that were not related what they had really ordered.

Sometimes you will receive empty envelopes and sometimes a cheap pair of headphones, but never exactly what you ordered. They will send you damaged or even stolen goods.

3. There are multiple sites hosted on the same server. For small websites this is quite normal.

4. The set up of the site includes three countries. This is not common for small sites, they usually involve just one country where the site is hosted and the domain is bought and activated.

5. The website is only 1 year and 32 days old. Scam sites usually don’t last for more than one year, so the fact that this site is still new means that it is still under some suspicion under it proves itself.

6. The photos on the products on their site are stolen and their lure customers in with too-good-to-be-true-prices.

7. Their address (96 Mowat Ave. Toronto, ON, CA) is used for other scam sites. In fact, from my research I concluded that these websites (this is part of a network of scam sites) are all from China.

9. Fake support email.

10. Their phone number also shows on a website: funnyjunk.com. This site also has the same phone number in their contact information.

11. Their about us page is the exact same with a lot of other similar sites (probably scams like this one), here is it: fake about us page

12. Prices are too good to be true. They are not going to send you what you offered.

13. They use fake tracking codes. Then, when you file a complaint they give you a real one. Unfortunately, this works sometimes for them.

14. The Facebook sharing button on their website takes you to the Facebook page of another brand.

15. Some reviews from customers online say that the products they ordered from the site have been delayed.

Moreover, this site is part of a scam network which includes other sites with the same characteristics.

Is Babeysy a Scam?

All the research I presented above clearly indicated that Babeysy.com is a scam. No founder name, no real address and phone number.

So, to sum it up, I recommend you stay away from this company. If you have given them you information, cancel you credit card to avoid unauthorized transactions. Unfortunately these scammers may try to steal from your card or sell your information to other scammers trying to do the same.

Do not trust www.babeysy.com!

How to Know If a Website Is Shady?


Sometimes you come across a site that there is not much information or reviews of it online. The best way to go about this is to do a background check of the website on WHOIS. When there is no information about the owner, address or their contact information this means that the site is not legit, or at least suspicious.

Another thing to check is the registration of their domain, if their domain has been registered only for one year, it is a strong indication of suspicion. Scams are most often closed by authorities within a year and a legit e-commerce sites takes for more than a year to show profits.

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Thank you for reading this review and just be aware! If you have any comments or if you ever came across a similar site, please share your comment below.








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