Wealthy Affiliate Free vs Paid Membership 2018

Wealthy Affiliate Free vs Paid Membership 2018: The Difference

With your free Wealthy Affiliate membership you can build the foundation to an online business.

Below I have listed everything that you can accoplish with the free Wealthy Affiliate membership.

What You Can Accomplish with the Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership…

Here is what you can accomplish in your first 10 free lessons on Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Interact with online marketers and aspiring ones in the Live Chat
  • Understand the process of earning money online
  • Set your goals about making money from your blog
  • Chose a niche for your website
  • Build your first website
  • Install the right plugins for your website
  • Create the about me page, privacy policy page
  • Get help from the community when you need it
  • Learn how to do keyword research

All this in just 10 days of the membership
If you follow the training you surely can achieve success like many others on Wealthy Affiliate. And if you don’t understnad something or you feel stuck on something the community is always there for you and you can directly contact the owners for every question you might have. I have contacted them and they have ALWAYS answered.

So, with the free membership, you get a good start on your online business.

The Community is Also a Big Motivation…

(1) People from all fields and walks of life are succeeding!
(2) You can never be stuck because there will always be someone to help you.
(3) Wealthy Affiliate is always improving and new trainings are being added every day.

There are two different memberships on Wealthy Affiliate: the free membership and the premium membership. In the next section I will explain you what is included in the premium membership.

With the free membership you can judge by yourself the quality of the training.

If you are interested in achieving real success online to the point of turning your blog into a business then you should consider the premium memebership! I personally, have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 1 year and 9 months now and I plan to continue with it. I really like the quality of the training but also its structure where a lot of things are ready and done for you, you just have to follow. 🙂

With the free membership you can complete one of the five trainings and with the premium membership you have access to the five training modules and other 300 hours of training videos and about 1000 individual trainings within the topic of creating a successful business online.

The key to Wealthy Affiliate is education and then comes income!

Level 2: Getting Traffic to Your Site

In Level 2 (Premium members only) the main focus is “how to get traffic to your website”. What level 2 of the Online Certification incudes:

  • Creating more content which will rank on Google
  • Learn how to get a lot of traffic to your website!
  • You will get indexed on Google (meaning that you people can find your site if they search for it online)
  • Learn how to find low competition keywords
  • Organizing your content for optimal user experience
  • Learn how to easily get your site indexed and get a lot of traffic to it
  • Learn how to create authority on Google
  • Where to easily find the best keywords.
  • A routine about consistently creating content

Traffic is the basis of an online business, your posts will have no value if noone reads them. In the level 3 of the training you will understand how you can monetize your blog and the products that you can promote on it. The more you work and the more dedicated and focused you are about following the training the more successful you business will be.

If you decide to create a Premium membershi, you can create your Premium membership here.

What is included in the PREMIUM Membership at Wealthy Affiliate?

Honestly, the Premium membership will not only teach you the skills for a successful online business but it will also give you a structure you can follow.

The Premium membership costs only $1 a day, this seems very little but still knowing that you have paid the membership will motivate you to learn something every day! You will get access to all the training inculded on Wealthy Affiliate, the site building platform, the keyword reasearch tool, the possibility to network with the most successful bloggers within the comminuty, so everything you need for a successful online business is included within the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership.

According to Kyle, the owner of Weallthy Affiliate, it’s proven that hjaving the premium memebership will increase your chances for success by 500%. Imagine the competitive advantage that you will have among other wanna-be bloggers.

This membership seems totally worth it, if you compare this the cost of University studies of $1,500 for just one course, and where you won’t have a guaranteed job, let alone a business. If you just focus on the training like you would do while getting your education, it will turn into a very successful online business, guaranteed!

You cannot find a more complete, cost-efficient, technically adavanced, stuctured and motivational online business out there, guaranteed. With hard and smart work, with the help of experts in the industry everything can be achieved.

If you are not still a memeber of Wealthy Affiliate just create a free membership to try it, then you can decide for yourself if you want to upgrade to Premium. 🙂

OPTION 1: Create a Free Account on Wealthy Affiliate, Getting Access to the Free Memebership Training!
OPTION 2: If You Want to Directly Create a Premium Account, you can Create one Here!

My Experience with the Premium Membership

I have been a memeber of Wealthy Affiliate since about 2 years ago and I have been a premium memeber for 1 year and 9 month and I absolutely, I have learned a lot and wish to continue my education on wealthy Affiliate.

I have learned skills which are demanded in the work market, like SEO, writing engaging content, social media marketing and a lot other skills. The best thing about this is that these skills are neccessary for building an online business with a blog.

I have learned, I have been motivated, I have been discouraged sometimes but I totally believe in this system and I will continue working with this system.

This system has been proved over and over again. Don’t expect results in your very near future if you are just starting but invest on this program and the results will come for you, with big dividents!

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