What Is Autopilot Profits About: Can You Make $3.4K in a Day?

In this post I am going to talk about what is Autopilot Profits about and if this program is worth it.

I will reveal to you some things which shocked me about this program, so keep reading till the end.

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The Owner & the Business Model

The owner of this program is Ewen, who has been an affiliate marketer with ClickBank for 17 years. At least he is a real person contrary to a lot of scams put there in which owners hide under nicknames.

The business model used by this program includes creating online ATMs which will make you money online and you can easily create.

You can create 10 or 20 ATMs, without any special skills, or buying a hosting or a domain.

The problem is that you need traffic to your website and as I said before it won’t come from your ready made squeeze page. And if you want you can ask their team to set up the business for you.

An easy to set up business which will make to you $3.4K in just 24 hours, let’s buy it.

Here is their sales page:

Wait … Not So Fast! Here are the Red Flags!

Unfortunately, money is not made so easily on the Internet, exept you have a lot of money to invest and a lot of experience to make sure you are doing the right investments. Here are three reasons why I think that this program is a scam:

Red Flag #1: No Information About the Product

First of all there is no information about the platform. Have you noticed that you so a whole 20 minutes video on their landing page and still you have no information about the actual product? All the videos is focused on showing you proof that this system has worked for Ewan, but it doesn;t show you how it works and what you would have to do to make money. This is the typical method which a lot of scams use.

You’re also not told how the money will come in, what is the product you are going to promote and if it is legit.

Every business person needs to know about the product before making an investement.

Second, it sounds like a “set it and forget it” type of business, but let me tell you something about this kind of businesses, they do not exist, money cannot be made on autopilot. The thing that scammers don’t tell you is that hard work is needed to make money online. If it was that easy every one would have done it.

Some people just can’t accept this and they keep searching for the “secret” to make money online and they keep losing money again and again investing on scams.

But I know that the only secret to successful business online and offline is hard work.

Red Flag #2 Done for You Squeeze Page

What is a squeeze page?

Having a sqeeze page done for you is a good thing because it will save you time, but the down side is that you won’t have control over it. You can not make improvements to it in case you think that some aspect of it would do better if changed.

In my years reviewing, make-money-online products I have learned that every system which is done for you is designed to keep you dependen on it, so you will keep paying your monthly membership or you will upgrade, so the owner will make more money. And if the owner decides to no longer support the system, you will have to quit your business too, that’s why I don’t like ready made tools.

It would be better if a program teaches you to be independent insted of offering ready made tools.

Traffic to Your Squeeze Page

There are a lot of ways to get traffic to a page and the best converting one is the traffic from the search engines. But the problem with the ready made for your squeeze page is that is will be duplicate and pages which don’t have original content won’t rank on the search engines.

So you can’t rely on traffic from the search engines on this page.

The only way you can get traffic to your site will be paid traffic.

And if you have some experience with paid ads you should know that it takes a lot of experiementation to know which campains work and which not.

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Red Flag #3: Upsells

Another point is that you are promosed that if you will be one of the first 100 people who will buy the product you will be charget $37 and you will be charged $97 if you can’t make it to the first 100.

That is another tactic used to lure you into thinking that while you watch the video will be the last chance for you to buy it for $37. And another thing that I also don’t like about this program is that it has UPSELLS.

Contrary to what is promosed on the selling video there are upsells and $37 was just made to get your first step into the door. And the thing is that there is not 1, but 14 upsells once you get started with this program.

The real purpose of this program is that Ewan himself cam make money and with the upsells he makes commissions from every product that you buy, He used to promote MOBE, a high ticked product which used to cost close to $20,000, which now no longer exists because was closed from the FTC, as a pyramide sceme.

All in all, he has done all this because of money, to get more of it. I think this program is a scam, it doesn’t matter that Ewan is a real person, this program is not going to give you the passive income that you want.

Is AutoPilot Profits a Scam?

Just be honest with yourself, automatic programs which make you money online do not exist. There are just many lies and red flags along the way with this program. If it would have worked a lot of people would be doing it, including myself.

The only thing which has worked for me in the long run is blogging and making money with affiliate marketing by selling people products which I use myself and like, really solving problems for people.



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